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  3. The second bit, yes. You only need to get an extension if you want to stay beyond June. As for the first, you'd need to check with someone who's done it recently. Things can change! You may need to report address within 24 hours, then again after 90 days.
  4. Let's suppose I leave LOS in November and come back in February. My understanding is that I will have to report to immigration 90 days after re-entry. Do I understand that correctly? It sounds like the extension and 3800 baht you are talking about only applies if I want to stay in LOS beyond June 25, 2018. Is that correct?
  5. OK. You have a multiple entry. You can leave Thailand and re-enter as often as you like up to May 30 2018. When you re-enter you automatically get 60 days, which can be extended for a further 30 days by paying 1900 baht at Jomtien immigration (and completing form etc). So, if you go somewhere and re-enter Thailand on, say May 29, you can stay until 28 August on the current visa. Before the current visa expires you must extend it if you want to stay in Thailand. You don't need a new visa, you extend the current one. If you don't leave Thailand this will be before 25 June. (I think you can apply up to a month before but check with someone who does it now - maybe less) As I said earlier, this is the 'extension based on Retirement '. Make sure you have at least 800000 baht in a Thai bank account for 3 months prior to applying for extension. Alternatively, if your income/pension is at least 65000 baht a month you must get an affidavit from the US Embassy in Bangkok to prove this. This gives you another 12 months. If you plan to leave & re-enter Thailand during the year make sure you get the multi-entry permit when you get your extension - an extra 3800 baht. You then do this every year until you decide to permanently leave Thailand (or drop dead:-). You still need to do the 90-day reports. Be aware, they may decide to ask for extra/different pieces of paper or information each time. That's how it is. Don't get worked up.
  6. I didn't pay the 3800 today, so it's not too late if I already have a multiple entry visa.
  7. OK, her English wasn't all that clear so I may have misunderstood. What do you mean that I would have to apply for an extension? Are you saying that my visa will be extended beyond its June 25, 2018 expiration date?
  8. My visa was activated on June 26, the date I entered LOS, and expires on June 25, 2018. It was issued on May 31, 2017. I had until May 30, 2018 to activate it.
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  11. If you look at the pictures of the 2 visas I posted and check the 'enter before' you'll see the difference. On the Single the date is 3 months from the issue date. You have 3 months to use the entry or you lose it. On the Multiple the date is 12 months away. You can enter as many times as you like up to that date. So, if you enter on the day before it expires you can stay another 60 days, extend that for 30 days. Only then do you need to get an extension. So, the date on your visa should be 12 months from when it was issued. June 2018???? If it says September 2017 you have a problem.
  12. ???? No idea. You have a multiple entry. I can only assume you misunderstood and they were talking about what you'll need to do at the end of your current visa. You'll need to Apply for the extension based on retirement AND get a multiple entry permit if you plan to travel outside Thailand. If you get the extension but NOT the permit then you'd have to get a completely new visa once again.
  13. But the Consulate is supposed to sort out all that information. There is a disconnect between my visa, which says it's multiple entry, and what I was told today.
  14. Just checked my visa. It has an "M" on it. So why was I told I need to pay 3800 baht for multiple entry?
  15. Also no help to you, sorry, but it's one of the reasons I always recommend entering Thailand on a Tourist Visa then sorting out the long-stay visa once you're there. You can always find help to sort out any problems, one way or another.
  16. That's the fee for the Multiple. Sounds like they made a mistake. Too late now.
  17. I wasn't asked that. There was a flat fee of $200 USD for my visa.
  18. Here you go: It clearly shows on the visa if it is Multiple entry or Single Entry.
  19. It is available as a Single Entry (S) and as a Multiple Entry (M). I assume yours has 'S' on it. I know some consulates were stopped from giving out any Multiple Entry visas earlier this year (Cardiff Consulate told me when I was there) so that may be the case with NY. In any case, you can't just depend on what the websites say as they aren't always up to date.
  20. I guess it can be . At the time of application they ask you do you want single or multiple entry ? Price is different . Personally I always go in person to the Embassy but in London not US . But should be same world over . Have you got an S or a M in your visa in your passport ?
  21. Yes, I learned that today. But I still don't understand why the Thai Consulate's NYC website states that the type of visa I have is multiple entry.
  22. As world punter says, the visa stamp in your passport will have an 'M' on it if multiple.
  23. When the current visa expires you will get 'an extension based on retirement' hence the commonly used term Retirement Visa. If you plan to go out of a Thailand and back in then make sure you get a Multiple Entry permit at the same time or you'll have to start the whole visa process all over again.
  24. The long stay instructions explicitly state multiple, but that isn't really the case.ภาษาอ-งกฤษ-english-version/visa-service/non-immigrant-visa/
  25. Where it says number of entries , It should have M for multiple entry . S for single entry
  26. I have the 12 month non-immigrant visa. (June 26, 2017-June 25, 2018). I thought it was a multi-entry visa because that's how it is identified on the website of the Thai Consulate in NYC. However, today I learned in Jomtien that it's single entry - contrary to what is stated on the Consulate's New York website. I thought that my 90 day check-in could be avoided if I left Thailand and returned. This whole process has me totally confused.
  27. I thought the non-immigrant O was the retirement visa.That is what I have. The website of the Thai Consulate in NYC states: "Living a retirement life in Thailand" when referencing the visa I have, and it even says it is a multiple entry visa. However, you appear to be saying that it is different from a retirement visa, and that is why it is not multiple entry.
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