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    • Ru4Real

      Nude or not nude, that is the question   01/05/18

      An inordinate amount of the Moderators Teams time is spent on ensuring inappropriate images are removed from the forums where necessary as per Rule 29. On investigating why people have posted nude images in a non-advanced area, the vast majority of the feedback we've had has been "I didn't realise where I was".  Therefore, we have added a visual indicator to help you quickly identify whether you are posting in the advanced or the non-advanced area. If you are in an advanced area you will notice the page background is now a pale green - green for go.                               If you do not see the green background it is your responsibility to double check where you are on the site prior to posting any images/videos. This is doubly important for those using Tapatalk due to the fact we have no control over the Tapatalk theme (i.e. Tapatalk users will not see this visual indicator). Offenders will be sanctioned.
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      Agoda Users - PLEASE READ   18/08/17

      URGENT Attention Agoda Users - Agoda have reduced their cookie length from 90 days to just one day. If you use Agoda, and you would like the forum to receive the commission for your booking, please click any Any Agoda link here IMMEDIATELY prior to making your booking. If you click and then book the next day, without clicking a link again here, Agoda now simply keeps 100% of it. Many thanks to everyone who has supported us in the past - it is very much appreciated.  

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  2. 2 beds 3 baths, fully furnished and renovated townhouse for rent Located on 3rd road in The Village housing compound with a common pool 15,000 per month Call Mike at 08 6533 6789
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  4. The same tricks are still being recycled. James I need money - no customer. 555
  5. Best room in buakhao area for 400 a night ?

    The soi was quiet when I stayed there. The cheaper and smaller rooms are around the back, absolute noise whatsoever.
  6. I received an SMS from a bargirl that went upcountry. Hadn't seen her in a long time. "HELP. My house flooded, baby sick, going to hospital, call me!" I was concerned and showed the SMS to her old girlfriends at the bar. They busted out laughing. They laughed and laughed and laughed.
  7. Talc the sak is always good advice.
  8. Acqua Hotel - a Lottellee Winna Review

    well i can confirm POOL is open for business . nice area , well appointed . my only downside of the hotel was the phone in room is out of service for about another week . no real big problem though . one other thing i noticed when i arrived , i was in 1313 3rd floor and the window at the end of hallway next to my room still had render remains on glass and had never been clean from when the build had finished . it was the same as the window in the room as it's the first thing you notice as the curtains are open .not really the hotels fault but one would think they would inspect before hand over . no real big problem but just my thoughts . YES i will be staying here again on next trip
  9. Yesterday
  10. Nicked my nutsack while trimming. :-(

    Be careful with talc powder. Cancer lawsuits. Asbestos!
  11. You can ignore this „advice“ - talcum powder is just fine.
  13. Be careful with talc powder. Cancer lawsuits.
  14. If you dont have this on hand (i.e you dont shave) waxy lip balm can help if the cut is small.
  15. I did this once with nail scissors when I was preparing for a gang bang when I lived in Sydney. The next day is was weeping, so I had to miss out in case I got another man's jizz on me. Was never invited again.
  16. Agoda's BS discount

    That's interesting. I always use agoda these days, never let me down in any way shape or form, and I like the pdf booking vouchers they email, and the whole way the website is put together is user friendly, with the maps and everything, but I'll look into the tracking thing pre my next booking.
  17. Agoda's BS discount

    Yes I've had that also even happens on flights. I always use a VPN so they don't know where I em. I have to say I'm surprised with some of the comments about good discounts in 20 yrs I've only ever got a slight price reductions nothing like the 50+ % claimed. All the places ( which have been many ) I've stayed prices have never been the top end price they quote then discount 50% it's always around the discount price quoted. I only go in low season now so prices are low anyway as opposed discounting because a quite patch.
  18. Agoda's BS discount

    Correct...same goes for and pussy...PUSSY...ok maybe not.
  19. Agoda's BS discount

    I just booked a Suite through Agoda at LK Royal Suites. Not only was it heaps cheaper through Agoda I noticed I had accumulated 25000 points and received a further $50 USD discount. I didn’t even realize I was a accumulating points! I booked this while sitting in the hotels lobby. I’ve never understood how it could be cheaper booking online rather than face to face with the hotel but it’s happened to me a lot in Thailand
  20. Agoda's BS discount

    I booked through Agoda last February and had no complaints. I’ve started checking prices for this February and find the prices much higher. I’ve also noticed on some of the websites if you go back and check again the price has gone up by a few dollars. If you go to a different computer and use the same information you will get the original price. Obviously they are tracking the search and increasing the price a little because they think they have you hooked. Has anyone else noticed this?
  21. Any recommendations ? Price and Locations please
  22. It's a small quiet soi. Only two bars on it when I stayed there last. This time of year the Boomerang's own bar closes early so you use a key fob to enter the main door. So no walk of shame that some blokes are paranoid about.
  23. Agree with Weblo. Have been through that Beijing airport and it a pretty sterile place/area. Even though the Star alliance business class lounge not great by other stds it likely best to figure out how to get pass into there and waste some time/money there. By all means if you do have nay luck finding anything short term let us know as likely will get stuck there sometime in future as well.
  24. By the time you exit the airport, customer etc, and then re - enter, you will be hard pressed to get not town, have a ST and make it back
  25. I think the other places they have launched have escorts services already operational and thus they can tie-up with them and offer discounted rates for market penetration. Would be interesting to see if smooci ever succeeds in Pattaya. The only thing that ever comes close to this operating with success in Pattaya is devils den.
  26. No, but as pointed out by overseas516, coming soon. This has been written on their website since February so I am not so sure what their idea of soon is?
  27. According to the website it is still coming soon.
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