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Patriot Security's Blog

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About this blog

Computer Security Services and Products

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Patriot Security

Our company sends a technician or two to you to look at your network and your devices and harden them. We use sophisticated techniques to test your network. [b]Be assured your computer is malware, spyware, backdoor, and rootkit free, that it is set up properly for security, that it is not remoted, that it is not dorked, that your files are not compromised, that your connection is to whom you think it is, that your browser is hardened against DNS spoofing and XSS, that your ISP cannot see your browsing, that your banking and business transactions are safe, and then you can feel confident after having professionals harden your system and network.[/b]

We go into detail about the scary reality of using the internet in Thailand. Choosing the right flavor of Linux or Windows for you, running an OS in memory only, choices for hardware-based encryption, security baselining and analysis, RkHunter, ChkRootkit, system hardening, logging, ClamTK use, managing false positives, using Tomb, file integrity tools, password management, obfuscating browser collection, changing user-agent, updating, minimizing attack surfaces, managing users and permissions, hardening the boot loader, LUKS, checking ports and Iptables, network penetration testing, proper air-gapping, effective deletion of data, choosing the right browser and protecting it, firewall choices, NAT firewall emplacement, prevention of XSS attacks and DNS phishing, and intrusion detection services, are our main points of interest.

For Windows we do security baselining and analysis, system hardening, choices for hardware-based encryption, password management, BIOS passwords, malware detection and removal, auditing, updating, managing users and permissions, deleting processes, obfuscating browser tracking, proper set-up of TAILS and TOR from verified media, changing user-agent, network penetration testing, proper air-gapping (if needed), effective deletion of data, choosing the right browser and protecting it, firewall choices, NAT firewall emplacement, prevention of XSS attacks and DNS phishing, and intrusion detection services.

We also sell our hard-core encryption products so that you can send messages with the same assurance that major governments do at the highest levels.

We also go into how to use unweakened AES 128 or 256 and PGP for your system itself and for your files.
[b]Send encrypted messages via email or phone with an unbreakable symmetric key you generated yourself[/b]. [b]No one will ever be able to read your message except you and your correspondent(s).[/b]

So that is our company and the products and services we offer. Call us or write for a quote. If you want the full system for safe messaging that will take about 8 hours to set up properly. That system is for business leaders, legal professionals, journalists, and anyone who wants life-or-death privacy. We also go into how anonymity works on the internet and how to get yourself anonymous. We are Thai and Westerners with heavy experience in networking, eavesdropping, network penetration, and electronic warfare. We speak Thai, English, Russian.

We also speak to groups about computer security.

Contact us: (Server is in Sweden)
PGP Key: 39DF 880E 5CD5 619C 2CC8 92C7 B699 96AE 2815 EE06
Call us in Thailand: +66-925691830
Secure messaging:
Alternate contact: (Server is in Germany). We recommend Tutanota.

The best way to contact us is to start a Tutanota account and write us at
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