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  1. [b]Making Pattaya addicts a one stop shop for pictures, videos, news, socialising and reviews - a bigger fix for members that are Pattaya addicts![/b]

    We started Power Users over a year ago and our progress in increasing traffic through various methods have helped us increase traffic in various metrics. A years worth of progress can be seen throughout [url=""]this thread,[/url] the purpose of this thread was to prove that the donations are being spent and to educate and make members feel part of the community project.

    Alot of forum owners do very little external work outside the forum and talk about lots of costs to keep the forums running, however my approach is to keep pushing the forum because I enjoy it and it benefits the users through more extensive info, faster replies, more discounts and trying to create a community in Pattaya, where guys can support each other.

    We have now reached 4th place for "pattaya" on, this is one of 40-50 rising keywords that can be seen on that thread. (only available to advanced users) The marketing approach basically started online and now I am looking at on the ground advertising, I have been speaking with business owners about co-branding and I have been putting stickers around. I had a meeting yesterday with a local nightclub to drum up some ideas of getting us more members from customers visiting their venue. (more info coming soon)

    Baht bus advertising and flyers have been organised for awareness around town. The flyers wont be handed out on the street as that doesn't work, they will be handed to a captive farang audience at their homes through farang food deliveries.

    [b]Lastest donation campaign[/b]

    We started a quick donation campaign with a 2759 USD target to cover buying 1298 USD of domains, 10,000 baht for flyers, 10,000 baht for a months worth of baht bus and even more SEO work, which greatly improves our online presence. The donation tracker is here [url=""]http://www.pattaya-a...m/forum/donate/[/url] and the thread is here [url=""]http://www.pattaya-a...ed-thanks-guys/[/url]

    The domains aren't worth it financially for PA to come up with the money to buy, as they are hard to monetize, but I feel that many of them will become good traffic feeders for and get us more worldwide mongers coming here. I recently was questioned about my [url=""]goals and aims, I answered it here[/url].

    [b]New Features[/b]

    [b]Social Groups[/b] - This is a new app whereby you can create a private group between friends and share photos. This is for those that are hesitant about the advanced section. Its also a great place to have discussions and plan mongering outings with friends. The application can be accessed at the top of the forum. or here [url=""]http://www.pattaya-a...m/forum/groups/[/url] The thread to ask questions about it is here. [url=""]http://www.pattaya-a...-social-groups/[/url]

    [b]Picture Section not shown in Thailand[/b] - This modification has been ordered.

    [b]Activity Stream[/b] - You can now see what everyone is doing, this has replaced the redundant "content spy" and it actually shows more activity. [url=""]http://www.pattaya-a...rum/stream.html[/url] There is even a mini version on the forum index page on the right hand sidebar.

    [b]Youtube Stream[/b] - As soon as anyone uploads a video to youtube with the tag "Pattaya" we get a new thread started with a thumbnail and link to it, there will be some bad quality ones included, but I have seen some cracking videos that I never would have seen and its more content to discuss for the members. It cost me nothing to do. Its up to the members to add a comment to the good ones, therefore naturally letting the old ones drop out of sight. [url=""][/url]

    [b]Latest Thailand News [/b]- We now have the latest Thailand news, this will be tweaked a little, but the idea is to save the guys going to other forums to see the serious news. [url=""]http://www.pattaya-a...-thailand-news/[/url]

    [b]Latest Pattaya News from two different agencies [/b]- We now have daily updates of the news from Pattaya One [url=""]http://www.pattaya-a...ttaya-one-news/[/url] and from Pattaya Daily News [url=""]http://www.pattaya-a...aya-daily-news/[/url]

    [b]Pattaya Pictures Gallery[/b] - don't forget that we have a [url=""]PA pictures gallery[/url].

    [b]PA Blogs[/b] - We also have a personalised blogging site which is useful if you want to do a daily blog and promote it in your signature, there will be less discussion, which is advantageous for some. [url=""][/url]

    [b]Chat Room[/b] - Chat with other members in real time, useful for general chit chat and getting to know guys before your trip and keeping in touch with them after. [url=""][/url]

    [b]Events and Member Calender[/b] - Please add your trips and parties to our calender, this will generate new friends and get more people at your parties, good for the party and business owners. Keep our community strong! [url=""][/url]

    [b]Members Map[/b] - Find guys in your town by clicking on the markers, add your location to let other people find you! [url=""]http://www.pattaya-a...orum/membermap/[/url] Lots of addicts in your home town to meet with and keep the depression at bay!

    [b]RSS Feed[/b] - If you would like to keep uptodate with certain sections, you can download a rss reader and add an xml feed from here [url=""][/url]

    [b]The Results[/b]

    We have reached 70000+ members now, with an average of 70 new members per day, 1500 posts per day, 120 + threads per day, we are going to hit 6 million page views per month and in less than 50 days we will have more members than all the other pattaya based forums put together, Its work in progress and I still have my thinking cap on in terms of making the forum better for users. [b]The next project I am working on is to get more pictures on the forum.[/b]

    [b]Please give all the features a chance and try them at least once.[/b]

    [b]Written By LaaMok[/b]
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    was in surin for a loooong time
    is it in pattaya as easy as there to find fresh,cute girls ??
    dont like the pro,drinking,smoking,rude sluts
    like the polite,lovely ones
    will i be able to find that in pattaya??
    if yes,where??
    thanks for your help
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    If you would like to celebrate your birthday or simply want to have a night to remember.... we can arrange and host your party.

