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  2. Just booked a few night in October but I made a mistake by booking for just one not a double does any one think this will be a problem taking ladies back to the room thanks for the help [emoji106] Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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  4. Hey I was just wondering, I seem to recall reading that foreigners weren't supposed to participate in Philippine politics or anything like that, but will I be turned away if I show up wearing a DU30 shirt? I saw a couple I like, as well as a Jolibee shirt that I like but didn't want to take a chance on not getting in to the country if I bring them with me. View the full article
  5. So it seems as an ex-pat there are opportunities to have a stable of girls willing to service you, but although you may get sex for free, in reality there will be outlay, maybe adding up to more than P4P, and there is the old penis-brain axis which leads to all sorts of problems. With P4P there is hopefully zero attachment, more choice, but risks, including possible more chance of an STI, though statistics show, certainly in Australia, that non P4P girls are a bigger risk than P4P girls. There must be plenty of you retirees who have chosen either way, or maybe both, and I would be interested to hear your thoughts and experiences. Cheers. View the full article
  6. Don't count on them giving you a sea view. I booked this place once and booked for a specific view which I wasn't given and they basically didn't give a shit that they didn't deliver what they sold. I even complained through Agoda and got bullshit in response. The breakfast in the place is also shit quality, the worst I've ever seen in Pattaya. I would never stay in the place again.
  7. Thanks for the info Worldpunter and thairak. Appreciated. Knew someone on here would know. Looking forward to it all!
  8. Don't worry about it . You can use the back entrance by the swimming pool and take up as many girls as you like . No need to go through reception if you have a room looking out over Beach road
  9. Have you never noticed that's always the renters that will tell on forum to never purchase a property ? And what about Bangkok ? In mid Sukhumvit near the BTS prices are > 220k per sqm. Mahanakhon tower is > 350k per sqm. PS to the OP: forget about Airbnb, in Thailand that's not legal to rent for less than 1 month. Purchase it for yourself or rent it long term (6-7% of ROI is quite easy).
  10. I guess no point in me having a balcony other than to dry clothes. My point is I guess the condo's opposite Central under the 10th floor are saleable and some are already sold as I've stayed in a couple different ones so far. For me they're good as generally they are cheaper to rent compared to the high floor walking street side. Some people don't like those because they get too much afternoon sun, so no pleasing everyone as you say. Cheers
  11. No idea, I'm guessing it depends on how Agoda process payments, do they pass your details on to the hotel or take the payment themselves. Either way I wouldn't risk it again, it's not a lot of fun to go through even once and I was lucky I was back at home and not trying to get it sorted from Thailand.
  12. Yeah, fair enough, I'm not really trying to push The Base. While I get that some people (often our North American friends, who are used to things being more spacious) have an issue with the size of the condos in The Base, I lived there happily for almost a couple of months without much of a worry on size of condo. I would have had different furniture, though, and yes the distance from the condo block to Second Rd was annoying (and the lack of a back entrance). Nothing is perfect. The Base condo I linked above, , is IMO a pretty good choice in The Base. It was one of my short list when booking a month ago for my next trip. It's on the 28th floor, is the bigger 35 sq m size, it has the big southwards view, it has private wifi, the washing machine, and it's B1100 a night (to which apply monthly discount). Good condos in VT6 seem to start at B2200 (also monthly discount). I didn't go for The Base one because the decoration wasn't in my taste, and I found another I liked in the Avenue which I liked at a cheaper price. But that Base condo is a good example of The Base being half the price of VT6.
  13. I really liked the location of page 10. Super convenient as others have mentioned while still being off the main road. The bar at the end of the alley can get (and stays) loud if you're on the soi side of the hotel The beds were large as was the shower. Pool area is on the smaller side and beds can fill up quickly during peak times. Never had a problem with theft booking through agoda.
  14. I think its the old building. Superior Room - Sea View. Just to clarify. Are you saying they would charge us for the extra girl or try to charge me for my partner. I booked for 2 adults and we will check in together and she has Australian ID with the same address as my ID on it. So I'm not worried about her. I'm worried about the girls we want to bring back. If I was there by myself do they let guys bring one girl back or are they completely not girl friendly. My girlfriend just asked what if you bring one girl back by yourself and I'll bring the other girl back by myself. We will both have room cards obviously.
  15. Good choice very good hotel and they have one of the best buffet breakfasts in Pattaya very close to walking street and shopping centres .....guest friendly also Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. So I am 21 days out before my next visit to the Philippines and wanted to do something different to start my next trip report and this is what I cam up with. Password: Monger Cheers! View the full article
  17. Discovery , is not really girl friendly mate. are You booked into the new block (Chic ) or the old building ? In the old one , it's the best seaviews and easier to get a girl or two in , as there is a back door by the swimming pool, it brings you to the basement lobby and a lift, to the rooms, so not necessary to pass through reception. however, be aware that security lock this door at night ,about 11-00pm I think they will charge you 1,000 for the girl each time. hope this helps, of course if you make the reservation with the girls name (2 adult ) booking , then no problem.
  18. Coming to Patts on the 6th of Sept. Have booked at this hotel so I'm close to Soi 6. I've stayed there before but only 2 nights with my ex-gf and didn't take any girls back there. Just wondering if anyone can tell me how girl friendly they are? Also I have a unique situation as I am coming with my Bi Vietamese partner (she is only 21 so looks like a bar girl even though we live together here in Aust). So everytime we bring a girl back its a 3some and somtimes we will want to bring 2 girls back. Anyone stayed here before and know what they are like? Last time I brought my partner to Patts we stayed at VT6 and didn't have any issues. But wanted to be close to Soi 6 this time. I just didn't think about possible hotel issues with bringing multiple girls back to our room when I booked. If they are really bad I can still cancel the booking so would appreciate any info anyone has.
  19. I guess it to their own, I see no pleasure in looking out onto a featureless wall or down the throat of an air con vent. Also with the proximity of the shopping centre you won't get much sunlight and what's the point of having a balcony if you can't sit on it?
  20. FB Macdonalds apple amazon sure things and sit on them till your old
  21. Yes i think it was baku. And i saw some photos of the finished rooms on here. They look very nice Sent from my Moto G (4) using Tapatalk
  22. Build yourself a nice Mansion with a swimming pool
  23. If you ever need a Building Contractor please let me know. I have built condos and office blocks in the U.K and Swimming pools, Shops, Schools, Houses etc here in Thailand.
  24. A very good and detailed how to, I didn't have much advice when I came here and very few people were willing to help so I had to find everything out the hard way but 7 years on and my Construction Company is doing well. We are one of the leading Thai House Builders and Swimming Pool Builders In Thailand but it took a serious amount of blood sweat and tears to get here. I must have spent a small fortune trying to get a step up here and its a really difficult and daunting task but I love it here and its all been worth it. The hardest part by far is finding trustworthy people. I have met just as many scamming Falangs as I have Thais so my tiny piece of advice is to trust nobody but yourself.
  25. Link to article. View the full article
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