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    • Ru4Real

      Nude or not nude, that is the question   01/05/18

      An inordinate amount of the Moderators Teams time is spent on ensuring inappropriate images are removed from the forums where necessary as per Rule 29. On investigating why people have posted nude images in a non-advanced area, the vast majority of the feedback we've had has been "I didn't realise where I was".  Therefore, we have added a visual indicator to help you quickly identify whether you are posting in the advanced or the non-advanced area. If you are in an advanced area you will notice the page background is now a pale green - green for go.                               If you do not see the green background it is your responsibility to double check where you are on the site prior to posting any images/videos. This is doubly important for those using Tapatalk due to the fact we have no control over the Tapatalk theme (i.e. Tapatalk users will not see this visual indicator). Offenders will be sanctioned.
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      Agoda Users - PLEASE READ   18/08/17

      URGENT Attention Agoda Users - Agoda have reduced their cookie length from 90 days to just one day. If you use Agoda, and you would like the forum to receive the commission for your booking, please click any Any Agoda link here IMMEDIATELY prior to making your booking. If you click and then book the next day, without clicking a link again here, Agoda now simply keeps 100% of it. Many thanks to everyone who has supported us in the past - it is very much appreciated.  

Pattaya Mad - Post here to be upgraded to the Advanced Members level. No nudity here!


  1. Barstool Banter

    General chit-chat about bars, girls, Pattaya and Thailand.Sponsored by - Sponsored by -



    • robert
  2. Random Threads - NO NUDES, NO POLITICS

    Topics which do not fit anywhere else in PATTAYA MAD but are valuable to the Forum ---- seriously no political, borderline racist, nudity but otherwise 'off-topic' stuff can go here 

  3. What's going on & who is coming to town?

    Any news or information about bar crawls, events or happenings in Pattaya can be posted here as well as who is going to be around.

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  4. Introductions, Congratulations, Greetings & Birthdays

    Please place your personal introductions, congratulations, greetings and birthday wishes in this forum.

    • Gavinz
  5. Newbie Advice

    New to the forum? Feel free to place your questions and concerns here. Experienced veterans can add their comments and advice here also. Section Sponsored by -

    Thai Friendly chat

  6. Hotels in Thailand   (186,298 visits to this link)

    Please post Hotel Reviews. You can discuss hotels here and find the cheapest places to book them. Please ask any hotel questions.

  7. Bars and A-Go-Go´s

    All information and reviews relating to bars and gogo's. Add your reviews and experiences here. Forum Sponsored by

    BabydollsAngelwitch Pattaya.gif

  8. Massage / Soapies

    This section is for discussion about massages and soapies, no adult content is allowed.

    • Tarpon
  9. 155,223
    • KokoP
  10. Pattaya Ex-Pats

    Information for the lucky people who live in or are planning on moving to Thailand. Condos, Houses, Electric & all the other day to day stuff that ex-pats have to deal with. Sponsored by -


    • mr21
  11. Thai Girl Relationship Issues

    All relationship issues should be placed in this forum. This is a strict no flame zone but advice is appreciated. Section kindly sponsored by

    Thai Friendly dating

  12. Soi 6 Forum

    Soi 6 Bar, Restaurants and Business Reviews. Soi 6 promotions, news and hotel reviews. Please read the pinned topic regarding nudity.Forums Sponsored by -

    Nightwish group

    • EvaD
  13. Pattaya Tourist Attractions - Non mongering

    Post about your non-mongering tourist attractions and days out here please.

    • blue1878
  14. LK Metro Forum

    We welcome reviews and questions about businesses in or around LK Metro Pattaya.

  15. Ban Chang Forum

    Bars, accommodation, local attractions and nightlife in Ban Chang. Sponsored by -



    • dogday
  16. The Best Pattaya Videos

    Please post youtube, metacafe etc Videos in this area. No X-rated ones here.

  17. Jobs, Business, Banking, Finance, Education And Careers

    Jobs, business, banking, finance, exchange rates, loans and other business/financial matters.

  18. Isan Travels and Trip Reports

    New Sub-Forum for Travels and Touring Around Isan (No Nudes)


  • Pattaya Hotels

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