    Please send me a PM with your requirements if you want it in a gogo or bar.

    Its a brilliant opportunity to connect with other forum members and give something back to the community!

    Prices range from zero up to 10,000 baht. This is cost price for food, depending on what food you want.

    Please let us know you date, what music you like, what food you like etc.

    [b]Why choose us for a party?[/b]

    We are well practised at running parties, and we have huge networks to promote the party to guarantee a good time. Your parties will always be well attended.

    [b]Excuses for having a party?[/b][list]
    [*]Celebration of being a Pattaya Addict
    [*]Celebration of meeting up with other members
    [*]Stag Party
    [*]Wife's away
    [*]Stray soi dog down the road has given birth
  2. When you teach at a typical Thai school, you usually teach one grade level. Right now I teach eight M4 classes (kids aged 15-16) and three M2 classes (13-14). I teach each class twice a week for about 50 minutes each day, though the kids are always late, so there's probably only about 35-40 minutes of actual teaching.

    Each class is numbered based on their ability. My 4/1 class is filled with very bright, respectful, well-behaved kids, and they are a joy to teach. My 4/13 class, on the other hand, is the most apathetic group of "alleged" students I've ever taught. Usually even the lower ability classes have at least 2-3 students who are above average students and want to learn, but not this 4/13 class. There's a group of girls who are respectful, but they're uninterested in English, usually spending more time on their make-up than studying. There are the quiet students - boys and girls who do the minimum but almost never participate in class. There are the talkers - 5-6 students who, while not troublemakers, can't seem to STFU. Then there are the belligerents: a group of 7-8 boys who only come to class to cause trouble. They sleep, talk, play on their phones, hit each other, make as much noise as possible with chairs and pens and whatever they have. When I call on them they usually give a smart-assed answer in Thai ("Alai wah?" is their favorite response, which roughly translates to "What the fuck?"), much to the amusement of the rest of the class. It's just an unpleasant experience every time I attempt to teach them.

    My best class is my 4/7 class. They're not as bright as my 4/1s or my 4/3s, but they are more fun and better at in-class participation than those other classes. The group as a whole just seems to have a great personality, and most of them are genuinely interested in learning. It's a big class - about 50 students - but it's about 80% girls, and as most teachers will tell you the girls are much easier to deal with than the boys.

    The M2 classes are sometimes an exception to the "girls are better" stereotype. M2 is probably the most difficult level to teach because most of the kids are going through puberty, and emotionally they're all over the place. This is the level where you start to have little packs of "bad girls" - the ones who have discovered the power they have over the opposite sex. I had an M2 class at a previous school with a group of "bad girls". They would alternately flirt with me and be disrespectful to me, looking for the attention they weren't getting at home. Sometimes it's sad because you see them making poor choices that you know they'll regret later. One girl was a good student the first half of the term, then she started missing a lot of classes in the second half. Even though she didn't come to my class, she could be seen everyday hanging out with her "bad boy" boyfriend. He was a drop-out, probably 17-18 years old, always hanging around the school on his motobike, and she'd be there with him. I heard from other teachers that he was allegedly selling drugs to students. Of course the school administration did nothing to keep him out. She'll likely drop out, get pregnant, after which he'll abandon her . . . well, any guy who has been to Pattaya has heard the story before. She'll probably be working at a Soi 7 beer bar in a couple of years.

    I teach two lower-ability M2 classes: 45-50 kids in each class, mostly boys, and they are always a handful. I literally spend half the class time on discipline, constantly yelling at the boys to sit down, stop talking, stop hitting, etc., etc. As I entered one such class the other day, one of my trouble makers was wrestling with another boy, screaming at the top of his lungs. Moments later I took roll and noticed he was not present. I gave them a listening test that day, and about 20 minutes into the test the trouble maker shows up just outside the classroom door, making noise, playing around with another boy, just being disruptive. I chased him off, threatening to take him to the office, but he just ran off laughing. Now, not only do I have to get him to make up the test he missed, but I'll also have to give him some sort of punishment during our next class. It's a constant battle with these classes.

    There are good moments, watching the good students learn and grow, but there's an awful lot of BS to put up with as well.
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    Be very wary of this woman. She used to work at ,"Angel Witch." I paid for her release over 3 years ago and she returned to Buriram/Ban Dan. I married her via a "Buddhist Wedding" and then helped her, her sons and her family. I also built her house from a cinder -block ghetto hole to a decent dwelling. She then got snakey and I found -out she had been returning to Pattaya with her eldest son and selling her body, and he was supposedly selling 'food' ( Yaba, I think. )He's a womanizer, alcoholic and a thief, too.

    She'll be 44 years old this November 22, 2013, but she hides it well with make-up. I brought her to Korea ( where I was working. ) and she tried to kill herself there one night. She's mentally-ill and her son is a con man.

    Be aware that she'll charm you , until she runs you dry of all your possible resources.


