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  3. I’ve always believed that my day limit at Kasikorn was 20,000 baht, but some days I tried to withdraw 27,000 baht (at a Kasikorn ATM) and it worked. Should try once a higher amount.
  4. I didn't know anything about the layout of immigration. Also, I had no reason to suspect that I was getting the wrong information until I brought it up on this forum. Keep in mind that the original problem I had was that my landlord had not filled out the required paperwork. My sole focus was on solving that issue.
  5. How long can i stay ?

    Unfortunately many Thai consulates have outdated information..............and unfortunately the same goes for immigration officers at some border crossings .
  6. Land registry mistake

    Strange post. You have unregistered land in your garden but no deeds for your land, so what's the difference the whole area must be unregistered.
  7. How long can i stay ?

    Thanks for taking the time to reply.. I have seen a few articles on the net ..Most Old... that the 90 day rule was cancelled ..but it still shows on the Thai consulate web site ? your right it's very confusing thanks again eman
  8. I wish to sincerely thank all of the many BMs who have offered me assistance & advice. I want to advise everyone that I have found accommodation for the full 5 months at Nirun Condo (but this time not with Tanamai).
  9. i will take a swing by in the next day or so. not much sign of obvious progress, more slow and steady
  10. Hi brothers. any updates pictures recently? I will not come to pattaya before next year.
  11. How about the Hideaway Guest house on Soi 15 Soi Bua Khao, nice and quiet, with large rooms, the owner Andy is a great host.
  12. I would say definitely not Vogue. Loud tour buses coming and going, Loud tour groups entering and exiting. Many better choices than that, well-under 2k baht per night.
  13. If it turns out to be an issue, you could ask them to move you to March hotel. (however, March has construction going on right behind it, so 50 percent of that hotel is potentially affected by noise).
  14. April or August suites??

    I have booked April Suites for November end. Hope the construction work is completed by then.
  15. April or August suites??

    I just stayed at both hotels this month. 10 days in a Superior room at August Suites, 1 day in a Superior room at April Suites. I like August Suites better. It has everything I need within walking distance: late late night and early morning (5 am) street foods are right in front of the hotel, laundry service and 7-11 are just a few steps away, legit massage (200 baht for oil massage) is a block or two away, a local indoor food court is a block away (my favorite fruit shake place is in there, 30 baht a shake), easier access to the baht bus that goes to LK metro. I like the bigger space and bigger bath room at August Suites. April Suites is a little crammed for me, and it's also further away from the places that I frequent on Central road. Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
  16. Land registry mistake

    no chanote? did you use a lawyer?
  17. How long can i stay ?

    The so-called 'rule' was referring to visa exempt entries only. It's not clear cut as some people have no issues whilst others have been flagged by the computer. To play safe, you may want to avoid using visa exempt too often as you just never know if they may decide to say something. If you have a visa then you will be fine. One thing about the November side trip, if it's very short it may raise suspicions & if you use a land border rather than flying it may also raise suspicions. At one point they were only giving 15 days at land crossings but I 'think' that's stopped now? Someone else can confirm. So, to sum up, you shouldn't have any problems but no 100% guarantees as it depends on immigration. Another option would be to get a METV. If you think it's going to be a regular thing you can even get an O-A. Both these rather depend on your circumstances. As I said, you are unlikely to have problems anyway.
  18. If JDM has availability then you can't go wrong. Thought he was fully booked so didn't mention it
  19. On behalf of a friend, Valley View Car Hire - please use the direct contact details below for all inquiries. Please do mention P-A if you call. For rent 2017 Mitsubishi Attrage. VERY LOW mileage (see image - its a bit blurred but it says 2976 km) Automatic and latest model. All Valley View Cars come WITH THE CORRECT FULL RENTERS INSURANCE, not just first class insurance that you get from many renters. Electric windows /mirrors, radio, reversing censors, DVD, USB, MP3, BLUE TOOTH. Rent is 15.000 baht per month and the deposit is just 5.000 Baht. For all long term options call the renter as i am unable to answer here. For all enquiries please call Valley View Car Hire on 0812869510. Valley View Car Hire is located not far from Ban Chang but the car can be delivered to Pattaya or any nearby location. This is a VERY good price for a low mileage, 2017, automatic car and should go quickly.
  20. Nissan Almera for Rent

    Rented long term so will close this now. Can reopen if it becomes available again. There is a new 2017 Attrage available - see link below for details.
  21. View Talay 7

    some interesting interior design you have there. good luck, fantastic location
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