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  2. Headed to Jomtien to do my 90 day report yesterday. Busy in January but I was still in and out in ten minutes. Those guys are good. A few snaps by the beach as I was passing through. Some motogirls I snapped back on the 12th.
  3. Hello, im trading Bitcoin and now start to make good profit monthly of it, so maybe move to Pattaya and keep trading under the sun. but one question please, about MINING, can you tell me how much is electricity cost per KW in Pattaya ? thanks
  4. please anyone can inform me about the price per Kw in Pattaya ?
  5. Adelphi hotel anyone!

    No. I was searching Pattaya hotels in general. I'd never actually heard of the Adelphi ( Pattaya ) before
  6. Looking for 1 year cheap condo

    Very much a buyer’s market now. Look at noticeboards in buildings you think may suit you and make an offer. Even if the rent asked is 10-12, some owners will be happy to rent at 8 for a full year’s rental! You still haven’t mentioned your transport situation? Places well off baht bus routes will be cheaper but you’d then need to consider transport costs. Will you have a bike? Will you be using mototaxis? No point saving a couple of thousand on rent if you end up having to pay 60 baht or more each way when you go anywhere. VT1 was mentioned. That could certainly be in your price range and is on a baht bus route. You may even find something in VT2 in the current market if you’re really lucky. Lots of newer builds in Pratumnak with smaller units have owners struggling to find tenants as well. Places like Nirun, Baan Suan Lalana, Park Lane etc really require your own transport.
  7. Looking for 1 year cheap condo

    Might also be worth looking on advertisement boards outside supermarkets, for instance the food market at the jomtien bus station always have plenty of places advertised for rent. Somebody already mentioned nirun condo ... Limited budget means more time in room (already been mentioned) but a little extra for a decent room (large TV/direct internet/kitchen/balcony/pool/gym) ... all these things will help prevent cabin fever setting in on a 1 year stay.
  8. Adelphi hotel anyone!

    It’s not Adelphi, it’s google. You did a search for ‘Adelphi’
  9. I wasn't. Not when I did my extension a few months ago (since when I have been to Europe for just under a month, and also around Thailand to various places), nor when I did my 90-day reporting two weeks ago. And that certainly wasnt due to them being busy and not having time: there were hardly any people in there when I went due to the holiday period. But when I return from abroad the TM6 I hand in has my visa number and my full condo address on it, which is the same address that all my paperwork has had on it for years. As far as I can see that must count as informing the proper official of where I am within 24 hours of arriving. YMMV
  10. Online Teaching

    If someone applies using the link, gets hired and works at least a month, then I'm supposed to get a bonus. Can't say how much but should cover a couple of soi 6 short times.
  11. Adelphi hotel anyone!

    The Adelphi are quite on the ball with their online marketing. When i was checking out hotels for my December trip paid pop up ads for The Adelphi were continually appearing on my devices
  12. Kuala Lumpur hotel help

    China town was nice and relaxy area in Kuala Lumpur. Lot of cheap guesthouses, bars and hotels and the skytrain is near(or what is it call?) I stayed here couple nights: And notice that many hotels you have to pay service charge and tax about 10-15% per night.
  13. Do you receive anything if someone signs up through that link?
  14. Kuala Lumpur hotel help

    I stay at the Federal Hotel, as it has a nice spa down below. i am not familiar with picking girls up off the street, just don’t see that many.
  15. How much do they pay and what are the requirements? I assume you need to be a native speaker?
  16. I agree with your statement if you do not leave the country between 90 day reports (in fact your arrival card reports your address at airport immigration). But if you leave, as I did for a 10 day trip, and do not re-register when you return you are open to a THB 1600 fine. I am a condo owner, knew the 24 hour requirement but couldn't be bothered going to Jomtien within 24 hours. I was in the area about 6 weeks later so went in to register so there were no issues when I went for my 90 day report later on and got fined. I said that I had seen if I was away less than 2 weeks there was no need to re-register - wrong. One guy beside me got fined THB 1600 for submitting his TM30 just 4 days after arrival. 2 other friends who expected to leave Thailand before their 90 day reports were due had to re-register before the report was accepted. One was fine, the other was not. This is all within the last 6 weeks at Jomtien. I guess it depends on who you get dealing with you on the day but all 3 of us saw a constant line of people paying the fine and they all seemed to be charged THB1600. If you have no need to go to immigration before you leave you will not be fined at the airport for not submitting the TM30 but anyone doing the 90 day report or extending their visa for any reason most probably will be.
  17. I think Jomtien Immigration need to watch that video, i know of 3 long termers who do 90 day reporting still needed to do the TM30 and were fined for not doing it
  18. Yes, still required within 24 hours Depends. You don't need to register if you live here, according to the video made by Jomtien Immigration : See in 03:30 :
  19. Too true. But I guess the powers to be don't care about that.
  20. That's all good to say that except what if you rent your condo out to someone on a 1 year lease & during that time they go in & out of the country several times without your knowledge . The landlord or house master cannot be expected to keep track of tenants coming & going like a policeman & perhaps the tenant doesn't even want to tell the landlord when or where he goes .
  21. Hey all, If anyone is interested in teaching English online, click the link below and apply. The big pluses are that you can work from home, choose your own hours, and you get paid half even when you don't teach. I've been working for Dada for a month now and have been paid, so it is legit. They're constantly hiring - and based on the fact that they gave me a job - they'll take anyone!
  22. Renaissance Marriott - Pattaya

    I find the expensive hotels, quite expensive ones, are more guest friendly then the middle range ones. The best take care of their customer and pride themselves in that and discretion and confidentiality and meeting customer needs. Their highest category Members can get away with things if they are discrete. Bring the lady back we’ll dresesd and outside of family times and maybe the same one a few nights in a row. Bring a “proper BG” - now there’s a statement.
  23. 2-3 Month Stay

    For most people it is much more tedious and expensive to get a retirement visa in their home county than to get a retirement extension here. It certainly would be for me.
  24. 2-3 Month Stay

    As of roughly April, 2016,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Not that this is a big deal but the documentation of your income provided by the US Embassy is merely a clerk, with notary authority, notarizing YOUR statement of income. i.e. YOU are swearing to the amount(s) on the document and the Embassy is swearing that YOU filled it out, not that any numbers are true. Also, you need to take that document elsewhere in Bangkok (not too far from the US Embassy I believe) and get a stamp affixed to the back of it. Exactly what that's for ? Don't know but it has to be done. And that stamp takes 24 hours to get unless you pay (amount unknown) for same day service. As for myself, I decided to just get the visa. Can't be bothered (possibly) being turned away at either the airline counter or Thai Immigration.
  25. 30 days as far as I know. And I think that they will (optionally) do it even earlier if you have some valid reason that requires you to be away for longer.
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