    [b]To the Owners/Managers of Angel Witch/Pattaya/Bangkok,[/b]

    [b]I, Michael (N/A), agree to pay 15,000 Baht for the financial release of Somnuek Ngotnam and of any other duties,obligations and/or extracurricular activities by her, related to the business of the " Angel Witch " franchise located in Pattaya and/or Bangkok and of any other businesses owned/operated by the Owners/ Managers of the " Angel Witch " franchise.[/b]

    [b]I will pay 15,000 Baht (in person) to either the Manager/Owner[/b]
    [b]on Tuesday, August 24,2010@ 6:00 pm in Pattaya. [/b]

    [b]I will also have copies of this e-mail written in English and Thai( Microsoft Word Documents ), to be signed at that time by the proper representative(s) of the "Angel Witch "franchise. The document will not be given to any government official/organization. Copies will be for myself, Som Ngotnam and the Owner/Manager of the "Angel Witch" franchise solely for personal proof of payment and Som Ngotnam's unofficial release from any further responsibilities to the " Angel Witch " franchise. [/b]


    [b][i]Michael (N/A)[/i][/b]

    I'm not doing this for revenge. I care about her youngest son and her parents. I hope by posting this, other men won't have to endure the pain and suffering I've experienced with her and her eldest son.

    [url=""]Reply[/url], [url=""]Reply All[/url] or [url=""]Forward[/url] | [url=""]More[/url]
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    Anyone want to meet up for a beer or 3 and hit the town in May. There are 2 of us coming over from U.k, been there many times before but would be good to meet new people.
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    Hi guys,,,
    i will like to ask if someone know any nudist beach in pattaya area....
    i heard that in Koh Larn have a small beach near samae beach that shoul be a nudist beach...'m been today there but i not see any nudist people...anyone know about it..??
    ok...have fun ..
  3. The time has come for me to bow out of PA.


    I'm afraid that the creep of Political Correctness and applied censorship on the part of the Moderators here, has made me realise that I no longer should bother wasting my time on this site.


    Thank you to all who've been my friends here, if you do notice a middle age Man shuffling around Pattaya with a black leather Eye patch, missing left leg and a Crutch in the form of a 12 gauge Shotgun........that will be me.

  4. Hi one and all,
    The old statement, "it`s not for me, but for a "friend" - in this instance is true! So please help!
    A guy I know in my local club, after his 2nd visit, got married in Thailand, to a Thai lady, (approx 1/3rd of his age). He`s 73, and after the wedding, lived with her family, (in Nakon nowhere), and surprise surprise, with him not speaking a word of Thai - after a couple of months, he got taken to the cleaners.

    Everything that was "bought" - like the new kitchen, car, household repairs etc, that he unwitingly signed for, has, (he assures me), been paid for in full. Knowing the guy, as I do, I have no reason to disbelieve him.

    However, rightly so, he "fled the nest", and has since returned to England, trying to put it all behind him. Unfortunately, he`s terrified to return to Thailand in case she may be able to make a "legal" financial claim against him, as they are still married under Thai law, even though seperated. He`s even worried that if ever he went back, he could be arrested.

    Thai law differs enormously, from that here in the UK, where it would only be regarded as a "domestic issue", so is there any foundation in his worries, that he could be arrested at the airport, or does anyone know if is he free to come and go as he pleases?

    Any help, guidance/, or advice, on this matter will be truly appreciated. Thanks in anticipation


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    i was looking at her website and i cant believe she is for real, does anyone know of her? what shes doing and if she is still working as the last entry on her website was in 2010.
    i really cant believe any thai girl would be up for the things the guys had said in the reviews on her site. her site.. [url=""][/url]
    would love to know what you think guys
  5. [quote name="tourasia" post="2208515" timestamp="1370935246" date="Today, 08:20 AM"]
    [quote name="bunnus1975" post="2208503" timestamp="1370934246"]

    yeh if thy do send me the pics, got a right fetish at the mo loved to see he getting fucked[/quote]
    Sad Sad Man
    then that makes u gay so join another site and maybe u will good luck [/quote]

    Source: [url=""]Anyone been with this girl in past few weeks? need to know if im wasting my time with her.[/url]
  6. I spoke with a Thai Lady living in the Bay Area
    Apparently her ex-husband dropped his friend off at SFO last week.
    The friend will be in Bangkok for a week before traveling to Pattya
    The guy is Asian decent born in Hong Kong but living in US.
    He is wealthy and is being treated in US for AID's with heavy duty drugs.
    He has infected many girls from Thailand on previous trips.
    Specifically a 18 year old GoGo girl that Tui is aware of.
    If I can get a name I will post it but the lady is reluctant to give it to me.
    He pays the girls extra if he does not use a condom.
    He will only screw without a condom.
    It sounds like the guy wants to take out as many people as possible.
    Be careful out there!
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    Right people.. Share your info on any recents gushers you know of.. names,working location, quality feed back!

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    I have done this thread just to test the blog so it doesnt look so empty, please don't take it so seriously, its just a bit of fun.

    [b]What is Pattaya Paranoia?[/b]

    I have used this term many times to describe some people who frequent Pattaya, who are paranoid about usual daily happenings.

    [b]What causes "Pattaya Paranoia?"[/b]

    I think Pattaya Paranoia, is caused by the following factors all mixed in one

    1. Cultural differences that have been left unexplained
    2. High rate of suicides
    3. Police that are corrupt, so alot of mistrust at all levels
    [b]4. Language barrier[/b]
    5. Foreigners being ignorant
    6. Drunken bar talk, of great stories
    7. Living in a fantasy land, other issues become clouded
    8. Two week holiday experts returning home with crazy tales of Pattaya, then repeated again
    9. Alcohol and drugs
    10. Previous bad experiences left unexplained, forcing people to find there own unrational explainations
    11. Cross cultures - some nationalaties like to find a scandal or conspiracy

    [b]Who is most vulnerable?[/b]

    Those that are illinformed, or less experienced in Pattaya. Perhaps those taking drugs or rely on bar talk. I hear paranoid voices weekly as an expat, its difficult for the newbie tourist not to be drawn in.

