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Veterans SITREP (Situation report)

Welcome to my fellow Vets, no matter who you are and where you served; or for how long, active service or not.   This blogs for all of you guys, so check in and chat about anything you feel a need to.   Incapacitating wounds and injuries? I'm there with you.   PTSD ? I'm there too.   Going through a separation or divorce.....I've been where you are.   Property settlement ? I've been where you are.   Single parenting ? I've been where you are.   Been hiding out in your deep dark man cave ? I've been there myself for a couple of years.   Breaking out of the family and social obligation bullshit ? I've only just emerged myself.   So get back with your brothers, not to dwell on the past but to enjoy the fellowship of mongering.   All the best to you all.

Captain Courageous

Captain Courageous

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