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  2. VT6 vs The Base

    I have stayed in this apartment. I had no issues with it. It faces south towards WS so while you get the sun you do not get Central Festival/Hilton noise. Construction next door has been threatening for over 18 months or more and still has not happened. BTW: Booked in to VT6 for a couple weeks from the 27th Nov.
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  4. VT6 vs The Base

    I guess it just depends on what value you put on location, it's different for everyone. Plus what size room you are happier with. Cheers
  5. VT6 vs The Base

    Thanks Kitten. in that case I'm not being charged that on my VT6 bookings for some reason. I wonder why others are saying they are? Cheers
  6. On the first're going round in circles :- I don't know' ....'would not be publicised'....'I'm not aware'..... Since Pattaya's was stopped from issuing Non-Os all applications through the legitimate channels would obviously (IMO) be very carefully vetted before they're forwarded to Bangkok in order to avoid refusals/loss of face so refusals should by definition be as rare as hen's teeth. Dodgy ones apparently go via a different route. Anyway, this is just drifting further away from the OP's question and too close to Rule 2 so I'm out.
  7. sorry, got you mixed up with the illegal boys
  8. Why are you confusing me with someone who is looking for a visa agency? I dont need or want one. My retirement extension is entirely legitimate and has been for many years. I have the money on deposit permanently and do all the paperwork myself for a total cost of 1900B as I have pointed out several times.
  9. If your going to need or possibly need the cash in the next 3 years stick with your local credit union or bank money market account. Sure, pays no interest but will be there WHEN you need it. I’m a big fan of Vanguard Life Strategy or Target Date Retirement finds. All fully diversified globally stock/bond index funds. Stock/Bonds allocation to match your risk tolerance. Very low fees too. Investing in stocks/bonds is a long term commitment. When my coworkers where panicked and bailed out of stocks in their 401k during 2008/9 I stayed the course and bought more every month. Paid off very well in this bull market. NO ONE can time the market successfully long term. Better off going to Vegas.
  10. Not at all. I said that I dont know of anyone affected and that if such things happened they would not be publicised. I'm not aware that they have happened at all. In fact I think the whole question is entirely speculative. I dont know why. But I dont see what difference it makes where the visa is issued, as long as it's issued. Do you know of anyone who has been refused one? I dont.
  11. The thing to think about is whether to invest in a index ETF when markets are on a high as long as trump is in gonna keep going higher. just look at the charts and you can put a stop loss in place
  12. ETF was better. mutual wont sell till the market clothes, so if you see a big drop at open and hit sell your mutual wont sell till market closes, which could be a disaster. learned my lesson
  13. Money Wire description

    Besides doing the bank transfer, which I did in the past when my credit union didn't charge a fee and the funds were converted to baht in Thailand, I've written a personal check to myself and deposited the funds into Bangkok Bank. Bangkok Bank told me that those funds are identified as coming from outside LOS and treated the same as a bank transfer. Only negative for some is that it takes about 4 weeks for the check to clear. I had to do this at the larger branch up on 2nd RD near soi 6 and not the small one inside Big C extra.
  14. Money Wire description

    some ime back if you didn't show what you were buying and you transferred a large amount them kept some for taxes? just in case, cant remember but it was an issue, might have been 30%. not sure if they still do it or not
  15. I say that I know no one in that situation and that I think it unlikely anyway, for the reasons I gave. if you know people who did it and didnt get in trouble, why this thread, go to their visa guy
  16. If you dont know of anyone who had this problem before, then why ask for a visa company, just use theirs
  17. Just one email away from correcting your first mistake. Cancel and get another room that takes care of your needs.
  18. Money Wire description

    OP as others rightly say up to you BUT I think all transfers go through your bank's Bangkok ho and for transfers of I think 2m+ BOT approval is necessary, they are efficient approachable all by internet although forms are in Thai. But fill in Condo purchase and keep these papers as you will need them if you become the 1 of a 1000 who has not wisely invested in hookers and booze but stupidly sells the condo and wishes to repatriate the money. BOT will be informed of condo sale , check fund origin and permit transfer, otherwise you will be flying with £50g from TT in your underpants and trying not to sweat at your home airport.
  19. Money Wire description

    A person I know was withdrawing a larger amount back in farang land, and when the clerk insisted on a reason for the money, he told her that it was for hookers, because they only take cash, and he was tired of running to the ATM all the time. I suspect that she did not actually write that on the form, but that was all that he was willing to tell her.
  20. Could be, I'm referring to the 90 day visa and not the one for a year. Mine was only good for about a minute.
  21. Yesterday
  22. On the one hand you're saying you don't know of anyone affected and on the other acknowledging that such matters aren't publicised....amounts to the same thing surely. The fact that Pattaya was stopped from issuing Non-Os shows that the kitchen table practice was at the very least disapproved of (if you know why). Wasn't your post #10 repeating my post #3? Enjoy your thread.
  23. Money Wire description

    This is true. However transmitting banks (in the UK anyway and probably elsewhere) now require a description of some type, even if it is only "personal expenses"'. This is due to international money-laundering regulations and has been brought in over the last couple of years. With my bank it is impossible to do an online transfer without completing the "description" box. Quite what would happen if I put MYOB, I dont know. Like the KYC questionnaires, I dont get the impression that anyone actually checks the information and, let's face it, who would write "terrorism" or "drugs" or "tax-evasion" as a source of income or reason for a transfer anyway?
  24. They dont "cancel each other out" at all. You are saying that people may (or may already) have had extensions cancelled or worse. I say that I know no one in that situation and that I think it unlikely anyway, for the reasons I gave. And what difference does it make where the Non-O is issued: it's still being issued. I repeated it because I think it is important and needs repeating and enlarging on. And if we are going to talk about repeating things, why did you repeat what I said about it way back in post number 10?
  25. I think you will find that it costs a lot more now.
  26. Even on trip advisor someone asked the question and a past guest confirmed that their was no joiner fee.
  27. The suite rooms look good ( although showing as unavailable for the dates i am considering ) but note that the superior rooms are only 23 msq and were coming out at close on 1500 baht per night when booked late November / early December directly with the hotel.
  28. There was no joiner fee when i stayed in June. Given the hotel was less than half full at the time i would be surprised if they had introduced one but don't have any more recent information
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