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indian experience pattaya gogos



Went on 14th February 2016 to Pattaya. I want to share all the experiences...but I WANT TO KEEP THE FOCUS ON RACISM IN GOGO's. It was the worst part of my was cool.[/font][/color]
The Best Experience - [url=""]Windmill[/url], Airport[/font][/color][color=rgb(40,40,40)][font=helvetica]
The 2nd Best Experience - [url=""]Sugarbaby[/url], Happy[/font][/color][color=rgb(40,40,40)][font=helvetica]
The Most Stunning – Whatsup, Gentlemen, [url=""]Sapphire[/url][/font][/color][color=rgb(40,40,40)][font=helvetica]
The Racist - [url=""]Baccara[/url], [url=""]Iron Club[/url], [url=""]Alcatraz[/url][/font][/color]
Windmill – Craziest of the gogo’s. Had a great time there (went twice), lesbian shows, bathing, dancing naked ladies on the table.[/font][/color]
Girls - 7/10, Drinks – 160Bhat same for ladies, oomph factor – 7/10, Best Part – Crazy, Naughty, Wild Girls[/font][/color][color=rgb(40,40,40)][font=helvetica]
Downside – Pushy for drinks[/font][/color]
Airport – Had another crazy night here. Awesome show at the shower and at the back good spanking with hollow rubber sticks. It was something like a boxing arena.[/font][/color]
Girls - 7/10, Drinks – 160Bhat same for ladies, oomph factor – 7/10, Best Part – Crazy, Naughty Girls[/font][/color][color=rgb(40,40,40)][font=helvetica]
Downside – Too few girls, need more Stunners [/font][/color]
Sugarbaby and Happy a Gogo I will put together in one spot, good service nice girls no great shows though.[/font][/color]
Girls - 7/10, Drinks – 160Bhat same for ladies, oomph factor – 7/10, Best Part – Naughty Girls[/font][/color][color=rgb(40,40,40)][font=helvetica]
Downside – Need more energy in acts[/font][/color]
Whatsup was the most happening and electrifying of all. On a Wednesday they had around 30-40 girls putting up great show. All the girls were full of energy I had a fantastic time there. It is the most expensive a gogo in Pattya (as far as I know), drinks are priced for 215Bhats and that goes for lady drink as well.[/font][/color]
Girls – 8.5/10, Drinks – 215Bhat same for ladies, oomph factor – 10/10, Best Part – Awesome Girls, Great Dancers, Great Attitude, Super Charged Atmosphere[/font][/color][color=rgb(40,40,40)][font=helvetica]
Downside - High Pricing for Drinks[/font][/color]
Gentleman’s A Gogo – OMG!! The most stunning looking girls among all gogo’s. The atmosphere was not as whatsup but the girls were too good. They also put on a great show, visited them on Wednesday, there were very few girls 10-15, but all of them were stunners.[/font][/color]
Girls - 9/10, Drinks – 165Bhat same for ladies, oomph factor – 7/10, Best Part – Stunning Girls[/font][/color][color=rgb(40,40,40)][font=helvetica]
Downside - VERY Pushy for drinks and short time.[/font][/color]


Baccara, [url=""]Iron Club[/url], [url=""]Alcatraz[/url] – This was my 4[sup]th[/sup] trip to [url=""]Bangkok[/url]/Pattaya they have never let me in all these years. They only want Japanese or Koreans. In front of me he lets the Japanese go in and told me that it was `MEMBERS ONLY’ club…duh.[/font][/color]
Somebody said dress well and go I tried that as well but no entry. Specially on Friday/Saturdays they make sure [color=#FF0000][background=#FFFF00]Indian[/background][/color]s are not allowed (I’m not sure if any other race people have faced the same). Any other [color=#FF0000][background=#FFFF00]Indian[/background][/color]s who have gone in…I would say he was lucky.[/font][/color]
As far as I’m concerned I will never try there again.[/font][/color]


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