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Public Forum (No Bar Girl chat allowed in this open area)


  1. Tutorials on forum features and how to register.

    Tips on how to use forum and the forum features to your best advantage. Feel free to ask questions about forum features, please search first.

    • PepeLePew
  2. General discussion about Pattaya

    Please use this forum for topics about Pattaya in general, if the topic is adult, please put it in barstool banter. Section sponsored by -

    Miss Nok Tour Guide


    • MikeShiva
  3. Pattaya News Forum

    Thai news of interest and news related to Pattaya.

    • bfinkay
  4. Thailand News

    News around Thailand. Please post anything related to Thailand. Use this forum for disasters.

  5. Thai Visas and Visas for Thai Nationals

    Visa help & information. All types of visa, marriage, fiance, family, tourist, 'o' visas, 'b" visas, education visas, links & legal matters. Sponsored by -

    Pattaya Business Services


  6. Customs, Culture, Traditional Music, Buddhism, Arts and History

    Everything Thailand - Language, Food, Music, Customs, Superstition, Religion. Anything related to Thais you can find or place it here.

  7. Hotels Reviews Outside of Thailand

    We welcome reviews from anywhere outside of Thailand. Especially Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam, Japan and other Asian countries.

  8. Transportation & Travel

    All information regarding travel including Planes, Trains, Busses, Vehicles and other travel related information and tips. Section sponsored by -

    Devils Den VIP Bus

  9. Restaurants, Cafe's, Take Aways & Nightlife Venues

    We welcome reviews of restaurants, clubs, pubs and any other venues of interest. Please do not put girly bar/gogo reviews here.

    Advertise here

  10. Business Owners Forum

    Business Owners can list their establishment or services offered here.

    We are providing this space for the benefit of all so that people are able to easily find a business, service or establishment that they have need of.

    Advertise on Pattaya Addicts

  11. Health Issues & Fitness

    STD's, Dentists, Hospitals, Clinics, Insurance, Erectile help, Gyms, Fitness, Dieting, Keeping Fit etc...

    • vimto66
  12. Items for sale or rent.

    Got something to sell or rent? Perhaps your looking for something? Post it here. STRICTLY no flaming or negative posts in this section. Sponsored by

    Expat TVIPTV

  13. Buy/Sell/Rent Land, Houses and Condos

    Buy, sell or rent land, houses and condos. Real estate agents please contact a moderator prior to posting. STRICTLY no flaming or negative posts in this section. Sponsored by -

  14. Learning Thai Language

    Learn Thai Section. Get help with pronunciation, reading, writing and where to learn.

  15. Technical Issues

    Questions and answers related to the forum, cell phones, computers, mp3, video, software or anything of a technical nature.

    • storytime
  16. Cameras and Photography

    Camera and photography needs, requirements & issues.

    • singalong
  17. Mobile Phones, Thai Sim Cards & Calling Issues

    Telephone and callings questions, problems and solutions can be found and placed in this forum. Also includes calling cards and calling plans etc...

    • GreyMan
  18. Motor Forum

    Cars, motorbikes, boats, aircraft, licensing, tax, insurance, lessons, where to fix, store or dock. Any other motoring, racing or motorsports is welcome to be discussed.

  19. Sports

    All sports talk here, your team, goings on, whats coming up!

    • worldpunter
  20. Golf In Thailand

    This forum is dedicated to golfing in Thailand.

    • fatjack1
  21. Muay Thai in Thailand

    Muay Thai discussion.

    • rob63
  22. 761
  23. Pattaya Addicts Privilege Cards - Order Here   (7,180 visits to this link)

    Order your privilege card here. Only 250 baht.

  24. Pattaya Addicts Privilege Cards - Participating Businesses   (6,500 visits to this link)

    Pattaya Addicts Privilege Cards - Participating Businesses

  25. Youtube Videos

    Videos are posted as they are uploaded to youtube, get fresh videos of Pattaya.


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    Pattaya Hotels

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