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      Hi folks, please note we have reduced the time you can edit a post to 30 minutes. The ability to edit a post is there for you to fix up things like typos and grammar before the Grammar Police descend on you or to clarify a point you where making that, on seeing it posted, you think could be worded better. Unfortunately, the length of the previous editing window has resulted in several posts being totally changed or deleted which can result in the resulting replies, and indeed the whole thread, being totally nonsensical (over and above the usual that is ) and shows disrespect to the BMs that participated in the discussion. If you wish to clarify a post you made after the window has elapsed, you can easily quote the relevant part of your post and do so. If it is a serious issue, as per current practice, report your post, giving a justification as to why the change is needed, and the mods will deal with it. Just because you made an arse of yourself in the post is not a valid justification. Remember, pause and think before posting re adherence to the rules, legality and the "Nice to be Nice" ethos.
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      An inordinate amount of the Moderators Teams time is spent on ensuring inappropriate images are removed from the forums where necessary as per Rule 29. On investigating why people have posted nude images in a non-advanced area, the vast majority of the feedback we've had has been "I didn't realise where I was".  Therefore, we have added a visual indicator to help you quickly identify whether you are posting in the advanced or the non-advanced area. If you are in an advanced area you will notice the page background is now a pale green - green for go.                               If you do not see the green background it is your responsibility to double check where you are on the site prior to posting any images/videos. This is doubly important for those using Tapatalk due to the fact we have no control over the Tapatalk theme (i.e. Tapatalk users will not see this visual indicator). Offenders will be sanctioned.
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  2. Damn! Hope they have some good plastic surgeons in India...
  3. We have a good contract drawn up.
  4. another person with a negative attitude , donchathink
  5. Look on the bright side, at least he won’t have to put zinc cream on his lip at the beach.
  6. Kind of an odd first post donchathink? 555! Maybe just used to expecting a restaurant review and maybe some pics.
  7. where is Mr Striderman with his wise cracks now and Kardinski , i'm walking now to satisfy the ones who carn't ride , still carn't see it
  8. Nice Diner soi Bauokow

    but it's not nice to be a burger
  9. Today
  10. The Hilton

    Ohh. The pool area was great. Staff were very nice. Would stay for a cpl nights in the future. But it is quite expensive.
  11. The Hilton

    I booked 3 nights in the Hilton on my past trip. First room had a real sharp smell. I went and asked for another room. Second room had no hot water. Went down. Politely asked for the management. Mentioned that I expected much more from a Hilton experience. They upgraded me to one of the $1000 rooms with the bathtub on the balcony, for all 3 nights. Was pretty epic. View was amazing. Had a nice bubble bath on the tub on the balcony. Good times! Prob not worth the $1000 bucks if you were to pay that.
  12. Footymadstreams TV SERVICE

    NFL pass included in this service
  13. Come on guys...nice to be nice....
  14. PHOTOS should of been round the other way to match the text , doesn't matter as you will see my point
  15. now i will do in daylight and walking to amend anyones feelings that can't ride a bike , but as you can see there is no difference you still can not see their sign even when walking. taking these shots i pointed the camera at the Diner not straight ahead first shot is outside Nicky's which is 20 mtrs away , each shot after is outside the next shop and so on until i get opposite Nice Diner my whole point in this was saying what ever the people who own it , one would think they would of put more effort in location ect , as what ever it cost to set up , could loose it to no exposure . if you see what i mean . cheers these photos are heading TOWARDS TUKCOM
  16. Thank you very much for chiming in Soi 7; for many (though of course not all) Nirun is a great choice.
  17. thanks to who ever fixed up my heading error ... appreciated
  18. To reserve hotels or not?

    Correct. I come twice every year from Australia. In our summer (northern hemisphere winter) I travel after about 20 January as that is the change from peak to shoulder season. (Work on three seasons: peak, shoulder and low). In peak (Dec - mid-Jan), book in advance. Flights and hotels busy. Shoulder: I book my Oz-Thailand flights in advance; hotel for at least first three days, longer if my plan is definite. Normally OK to book internal flights and more hotels at short notice; one needs to be ready to make changes if your favourite hotel etc is full - have a Choice B. Low: international flights normally OK at short notice but price may be up from the low of about 7 weeks in advance. Hotels, no problem.
  19. Yes I don't mind the call. Thats fine. I'm all for the security. It's just making you go down to get them etc. Yes I am younger. So Songkran experience seems like it would be fun. At least try it out once. Areca was looking to be my first choice. But I saw it mentioned somewhere else that it was mandatory to come down .
  20. it is a nice friendly place to stay when I was working I would walk through at 2 or 3 am going home never an issue never felt unsafe ever. In almost 15 years of living here have had zero issues with anything or anybody. A 7 11 and Tesco extra very close to the entrance as well.They have done lots of upgrades to the pool and common areas.
  21. As Gazman mentioned, it's my experience as well that most hotels will ring you up to let you know you have a visitor and will send them up to your room if you give the go ahead. Obviously, you'll need to give the girl your room number before she arrives. Songkran can be fun, especially if you're younger and enjoy the water fights. Otherwise you might find it bit annoying at times being constantly wet as soon as you step out into the street.
  22. I know it is Thailand and if other states in the US have bad pizza then I guess I'm expecting too much from Thailand. I just thought maybe someone would make a good "New York" style pizza in Pattaya or close to it.
  23. Most hotels will ring your room and tell you that you have a visitor in lobby then you just tell them to send her up. I'm pretty sure that Areca makes you come to reception to sign a disclaimer form before she can go to room. -
  24. My tenant just had to move out today due to a family emergency back home, so my condo in Building D is back on the market. It's ready to move in though I'll be fixing up a few things over the coming days. I'm renting at a below market price (6,000 a month plus utilities and 500/month common fees) because I'm looking for a good, stable tenant. The electricity is at government rates and water is reasonable. This rent assumes at least a year commitment. Rates for a shorter term would be much higher. If you walked into Nirun and tried to rent a similar place, most would ask for much more but for me having a stable, good tenant is best. I'm a good landlord which can be confirmed by board members who have rented from me. One interesting feature is I added a safe for the last tenant. The air con is about a year old. The condo never gets sun as it's located looking over the pool on the south side. There's a microwave, an induction burner, a rice cooker and an electric kettle with pots and pans and a few dishes, as well as a sink-cabinet on the balcony, so you could do some basic cooking as the place is now. There are security grates on both the front door and balcony doors. The Nirun community is good--lots of shops and restaurants, there's a good feel to the place, sort of like being half in Thailand and half in the west. Big C Extra is very close (about half a kilometer), which is a huge benefit. The cooked food there is excellent and a great value. There's a good, cheap pizza place nearby, a pie maker (Neung's pies)--the list goes on and on as you explore the neighborhood. It's just a stroll to Club 4 and the other gentleman's clubs. I expect the new tenant to be someone who already knows the area and enjoys it. I can be a good resource as well, having lived in Pattaya for many, many years I know the area very well and I'm quite willing to answer questions about a wide range of topics, from places to buy things to immigration issues. Internet is of course available from various sources as is cable tv, though not included in this low price.
  25. Any idea what those little platforms are for? They look very small, and there's electrical wiring hanging down. Air conditioning compressors??
  26. Yesterday
  27. No decent hotel is going to let people wander in off the street into the hotel proper. Security is for a reason, gotta keep the riffraff out.
  28. To reserve hotels or not?

    Peak Season is until around the 14th Jan I believe , personally I would book accomodation and flights for any further travelling you wish to do
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