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  2. I apologise as I am sure this must have been asked many times before. I smoke Cigars and never ever smoke inside and so I am looking for a large Hotel room that has a Balcony or Terrace. In fact a small Villa may be better for me as I would like a Swimming pool. Are there small size Villas 1-2 Bedrooms. If you can suggest a Hotel that has large balcony or if you know of small Villas that would be wonderful. About 2-3000 a night for the Hotel Room would be Fine and 3-4000 for the Villa as I am on my own. I do greatly appreciate any advice and help you are able to give me. Thanks, Newington.
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  4. Sell my room at page 10

    That is really piss poor.
  5. Sell my room at page 10

    Made arrangements to take over the room. Supposed I would meet bis TG and give her the money when I check in. I agreed and gave him my thai numver and line ID. Hasnt replied to any further sollicitation and I ended up having to book on agoda for this Week. Shady guy. D
  6. Maytara hotel latest information

    Thanks MP, based on your advice and from what I read on the Agoda site I booked a Deluxe Balcony room for April-May 2018.
  7. Maytara hotel latest information

    I just booked a Deluxe Balcony room for April-May 2018.
  8. Yesterday
  9. Starmax guesthouse review

    it is a big site on soi 15 but they don't do a great deal daytime and for sure there is no night shift. baku or starmax there will not be a problem from that noise source
  10. Starmax guesthouse review

    thanks for your help. yep only one way to find out, but i'm going to drink through it and ignore it. I'll make sure I pop down to yours for a beer
  11. You're closer to the Soi 15 corner then but I don't think it'll disturb you too much (if at all). Only one way to find out.
  12. Starmax guesthouse review

    no problem i'll have burger next time your around !!!!!
  13. Starmax guesthouse review

    Sorry,didnt ask about safe at reception. The safe box thing is not particulary bothering me since i keep my money&passport at siamsecure.You might consider it as an option, i found them very professional and 600 baht for renting a safe box for 1 month is acceptable for the peace of mind imho. So i have only a limited amount of money with me for maybe 2 days or so.
  14. Hi guys Quick question ref the day trip to Cambodia. I have been in Thailand now for around 6 weeks, came on the normal 30 day stamp at BKK and went to Jontien to get an extra 30 days. Due to being on stand by with work, I want to stay longer in Thailand. Can you get 30 days at a border run and how many times can I do this please? Thank you
  15. quoted Bht 1700+ daily for a 26 day stay May/June, vfm now not there!
  16. Bugs in hotel rooms

    Bring permethrin concentrate: Permethrin SFR 36.8% permethrin Quart 6666105 Can buy it on amazon and it works well.
  17. Bugs in hotel rooms

    I must be staying at the wrong places. I don't recall ever seeing any critters in the rooms I've stayed in while in Patts. Can't say that about the hotels I've stayed here in the US.
  18. Bugs in hotel rooms

    I find the air conditioning usually keeps mozzies at bay.
  19. Bugs in hotel rooms

    Don't think I've ever spotted an ant in any hotel room yet. Prob cos I never eat in the room. Plenty of mossies, tho. Impossible to keep those fuckers out.
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  21. Get your android box loaded for free

    The winner is Friskygm Can you pm me your address and contact tel please Cheers
  22. Thanks for this info. Do they have a safe available at reception etc ? I actually prefer reception safes rather then those in the room, having been robbed many years ago while staying at Apex Hotel on 2nd Road. Too many videos on YouTube showing how easy it is to open room safes. Mind you I'm not saying reception safes don't carry some risk as well, but you have to leave money, passport etc somewhere. Thanks again for this informative post and the pics.
  23. Can I respectfully ask the source of the information in your comment? I have stayed there at least 5 times, going back to when it was a Sheraton, and I have NEVER had a hassle -- or been charged a joinder fee -- for bringing girls back, including multiple nights when I brought back multiple girls. The staff has always treated me great. My most recent stay there was just 2 weeks ago - I was just there for 5 nights and had girls back on 3 of the nights (took one night off; got shut out on the other). With all due respect, I must question if you have actually stayed there, as the hotel has golf carts waiting at the front of the hotel that drive you to your room. I have never walked down to my room after coming back from bars or had to sneak around reception. In fact, the cart picks you up before you even get to the reception desk. Finally, the hotel is well-aware of Walking Street and the courtesy shuttle will gladly drop patrons off (by Soi Diamond/Soi 15) on its way to Central Festival. I asked the driver and he said no problem. When he stopped, EVERY other person on the shuttle got off and headed to Walking Street. Yes, they cater to families and the prices can be very high, but they certainly accept what Pattaya is and what that brings with it.
  24. Get your android box loaded for free

    Count me in! Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  25. Starmax guesthouse review

    at baku cafe and guesthouse
  26. If it's the giant project next to me I doubt they'll be finished by Feb '19, never mind Feb 18. Where are you staying? My room looks right onto the construction site and it doesn't bother me but I'm a pretty decent sleeper.
  27. BIKES NOW AVAILABLE FOR IMMEDIATE DELIVERY Honda Clicks 125cc, Yamaha GT 125cc, & Yamaha SX 125cc 600 Baht Week, 2000 Baht Month, 5,500 Baht 3 Months We Deliver Anywhere in Pattaya, Naklua, Jomtien & The Darkside. All Bikes Come With 2 Helmets & A Separate Disc Lock. Insurance Available. Please See Previous Post For Details. To Reserve Your Bike Please Email: Or Send A Private Message on Pattaya Addicts LINE ID : KCBIKES Or Tel: 0970 155 015
  28. from my very own experience both hotels are also gf for 2 girls
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