    How can one avoid Paranoia in Pattaya?

    [*]Learn Thai Language
    [*]Keep away from drugs
    [*]Seek second opinions, and third and fourth...
    [*]Listen to the guys that have been living there longer, giving credit to those that arent living in bars
    [*]If you are living in Pattaya, keep busy and have a purpose. "The devil makes work for idle hands?"
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  7. [quote name="bushdoctor" post="2578084" timestamp="1394513001" date="Today, 09:43 PM"]
    Leslie from Tropical Bar Tijuana


    The weather was almost perfect Sunday afternoon, and since I had the freedom of two days off from work I decided to head south and enjoy what TJ has to offer. I enjoy going during the day sometimes, it gives a different perspective. I got to the UETA parking lot at about 3:00. I got my parking slip, stashed my usual $20 in the car just in case, and started walking towards the bridge. On the way I see a bicycle taxi. He says its $3.50. I've never taken one before but thought what the hell, I'll be a big spender today, so I took the ride right up to the border and avoided sweaty balls. I wanted to keep them fresh for whichever lucky girl I would soon be choosing. After crossing over I took a $1 shared taxi to Revolution.

    From Revo I took a zenic stroll towards La Zona Norte taking in all the sights, smells, and sounds, and just enjoying the day. I thought is take a look at the local Tijuana hookers. I started down Constitution and as I was checking out all the street girls I felt a little wood coming on, smiling and nodding at a few as I strutted on down to the alley. This was going to be a good day!

    My first stop was Hong Kong Bar. I came in the alley side and being the VIP monger that I am, I was able to get a booth right across from the stage.... that's the nice thing about Sunday afternoon, it's easy to find a good seat. They had the A/C on and it was comfortable. I had all the time in the world and was just enjoying the talent while sipping on a $4 Coke. I usually don't order cokes but I wasn't ready to start drinking yet. Lucky me, I was just in time for the naked lesbian shaving cream show. Things were going smooth. After about 20 minutes and a little stinky finger I finished off my coke and just had the empty can sitting there in front of me. I noticed none of the maseros were hovering and pushing me for another drink. Since I wasn't in a hurry for a beer I thought I'd do a little experiment to entertain myself. How long would it take for one the maseros to ask me if I need a drink? Maseros passed by left and right, but they saw the coke can and I didn't get any of the usual annoyance or harassment I've come to expect from them.

    After about 20 more minutes I spotted a couple of hotties dancing on the lower stage on other side, so I followed my dick over and again, found a booth right away directly across from the action. I sat my empty coke can down in front of me, again no one tried to shove drinks or tequila down my throat. I chit chatted for a while and watched the dancers. One was a blonde and had a braided ponytail that she kept hanging to her left front side, she had what appeared to be a near perfect female body and big fake boobs. She said she is indeed Mexican. When she finished dancing she sat at the bar fully nude and ordered a drink. The other one had black hair with long braids with beads on the end, and a tight little body herself. I liked both of their looks and since the wood had returned I was deciding which one to invite to my table, but I started watching a couple of unknown mongers and lost track of where they went. These newbie guys were cracking me up.

    I had been there about an hour and was ready for my beer. I flagged down a masero and ordered. If you ever feel like not being molested by maseros, just order a $4 coke, that seems to be all it takes to be left alone.

    Later I finally spotted that dancer with the long braids and beads again. I brought her to my table and bought her a ficha. We started talking and within a few minutes I was asking her when she got off and if she wanted to to a todo la noche. She asked me if I like lesbians. I said sure. She asked me if I like morenas, again...sure. She asked if I wanted 2 girls for the night, her and her friend. I said sure. She asked how much. I said $100 for both in my room. She said ok and went to get her friend so she could introduce me. I love Tijuana!

    Well, they came back but her friend was a little bigger than I like, not fat at all, just bigger and taller than I care for and there was no chemistry there, so being the gentleman that I am, I lied and told them I had some things I needed to do but would return when their shift was over.

    So I crossed the street and went to Tropical Bar for the 2 for 1 beers. Got my 2 Sols for $4 and settled in at a table. They had the A/C on too....what's going on in TJ? Those beers went down smooth. I had probably 4-5 at Hong Kong and now ordered my second 2 for 1 round at Tropical. Right about that time I noticed all the girls were starting to look better and better. With each beer there were more hot girls in there that I apparently hadn't noticed when I first walked in. So one young girl grabs a masero and whispers something to him. He takes her to my table and offers her to me, she acts shy and sits down beside me. I was convinced she was hot, but couldn't be sure since my beer googles were in full effect. What the hell, as long as I think she's hot, she's hot. In fact, sometimes if I can't find a hot one I depend on my beer googles, but I told myself I would take pictures so I could decide the next day.

