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In my own backyard !

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In my own backkyard !

Captain Courageous


Thursday just past and I'm in the local rural city I shop every fortnight, once again noticing the gaudy looking "Massage" shop I drive past every trip there.


I've always wondered "what if they do" but this time I was more than curious, it must have been the new flashing red neon sign in the front window of the shop.


I park and go to the door where I'm met by an Asian lady in her mid 40's I guess, she speaks good English and is dressed in a lovely pair of black laced shorts and light T shirt, her Titties (I love the word) conspicuously jutting forth demanding my attention.


Ol Mister Naughty One-eye begins to make himself noticed and I silently pray to whatever Gods not to let me leak my cream too soon.


No-one else is with us, and we chat over the options she offers, AUS $70.0 for a full one hour naked Massage and I can play with her Pussy and Titties.
The Massage is going to be real not some bullshit fore-play.


"And extras "I ask ?
"You want Sex" she asks looking into my eyes and smiling, the Lady is hot believe me, she stands around 5 foot is seriously cute and shows a muscular never the less attractive feminine body.


It's been 14 months since I've had a woman, by choice no farang pussy any more in my life.


"I like to lick pussy" I tell her, she smiles and giggles which arouses me even more.


"150 dollars for whole body massage one hour and anything you want with me OK ? "
Well who am I to disagree 55555


She tells me her name is "Soosarn" and she's Indonesian-Chinese mixed, as she walks to the door and locks it.


I'm shown to a proper Massage bench well padded with head-hole etc, the place is well decorated and furnished with Asian music down low and the smell of pleasant incense, "the anti-smoking brigade would hate it here" I think to myself.


So it's clothes off for me while she watches then I lay face down looking through the head-hole to see a nice surprise, fuck me this girl thinks of everything !
There below me is small monitor showing a soft porn movie...Asian girls of course 555555


Soosarn begins her work at my neck and it's obvious she really is a trained Masseuse, she works down to my back and identifies the tightened spots that need extra work.
It's the right application by her, firm and sometimes painful but in a relieving way.


Then she lightly applies a scented oil and goes over me again softly this time.


For an hour plus we talk while I feel her blindly, she's not wearing panties and her "Putchee" (her word 555) is well shaven and moist.
I fondle her gently and she squirms and giggles, then I sniff my fingers and suck her juice; she slaps my hand; and we both laugh...I'm loving it all.


Her legs are smooth shaven and nicely shaped, her back strong, belly not paunchy and reasonably shaped, no stretch marks or scarring; she has the mouth that delights me; not too wide and with full lips the upper lip nicely turned up.


I can't touch her Titties yet while I'm laying face down so I pay with her cute little arse, she's not bothered at all with me gently gripping her buttocks; and slipping 2 fingers in her crack gently massage her Anus, it's clean and scented.
I know so after discretely sniffing my fingers from under the head-hole on the massage table (so that's what they're designed for 555).


We talk on, she's on her own lived in Australia now for 4 years, 61 years old....I'm amazed with her age as she looks to be in her early to mid 40's.
Our chat reveals that she gets "many customer" and works on her own from 8.00 am to 8.30 pm 6 days a week; to her credit she works hard massaging and is very attractive for her age.


"I do Yoga and not eat meat" she tells me; "geezus I'm about to lick and fuck an Asian Diane Cilento" I think to myself 555


I'm smiling so much it's beginning to ache.


I get a good hour plus of her attention all over my body, then she gently turns me over and I'm pleasantly surprised; there she stands in all her naked glory, and finally her "Partin Twins" are on show; those Titties are small and stand out on their own, no sagging, they're like a teenagers breasts; well rounded with dark nipples and I'm delighted with them....both of them actually.


I'm a parched hungry beast in need of everything I see of her; she smiles and wiggles her lovely little arse to tease me; her Titties jiggle along nicely.


I ask her to shave my pubes and she's happy to, I want to delay all I can now; she gets a basin and cream and shaves me carefully and gently, then she wipes me down with a warm wet towel; understandably my Cock at this point is masquerading as a cable Post.


She looks into my eyes while playing with my balls then asks "you want lick my Putchie now" ...."Yes please" I reply ....always the gentleman.


She lays down facing me on the massage table and I pause to enjoy the moment, her Pussy is well shaven and not too meaty (fuck this girls designed for me).


I mount the Massage table and go down on her, she squirms a little and moans, she's sensitive so I lick her slowly and with considerate gentleness; the taste of her is pleasant and not strong.
She holds my head moaning and I know by her increasing wetness she's not acting the role.


She takes more time than I thought but when she cums her floodgates open and I swallow as much of her juices as I can; then I lick her inner pussy for more.
She gives little jerks like electric shocks and smiles as I watch her eyes while I lick her out.


She stays there in place as I creep up and mount her, we kiss for the first time and it's good, her tongue wants to play dance with mine, her breathing is strong and she makes the delightful small sounds I enjoy when slow fucking.


I feel her wet warmth surge up into my lower body and I'm in sexual heaven.


She wants to change position, as I'm too heavy for her; she rises and I take her place then she mounts me reverse cowboy and jumps her body up and down on me clenching my Cock with her wet Pussy.


Understandably I can't hang on any longer I explode while she keeps pumping me, then she climbs off and laughs "you make lot of cum water" .....(Zinc tabs I think to myself).


She bathes me down with a warm wet towel and we dress together, the I realize I forgot to suck her problem I'll be here again in a week or so 5555.


I look at the wall Clock and we've been together almost 2 hours, but she's sweet about it.


We smile and talk some more as I pay her the $150 we agreed to, then she prints out a receipt FFS, and hands me her price list with phone number for all services 55555.


I wonder if she's listed with Medicare ? Damn well should be 55555


Soosarn being the gracious hostess she is sees me to the door, and I walk on air over to where my car is parked.


All this and more in a sleepy Australian rural City, just the thing I need between trips to LoS.


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Captain Courageous


Jarrod, I learned here on PA never to share, too many jerks fuck it up for everyone else. 

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Captain Courageous


local guy, seriously I couldn't believe my luck,  I visit her every 2 weeks now and it just gets better. 


Her younger sister "Cheentein" (hopefully in her 40's) flew in last week, a "masseuse" as well, I've booked a 3some for Monday 26 December, quoted at AUS $400.0 for 1.5 hours.  Dual massage, both naked, hand play, dry BJ (no blow) lick and fuck both of them in turn, each licking my balls etc. 

I'm very prescriptive when it comes to servicing, and only pay 50% up front, balance when all is done. 

Christmas for me cums a wee bit late this year 555.


Australia is rampant with Asian sex workers, only an hours drive from here there's a legalized Brothel that specializes in Asian women.

A brief glance at the internet personal classifieds in Queensland reveals the same.

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Great story captain! 

Ill keep an eye open for future Installments


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