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  2. Definitely recommend it. Its cheap, Rooms are really big with air con, the pool area is decent and there is a small restaurant area that does decent food. Also its really close to LK metro and numerous other bars on soi diana.
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  4. Do Kaksikorn have a UK office? I'm doing the same with my BKK bank, I called them in London and told them I want my money back in the UK. I have to show that I've sent funds to that account before or show where the money has come from and then just go to the London branch with my bank book and passport and they'll sort it for me.
  5. thanks for your observations. I am kinda nervous because I booked and paid for Blue Sky for a month beginning in July. Hope I like it.
  6. Walk of Pride: Walking into reception at midnight hand-in-hand with your stunning young gogo girl. Walk of Shame: Trying to sneak past reception at 8am cowering behind your middle aged drugged up skank from JP Bar.
  7. Can recommend "The Stage" Stayed there in Feb for 3 nights. Very handy place, just across the road from a glorious beach, great Thai buffet 50 yards up the road, and the accomodation is very quiet been set well back from the road. You can also hire a motorbike(essential) from them for 200BHT a day. I'll stay here again, good value place and handy to get to around. I'd say taking a girl is a must though, beer bar pickings were slim to none and the massage place I tried was a disaster.
  8. Great tip. Thank you.
  9. I stayed there during Songkran and I would rather pay a bit more for something nicer. My reason is the pool is a risky place to wander if it's not clean. And it certainly wasn't when I was there. The rooms are dated and the beds are okay but not what I would call comfy. Food and service were great. For the same price Sutus court 1 looked a bit better.
  10. I stayed in order at Opey de Place, Holiday Inn, Pattaya Blue Sky and Adelphi. Opey is a cheap place to stay with decent food. Great location but you couldn't pay me to use the pool. It was grossly dirty and filtration is poor. Holiday Inn is expensive but everything from the food and service to the rooms and pool are 5 star. Not great location wise. Blue Sky is a block from soi 6. Great place and nice pool on the roof. Adelphi was my favourite for a couple reasons. It's a block off soi Bukhua so nice location for me anyways. The bed was really comfortable. The pool was great and clean. Was never too busy. Food was decent and that was a bonus with breakfast included. Quiet at night. Too be honest I would say Blue Sky was a close second.
  11. Point taken but There was about +$600 for leaving a day later hence the 61 days... may be just a quickie trip to KL Malaysia for a few days would solve the problem..if I'm gone for 2 or 3 days then I would start another 30 day stint when I re-enter ..correct ?
  12. Had a wander round when staying over the road at the China garden hotel. Medium sized place, nice small pool in the middle. The rooms were a little sparse but large and clean, if slightly dated. For the price they were good value and being set well back from the road, much quieter than most places on that street and you a 1 minute walk to LK metro so location wise is excellent.
  13. Thanks for these replies. I have now decided to book into the Areca Lodge where I have stayed before.
  14. I vaguely remember that UK banks do money laundering checks if you deposit over a certain amount in cash, i think its approx £6k. I haven't checked it, someone may know better.
  15. I walked into VT6 over Christmas and both Honey and one of the other agents downstairs (Condo 6??) were very happy to show me condos. You could always stay in the Penthouse Suite at the Hilton ;-)
  16. Call into the ground floor of VT6 building. Their are other renters who will show you the rooms
  17. How much are the rooms now? Stayed there many years ago.
  18. Thanks for the replies. Gonna spend today finding a hotel for Tuesday on. LK The Empress does not have a room for the complete 18 days remaining. Found this place which would seem to be what I am looking for but Tik at Dancewatchers would not allow me to see it first and would not tell me the total cost for the 18 days. Her response was that her office is in Jomtein. What, 20 mins away to set up an 18 day, 2850 a day rental and she cannot be bothered. Just for info, she wrote that it was available and I advised her that Cerberus recommended her. I have been in real estate all my life and would fire any property manager that lets an 18 day rental walk leaving a unit empty in a case like this. Seems with Tik, it's not "up to you" but "up to her". Thanks for allowing me to vent. Btw, visited Vt6 and found that they have rental units and office just like a hotel. They gave me the key and I was able to view some rooms. So, I might end up staying there anyway. Wish me luck. Today will be another great one. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  19. Ño worries mate, I don't blame you for freaking out, but as I said a change in management can make a difference. Thanks for bringing the forum up to speed. Good luck to you buddy. Cheers HL Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
  20. here is the English version from Ireland , check out the txt page with further explaination as is important where to declare concerning your travel way / transit or direct declaration_form_ie_en.pdf
  21. oh yeah, no i wasn't trying to like "call you out" or anything, just correcting the error. I was freakin' out a bit when i read that cause i literally had JUST booked 3 weeks with them hahaha.... don't want others going through the same freak out.
  22. Just taken a look at the website and it says that the hotel I stay at "Welcome Plaza" charges a 300 baht joiner fee. I've stayed at this hotel over 20 times and have taken back many bar and gogo girls and have never been charged a joiner fee. And on 3 occasions I have taken back 2 girls and didnt get charged a joiner fee. On the flip side during one holiday I noticed that there was a card on reception that said that they did charge a joiner fee. I mentioned this and got told it didnt apply to me. I always book direct with the hotel so I don't know if this is why I don't get charged a joiner fee for taking a girl(s) back to my room
  23. For charging your devices, check out the socket behind your fridge. Usually have double socket but if not, purchase a splitter. Understandably that socket has always electricity on. Charging problem solved. My friend stayed in this hotel last year and was very happy. Thumbs up.
  24. no question of that i suspect many here leave uk for thailand daily with 50% having at least £1000 hard on them and of those half with no proof of origin. fly without it or the trip curtailed ?? for many trip has to be aborted loss of flights included
  25. absolutely working in a bank we have to provide this sort of knowledge daily
  26. Starting from 10 000 € must be declared by this E.U. form from any E.U. community country ( Ierland financial website can you download English version , this one is Dutch one , but any one can be used they are all same layout ) Must be filled in and signed /Stamped BEFORE any control .... aangifteformulier_liquide_middelen_iud0952z2plfol.pdf
  27. I don't know why you guys hate rain so much. Yesterday and today we had a light rain in Pattaya/Jomtien after the sunset. Clears and cools the air nicely. It's very rare to have a heavy rain and flooding. If that happens just relax in some bar.
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