    She doesn't speak English, I prefer when they can speak at least a little, but oh well. She said she had only worked at Tropical Bar for one month and it was her first job like this. Her name is Leslie from Monterey and she is 20 years old. She has one son less than a year old at home that her friend is babysitting, so she needs to go home after work. She still has leche in her natural little boobies. I didn't get my room yet, and I decided this was going to be a one day bombing run. I told her if I take her to VIP that she must have excellent oral skills. She assured me she did. I ordered a bucket of 5 beers for her. The masero brought me a bucket of 6 beers and a bag of chips. The chips and one beer went back. $35. Leslie didn't let me down, she did a decent BBBJ and kept at it for probably 10-15 minutes, but it just wasn't happening. She took a little break and gave me a dance, and I had a little fun squirting her leche around the VIP booth. She started played with Mr Duke again and then got back to it. I was impressed that she didn't give up. Eventually I did feed her the man juice she was craving. She really tried to give good service and it finally paid off. I told her I wanted to try her panocha too. She asked me if I had a condom. I said no. She said she couldn't then, not without a condom. Half joking I said OK just in your culo then....she said ok. WTF? That doesn't make sense to me, but you never know unless you ask, mental note, three holer for another time.

    This time I didn't get so lucky as to get out of the propina (tip) like I have several times before in the Tropical VIP room, no prob, she wanted $20 and I think she earned it.

    On the way back home that night I stopped off at my favorite taco cart and had a couple of tacos with everything. They were great as usual. I flagged down a taxi, just to be safe I gave him my usual "I only have $5 will that be enough to get me to the border?" routine. I figure they won't want to rob me if I only have $4-5 and they will be getting it anyway. I was dropped off at the end of the line for the border crossing. Usually I can use my passport card in the ready lane and get through pretty quickly. The line was long, way back before the pedestrian bridge and since I had lost my passport card and was waiting for my duplicate in the mail, I decided to be a big spender again and took the big full size bus for $6. I got on and took a seat. It was pretty comfortable. With the hum of the Diesel engine and the A/C going I dozed off for 30 minutes, until the bus finished its 200 yard journey and made it to the border crossing. I went in the side door and stood in a small line for bus passengers and handicapped. I was on the other side in 10 minutes. I heard a guy in the next line, (general public line) say he had been standing in line for two hours. Normally when I've gone on a Sunday the line isn't too bad, less than an hour for the general line, sometimes 10-15 minutes, but not that night.

    I woke up this morning and checked my pics to see if she was hot or not, hoping I wouldn't be horrified....
    [/quote]Source: [url=""]Leslie from Tropical Bar Tijuana Mexico[/url]
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    hi guys been coming pattaya every year since i was 18!! 25 now and i have all ways stayed at AA hotel soi 13, its ok there being it has a pool over looking beach, girl friendly and rooms are ok and clean but its very old and worn - around 900bht a night. was looking to stay some where nicer, big bed, girl friendly, and a pool close to the action for around 800-1500 a night any ideas?
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    Hi,Me and my girlfriend are interested in starting a chicken farm I would be pleased to hear from anyone who is already doing awould like to hear from anyone who similar project.
    We will be starting on a small scale to learn and operate in a proper way and hope to grow as time goes on .
    As i was untill 2000 a permanent resident in Asia for 35 yrs ,i am familiar with all the negative aspects and pitfalls .
    My girl and I are as close as can be and am not thinking of loosing everything at this time .
    I would like to hear some imput from anyone who is already established ( or failed) in that industry
  8. dannycollingwood
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    Kindly share your thai friendly experiences >....

  9. [quote name="Dr.Winston" post="1272760" timestamp="1309341102" date="29 June 2011 - 03:21 PM"]


    [center][b]The Newbies Guide To Getting Involved With Bar Girls[/b][/center]
    [center]How they get under our skin and why we let them.[/center]


    This is intended as a sister thread to my [url=""]'Vetting Bar Girls And How To Pass Their Own Vetting'[/url] thread which deals with the actual mechanics of choosing the right bar girl for the night. This one deals with the potential dangers of a newbie getting emotionally involved with a bar girl. As men, most of us have a self image as fun party guys so we tend not to dwell on thoughts of getting emotionally attached to bar girls. A quick browse through the 'Thai Girl Relationship Issues' section of the forum will show that it actually happens a lot whether we like to think about it or not and some of the consequences can be serious so it's a subject certainly worthy of some thought. If you make a mistake over the price of a bar girl you might instantly lose 1000 or 2000 Baht but if you pick the wrong bar girl to get emotionally involved with (and I would suggest that as a newbie you are not yet equipped to make that choice) the consequences can be and often are far more serious. Thai women have a femininity that is now quite rare in our own cultures and it can be very seductive to somebody who's grown used to modern female attitudes in the West. Don't think you're going to be immune to their charms, if there's a chink in your armour there's a bar girl who can find it. All of this piece is derived either from first hand observation or hard experience.


    A couple of things before I get started. I'd like to make it clear that I love Thai women, I think that they're fantastic. I know many people who have long term successful relationships and marriages with them but they were nearly always people who'd had more than a few trips to Thailand under their belts before they decided to take the plunge with one Thai woman. This thread is about the potential pitfalls of a newbie visitor to Thailand getting involved with a bar girl and it's hard to do that without exploring negative issues but keep in mind that it isn't actually a balanced representation of my broader views on them.


    I've always been a person who's looked beneath the surface to find out what makes things and people tick. It's been my experience that when I do this it helps me to understand and even predict likely outcomes should a similar situation occur in the future. If you're the kind of guy who thinks that nothing could be simpler than paying a bar girl for her services and then moving on to the next one that catches your attention I envy your uncomplicated view of life and this thread certainly isn't for you. In this post rather than give you direct advice I'm going to try instead to make you aware of the hidden depths of situations and make you think of them in ways that might not have occurred to you before. If you can understand why we behave and respond in certain ways it can give you an ongoing insight into events as they actually happen and help you to keep things in a realistic perspective. I've presented it in the form of a hypothetical 'relationship' between you, a first time visitor to Thailand and a bar girl (Noi) highlighting common scenarios and their inherent implications that might not be obvious at the time.

