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      Nude or not nude, that is the question   01/05/18

      An inordinate amount of the Moderators Teams time is spent on ensuring inappropriate images are removed from the forums where necessary as per Rule 29. On investigating why people have posted nude images in a non-advanced area, the vast majority of the feedback we've had has been "I didn't realise where I was".  Therefore, we have added a visual indicator to help you quickly identify whether you are posting in the advanced or the non-advanced area. If you are in an advanced area you will notice the page background is now a pale green - green for go.                               If you do not see the green background it is your responsibility to double check where you are on the site prior to posting any images/videos. This is doubly important for those using Tapatalk due to the fact we have no control over the Tapatalk theme (i.e. Tapatalk users will not see this visual indicator). Offenders will be sanctioned.
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      Agoda Users - PLEASE READ   18/08/17

      URGENT Attention Agoda Users - Agoda have reduced their cookie length from 90 days to just one day. If you use Agoda, and you would like the forum to receive the commission for your booking, please click any Any Agoda link here IMMEDIATELY prior to making your booking. If you click and then book the next day, without clicking a link again here, Agoda now simply keeps 100% of it. Many thanks to everyone who has supported us in the past - it is very much appreciated.  

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  2. Condo Advertising Boards

    Or any of mine also the office in one of my condos will only offer you an apartment that the owner has left with the office to offer for rent on commission. Agents or Agencies are not permitted to post on the notice boards in any of my condos. The general notice board is for co-owners use only. Adverts for rental under 30 days are not allowed in most condos ( if you see something you like I would phone them and ask ref duration of rental). JDM
  3. The Edge by Sansiri

    This is true. The Base sold out on the launch weekend. But there was a reason for this: Thais could "buy" with just a 5000B deposit, and many did exactly that with a view to "flipping" later, as mentioned.
  4. Guest House with separate/private entrance

    I can say that the rear entrance to building A is very discreet in fact I suspect many have walked past it and not noticed it was there. JDM
  5. Nicked my nutsack while trimming. :-(

    I think you mean styptic.
  6. Today
  7. Guessing this is your first nick? I always travel with a septic stick (I shave my head as well so I'm prone to a nick every now and then) and if you use that the next time, it does a pretty good job of sealing up the small cut by clotting up and helping it heal. IMHO
  8. Travel alone or with friends?

    I actually prefer to travel alone when traveling Asia. I have found the things I like to do aren't always the same things some of my friends have in mind. While I do enjoy a game of golf and relaxing by the beach, when in Pattaya I plan to sleep in, have some breakfast, have a few day cocktails, maybe hang out by the pool, take a long nap before getting up and visiting the bars of my choice. And when I find that one special girl (for the night) I don't want to have to wait for everyone else to be ready to call it a night.
  9. Yesterday
  10. Travel alone or with friends?

    I have gone to Thailand 15 times solo, once with a GF, 3 times with my wife, and once with my son. There was no mongering with the GF and wife (except HJ during massage). The trip with my son was suggested by the wife, to find himself a girlfriend He had a great time, but brought back no GF
  11. Travel alone or with friends?

    I usually go alone but sometimes have mates who's trips coincide with mine and they prefer solo as well so we usually hook up for a few drinks and a debrief on our adventures every couple of days but we more or less do our own things it works perfect.
  12. king Epic

    Twitchy did 50 minutes of gloating on YouTube on this subject,....for hardcore 'fans' only
  13. Travel alone or with friends?

    Being alone has the freedom to do what you want when you want, doesn't have to wait for your friend. More freedom, more fun. 我從使用 Tapatalk 的 HTC_U-1u 發送
  14. Penis transplant.

    And a talking dog if things weren't already crazy.
  15. king Epic

    Yep I liked his videos..King Epic is one of my favorite vloggers along with bangkok112. Anyone knows what exactly happened and why its taken down
  16. Bikes available for immediate delivery. All bikes 2000 baht month. 5500 baht 3 months. Superb deals available for longer term rentals. Includes Delivery & Collection anywhere in and around Pattaya. Update on insurance policy in the next few days. E-mail. Tel: 0970 155 015 Line ID kcbikes
  17. Penis transplant.

    Amazing breakthrough. Modern medicine never ceases to surprise me. Hopefully, the technology and surgery become more sophisticated for these unfortunate men.
  18. A hotel with a resort feel

    Chabahuts on Buakhao spring in mind. Havent stay there but bekieve it ticks all boxes
  19. A hotel with a resort feel

    Cons on Areca Lodge: the wifi is fucking shit! And the bathtub/shower combo sucks. Looks old fashioned.
  20. Most places in Queensland Brisbane if you need a job, Sunshine or Gold Coast if you dont need work.
  21. Travel alone or with friends?

    Exactly! I like it better alone now vs being obligated to hang out the whole stay with friends.
  22. Travel alone or with friends?

    Go on my own but would rather go with a mate, i just miss the small talk you cant have with a thai girl, sport, what we got up to last night, what we`re doing tonight, people back home .Basically someone on the same wavelength socially and humour wise!
  23. Thai movie

    Its called PARADOX, a very slow build up , but some good action eventually, and an emotional storyline with Pattaya popping up, but Tony Jaa was only in it for a very short time. He should be a way bigger star than he is, I actually saw the original ONG BAK about eight times at the cinema, and THE WARRIOR KING which was his follow up film. That was not as good but did have some great kung fu scenes, including one where a camera follows Tony up about four or five levels of a high rise building as he beats the shit ofthe bad guys going up. ONG BAK THE BEGINNING was released a number of years after the original ONG BAK and was a sort of prequel , and I saw that about three time sat the cinema .He hasn't really equalled ONG BAK, back then the tag line to his movie was " No stuntmen , no wires all real" and it was , Tony Jaa did it all without wirework or stand ins . He has been criminally underused in Hollywood, especially in shit especially in shite such as fast and furious . I had heard he is going to be in THE RAID 3, hopefully the makers will put his skill to better use than the inferior work he has been doing, since Ong Bak.
  24. Thai movie

    Sorry, no name
  25. Thai movie

    Any name for it?
  26. Thai movie

    Just watched this on you tube worth a look at.
  27. Travel alone or with friends?

    For many trips i traveled with friends, though now i travel solo. There was always one in the group who was sulking about someone or something which really put me on a downer throughout the whole trip. Now i have friends who are expats & own bars or just retired who i catch up with, so now i don't feel obligated to hang-out with anyone for long periods of time. Just do my own thing when ever i feel like it....I come & go as i please with no headaches!
  28. Just a heads up guys. I received an email from the hotel to say that the pool will be closed for maintenance from June1 for 2 weeks. The hotel are giving guests free passes to use 247 pool. This might be OK for some, but not for me. One of the big attractions of the Acqua is the upmarket pool and roof bar area. The 247 pool is OK, but is small and with 2 sets of hotel guests seeking to use it, likely to get very busy. I have contacted Expedia and even though my booking was ‘non refundable’, they were very understanding and refunded my money. So I need to book another hotel...looking at Centara Azure and LK Metropole which both have good offers currently.
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