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      New Sub Forums created for other parts of Asia   31/12/17

      Due to an interest in other destinations in Asia new subforums have been created and all relevant content has been reordered to suit.  It is called "VIETNAM - MYANMAR / LAOS - MALAYSIA / SPORE / INDO - CHINA /HK / MACAU SUB FORUMS"  Please check it out from the main menu and post away - much appreciated !!!!
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  2. Do you wear a tie to work?

    management consultants don't generally wear ties. Khakis and button up. Investment bankers now only when clients are around.
  3. Intercontinental Hotel Pattaya

    Thanks for the post, I am actually thinking of staying there for a month later this year and think I will go ahead now.
  4. Review - D Hotel Soi Buakhao

    Stayed at D hotel last September, superior room facing front of hotel. Could hear the roosters sometimes but wasnt a problem. And I'm easily irritated! Very good hotel for the price. I booked with them direct.
  5. Today
  6. Travelodge....a Lottellee Winna review

    Dedicated to Premier Inn yes but in the Soi round the back you can enter the hotel from the back. It’s no problem parked there many times. Sorry Travelodge now.
  7. Travelodge....a Lottellee Winna review

    Car Has it got its own dedicated car park? or as you intimate just park in a soi at the back?
  8. Travelodge....a Lottellee Winna review

    You talking about Car or Bike I was talking about Car and no security issues at all. Bikes can’t remember but think inside place also ok
  9. Travelodge....a Lottellee Winna review

    So realistically 2 wheels max & no security
  10. Travelodge....a Lottellee Winna review

    Parking round the back in Small Soi
  11. Travelodge....a Lottellee Winna review

    Parking? (no mention anywhere)
  12. Travelodge....a Lottellee Winna review

    That is a pretty decent price for a 40 sq metre room. I am fairly sensitive to room size and i would be more than happy with a room of that size.
  13. Do you wear a tie to work?

    Yosser ! grandad was a 5 ft something mersey dock ganger and loved to call out a strike. always wanted to teach me queens english..silly twat, rest his soul.
  14. The rooms we have had always been walking in shower, I do miss a soak in the bath.
  15. Absolutely never a bad time for me, I was just psyching myself up for being extra handsome in low season, but may have to settle for passably handsome.
  16. Hotels filling up April May?

    First half of this month was quiet but this week has been really busy. Not sure about April/May. Let’s hope so. Apart from Songkran (not a fan) there’s never a bad time to visit.
  17. Staying in 3 new guesthouses / Hotels for my 4 weeks April 20 to may 16 as my usual places are full or partially full. Which isn't normally the case this time of year. Is just coincidence or are we in for a busy low season?
  18. Booked for 16 days early may based on this thread. Thanks Hopefully LOL
  19. About carrying a passport

    I’ve never been asked by a police officer.
  20. Not sure, but the décor seemed old and tatty.
  21. Travelodge....a Lottellee Winna review

    I’m not really sure just how good the WiFi is mate...I only use it for emails etc. No probs with that.
  22. Do you wear a tie to work?

    Ermm any chance of a job, Sir ??
  23. Do you wear a tie to work?

    I have worn ties for years! I work(ed) in a business where its was mandatory. I run my own company now and has give up on the tie, but still wear a suit.
  24. Aqua Hotel - a Lottellee Winna Review

    Very friendly staff, helpful (and friendly with joiners, they call you when the guest leaves the hotel) Nice little pool on the roof with bar from 8am to 8pm, sauna I booked a standard room, with shower, nice design Rain schower with a window open to anorther building. Hum hopefully there was a curtain (for respect for people in the other hotel :)) Just the cupboard is a bit small, ok for me but not for 2 And no place to open the luggage, or to store it out of the way Safe is ok for tablett and 15" laptop As i booked for 2 days, i think i will stay here but will look for a deluxe room, 29 m2 and bathtub I was in pool this morning but a little storm get me out from the roof. A part in metal of the adjacent hotel was blown away ! The story of my first night ? will come later But all seems like in the videos i saw on internet, hotel, roads, ladies (same girls,same place haha) Just the atmosphère is undescriptible Lets see tognight. WS or Soi 6 ...
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