    [center][b]THE FIRST NIGHT[/b][/center]


    A typical reaction of a first time visitor to a place like Thailand where beautiful women are available nearly everywhere you look is to think that they have landed in paradise, and if they can keep their feet on the ground and their wits about them they probably have, at least in the context of a complete holiday experience. When your thoughts are focused on beautiful women and beer it's easy to forget how the whole experience can effect your emotions, and Thailand can definitely affect your emotions, in fact I often think of the place as a bit of an emotional roller coaster ride, fun, never boring and full of ups and downs. On your first trip you probably won't even notice any downs, it takes a while before any of the gloss wears away.


    On your first night you'll no doubt be amazed at how stunning the women are, you'll be even more amazed at how friendly they are and how naturally things seem to progress. If your previous concept of prostitution was of somebody driving a car slowly around street corners in a sleazy part of a large city or spending a quick 20 minutes in a room with a hooker then that reality will be shaken to the core. Keep in mind that when everybody else around you is happily doing something without any sign of guilt then that becomes the new normality, we tend to look at what other people are doing around us to gauge what is normal behaviour. We see that everybody else is relaxed and happy paying for sex and this leads to a feeling of liberation because there isn't the sense of guilt or embarrassment that we might feel if we were with a prostitute back home.


    After taking a girl out of the Bar or Go Go you might end up with a group of you visiting a Night Club or going out for a meal together. When you get back to the hotel you could find that she folds your clothes for you, shows you pictures of her family and friends on her mobile phone. When she starts calling you darling it's easy to forget that you are actually with a prostitute. The next morning you have sex, talk some more then head downstairs together to get some breakfast. Everybody else is with a Thai girl, what could be more natural? As you are in a new place you don't have much idea about what to do in the day time but after breakfast Noi says she'll show you some fun places and your mate's girl wants to come along too, perfect! In an alien environment it's natural to cling to those that are familiar with wherever you happen to be and tour guide is a second role to many of these girls.


    You might feel as if you've known her for a long time due to the fact that your relationship was financially accelerated, a nice little time-shift in reality, you bypassed the date and flowers stage. Now what could be wrong with this situation? It depends upon how you choose to perceive it, but think when was the last time something like that happened? Probably with a girl friend, that really hot one that you always wanted and eventually got although it took a long time to do so. As we go through life we tend to develop programmed responses to people's actions towards us based upon experiences in similar situations. For example, if a scruffy looking guy approaches you in the street and tries to start a conversation you'll most likely blow him off because experience has taught you that he'll eventually end up asking you for some cash. This short cut instant reaction saves you time and hassle. The thing is though that pleasant as it is, the situation you are now involved in with Noi is most likely eliciting another programmed response from you, along the lines of, she sleeps with me, goes out to dinner with me, folds my clothes for me, cuts my nails therefore....... she's my girlfriend! Can you see the psychological process? She acts like a girlfriend which makes you act like a boyfriend as a kind of reflex response. We slip naturally into the role that best compliments her behaviour towards us. Of course this all happens on a subconscious level so the tendency is to not even be aware of what is happening and just go along with it, why should you be concerned anyway? it feels so right.


    That day Noi shows you around, visiting the beach, maybe hiring a scooter and being shown the nearby sights. About 5 in the evening she mentions that she has to go back to her room to change and get ready for work, your mind is suddenly confronted with the thought of your 'girlfriend' being taken away from you, her dancing semi naked in the bar and maybe even being bar fined by another man, possessive/territorial instincts take over and you contemplate the loss of 'your girl', pay her bar fine for another night, dilemma resolved. You know when you're onto a good thing so why make it all end when for a few hundred more Baht the fun can continue? Later on, acknowledging the reality of the situation you shyly give her the money you agreed to the night before and just as shyly she takes it from you, glad we got that out of the way, somehow it just didn't feel right, a bit of ugly reality spoiling the special vibe you already feel developing between the two of you. This is an early warning sign that you might be getting attached to her. If you accepted the situation as a mutually beneficial arrangement then giving her the money would carry no more weight to it than paying for anything else right?


    The next day you go out together on the scooters you hired and your mate and his lady come along too. Thai bar girls love this kind of arrangement as it means that they have the company of another Thai girl. On the way back the girls get you to pull into a temple just on the edge of town. The girls chat with a monk, a real Buddhist monk, the sound of one hand clapping and all that stuff and when they've finished you ask her what they were talking about? She tells that she asked the monk to bless the two of you. All these exotic experiences and emotions coming at you from all directions, it's hard not be affected by it all. I'm sure that by now you are aware of what I'm trying to communicate to you, how easily it is to just go along for the ride, being swept along on the river of emotions in a direction basically dictated by her (Because you, as a newbie defer to her knowledge of an environment alien to yourself). Nothing could be more natural, that's because it's actually an experience that you wanted and let her create for you. You must be aware that Thai bar girls are amazingly adaptable, they can weigh up your personality and work out what you like and want and become it, it's good business for them to be that way, they are selling you the complete experience. They most likely do not even think of it as any kind of act, they're enjoying the emotions of the ride as well and it's just as 'real' for them too, and they're also getting paid for it of course. The only problem is that your sensitive, sensuous soul-mate might well be somebody else's wild party chick next week (because that's what he wants). That's a reality that some prefer to push to one side because what you're experiencing is actually your own fantasy being projected back to you and it's hard to resist your own fantasies.


    After four or five days together you get back to the hotel after a great night and in the heat of the moment Noi tells you how much she likes you and there's no need to wear a condom, she had her blood checked last week and anyway she wears a condom with all her other customers. You are aware of the risks but Noi is such a great girl and it just feels right so you go along with her idea. Of course it feels fantastic but you decide in your mind that it's just this one time.....Once again I'm sure you know where this is heading, seriously, how hard will it be to start wearing condoms again once you have stopped using them even once? "If I hadn't seen such riches I could live with being poor"


    We'll skip forward. All too soon your holiday is coming to an end. You take Noi on a shopping trip on your last full day and buy her a small gold ring, She told you that she didn't want any money from you last night, it's the least you can do for her after she's helped make your holiday the best of your life. To us Westerners that can mean some kind of bond, our minds are caught up with the symbolism of rings for engagement and marriage but keep in mind that to Thais gold can just be a second currency, something to cash in when they need an influx of cash. She asks you if she can come to the airport with you to see you off? Why not? You can keep the good times going for another few hours that way. In the cab to the airport you give her your email address and mobile phone number and promise to get back as soon as you can. You notice that she's crying, obviously she really cares for you. I don't think that most men have ever considered that women can actually enjoy a good cry. How often have you seen women having a good cry together? They enjoy experiencing emotions to the full and crying is a way of indulging in an emotion. I'm not saying that they always enjoy crying of course but it's worth keeping in mind that crying doesn't necessarily represent an emotional crisis for them. Maybe best not to read too much into those tears eh? You give her the last few thousand Baht in your wallet so that she can get a taxi back and take the night off of work.

    [center][b]BACK HOME...ACTUALLY THE BEGINNING[/b][/center]


    The end of your holiday actually represents the start of the most risky period when it comes to the dangers of letting a bar girl under your skin. I believe that obsessions, infatuations or even love are actually things created by ourselves when the other person isn't even there. Memories tend to be selective and replaying nothing but great memories of a person over and over in your mind can lead you to into dangerous territory often far removed from reality. Your memories and image of her become slowly more perfect each time you think about her because you're only thinking about the good things, she's not there for you to notice any bad qualities that she might have.


    As the plane descends your thoughts switch to home, images of going back to the job on Monday that has been the furthest thing from your mind the past couple of weeks. You console yourself with thoughts of showing your holiday pictures to your work mates and telling them all about your adventures from the Far East and the great girl that you met. Once you get home you think about your life changing experience of a holiday. Was it real? It all seems a million miles away now. The next morning your phone beeps, it's a text message from Noi telling you that she misses you too much. It was real after all and you now have a girl waiting for you in an exotic country on the other side of the world. The thing is that it's so easy to project the great experiences of Thailand and your holiday onto the contact you keep with this girl and it all gets rolled into one in your mind. When you text or phone her it's all real again, the contact that you maintain with her becomes your route back to Thailand the great times you had there.


    When you next speak to her on the phone you ask her what she's doing? She might say that she's out with her friends because it's one of their birthdays, a much nicer thought to you than her working in a bar, anything but confront the controlling reality. The reality of course is that she's a bar girl. Don't get me wrong, she probably really does have feelings for you but she has a family back home in the village depending upon her to send money back regularly so she's going to go with other men. Thailand has no real State benefits system as we think of it in the West so parents are dependent upon their offspring when they get old for their income.


    Another pitfall to be aware of is idealising these girls when you get home. It's a common viewpoint to see them as poor victims forced to sell themselves to escape poverty. That is true to a degree but where will that line of thought leave you? In a position where you feel that everything you do for her is some kind of merit gaining act of charity? The Knight in shining armour syndrome? Another thing to be aware of is the trap of making promises that you might one day have to deliver upon. The process starts very innocently, she starts putting kisses at the end of her texts or emails so you start adding them to the end of yours. Maybe she mutters "I love you" at the end of a phone call and you tell her that you love her too. The same pattern of her taking an action and you following with the response that seems the most natural that we discussed earlier. Remember that anything you write or say while you are apart will be something you will be expected to live up to if you meet her again. What happens if you meet her and she no longer lives up to the idealised and perfected memory of her you created in your mind since you last saw her? Keep it real, I honestly think that they prefer it that way as well.


    Now, this is a big one! It's very easy to get caught in the trap of thinking that if you send her enough money each month she can stop working in the bar and wait for you to return to Thailand. In reality there are many reasons why this apparently logical arrangement is usually doomed to failure. If she gives in her job and goes back to the village life will seem boring to her, she's got used to the bright lights, the parties, the latest fashions. Even if she hates the idea of being a prostitute (and what woman will admit that she likes the idea of being as prostitute?) there are elements to the lifestyle that are addictive. She will most likely get bored at home, going to bed not long after the sun goes down, getting up when the sun rises and what's the point in spoiling her skin by toiling in the paddy fields for 150 Baht a day in the blistering sun when you send her money every month? If she's not seen to be working in the village she might be viewed as not doing her bit for the family. They need a new mechanical buffalo and they could get it sooner if she went back to Pattaya to earn some more cash. Anyway she's missing her friends, if she gets another phone and number you'll be none the wiser and what you don't know can't do you any harm, a philosophical way of rationalising away a lie. She can just switch to working in another bar and only take your calls when she's in the quiet of her room so you won't know where she really is. She might tell you that a bad phone signal in the village means that you can only call at certain times when she's in the nearest large town where the reception is better. You get the idea and they can be very very convincing.


    Maybe you decide to send her money but let her stay in Pattaya as long as she promises not to work in the bar? Seriously, how long will she last without the company of her friends? And where are her friends? They're working in the same bar where you met her. She might try hard to keep her promises and stay faithful to you but you can be pretty sure that one day when she visits her friends at the bar one of them will have paired up with a guy she really likes who just happens to have a friend who hasn't found a girl yet.


    Apart from the incidental obstacles there is also the possibility of an out and out scam. You have only known her for a matter of days no matter how close you seemed to be. You know nothing about her culture and background and she could have a totally different idea of what is morally 'right' or 'wrong' Some Bar Girls have several sponsors, guys that send them money regularly and they're quite happy to string them all along at the same time. She might even already have a Thai husband who is in on the scam with her. As I pointed out earlier, Thailand is another country and another culture and it is often foolish to judge what happens there or set your expectations based upon Western ideals and attitudes. The thought that a pleasant lie is better than an unpleasant truth is common throughout the Far East. There a couple of Thai sayings that translate as "Only fools and children speak the truth" and "The truth is indestructible but people who speak it aren't" I'm not saying that they're all liars, just that the truth might not be as important to them as it is to you under certain circumstances.


    Back to the big one; IMO sending money to them rarely does any good, it won't stop them working unless it's a huge amount and you are just setting up expectations that you will then have to live up to for the duration of your 'relationship'. If they ask for money, and they all do eventually, don't turn it into a big issue, just say no, you can't do that, no apologies, no explanations and change the subject, if you don't turn it into a big deal then the chances are that she won't either. On the other hand if you give her the impression that you might waver on this she will probably turn on the pressure. My experience has been that they nearly always stay in touch anyway if they genuinely like you and if they don't stay in touch you can be sure what her objectives were. I've even had it when a bar girl has asked me for money on the telephone and when I've said no she's instantly boasted loudly to her friends 'He said no!".


    Back in time now. Remember those times that you didn't wear a condom? What if you get a call six weeks later telling you that she's pregnant? What will you do? Thais are very superstitious about aborting pregnancies which is technically illegal even if it is commonly available. You might tell her to have an abortion to which she might respond "Don't worry, I want to keep the baby, I can take care of it on my own, I'll just tell him his father is dead!" I've heard it said with my own ears. How will that make you feel? Of course you'll be well aware that she might not even be pregnant or even worse that she is pregnant but you're not the father. Some of those children have multiple fathers (and even sadder, some of them have none). What if it is really your child but you don't believe her? Wouldn't that thought haunt you? Some of your friends will give you the obvious good advice to have a DNA test done. Ask yourself, what will you do for the 8 months or so before the child is born and a DNA test a practical option? Will you assume responsibility and send her money until a DNA test can be done after the birth knowing that it all might be a deception? Or will you run the risk of turning your back on your own unborn child? Even after the birth would you trust the results of a DNA test conducted in Thailand where anything can be arranged for the right amount of cash? The truth of the situation is that it's better thought of and avoided before it even occurs.


    As I said at the beginning, Thai women can be fantastic long term partners but until you know enough about her, her culture, her family and country you are certainly not equipped to make sound decisions. It might make more sense to hold back, by all means maintain contact but keep it real. For instance don't promise to spend the whole of your next trip to Thailand just with her. Keep your options open, maybe tell her that it would be cool to meet up again for a few days but you can't promise any more than that. Not only will this approach give you the most options, it will also gain you the most respect. They hear sweet talking bullshit all the time and will value the truth more, even if it is more unpleasant on the surface. Although Sweet talk can get you short term gains, the truth, when tactfully expressed will gain you their respect.


    Source: [url=""]The Newbies Guide To Getting Involved With Bar Girls[/url]

  10. Hello people. I`m 46 tomorrow and have a five year plan to move to Pattaya. I`m a golfing tragic and love the lifestyle Pattaya presents if you know what i mean. I have a job in Australia where i have a lot of cash money which i`m bringing to Pattaya and putting in my bank a/c there. In the next 5 years that will give me $150,000.00. Investments at home $250,000.00. How much more is needed to live comfortably. Buy there or rent?
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    1. Which bars are the best to pick the girls up in?

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    6. Do I have to have unprotected sex with the bar girls?

    7. How many hotels are bar girl friendly?
  11. hi friend
    i contact an escort agency of BKK for full night
    i see pic on net and mail address of escort girl name ariana
    they ask me 9000THB for 8 hrs
    i want to know how much it safe
  12. Throughout my 13 years in Pattaya I am still amazed at the hideous prices on items. I never have, and probably never will, figure out how prices of everything in a country with ten dollar a day labor can be five times what they are in the US. I have been purchasing many items on ebay lately where they add the import tariffs at shipping and I pay one price with no hassle. I have learned that the import tariffs are only twenty to fifty percent depending on the item and shipping is reasonable. Most items from China, Japan, and a lot of other place ship free but the US is a little pricy. I have found I can buy items on ebay, pay the shipping, pay the import taxes and still save 75%.

    Try it sometime.