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  2. About 3 years ago was my one stay at Rinya. There is a law that says guest-houses can only take guests in if it is for longer than a month, no bookings allowed under a month without a special licence similar to a hotel licence. It is now being ruthlessly enforced by the authorities as mentioned on a couple of threads, sexy in the city on soi 6 just had to sort out a licence. Baku cancelled a tonne of reservations in the process creating some disgruntled BM's on here and now only take bookings in excess of a month. Having checked Rinya and just now another guest house , just up the road called Clean on Agoda, I am seeing "No dates available" with Clean guest house I tried booking a week in October, November, December and January to no avail. I'm dubious about booking any guest house for my next trip, but that's still a few months away as I only just got back, until this settles down in case it gets cancelled due to the new enforcement occurring right now.
  3. It is possible to walk in a more or less straight line from the start of davidge's red line to the end of it, passing under and through the shopping centre. There are no gates and it's open 24h. I walked it many times on my last trip. Starting at soi 15, look for So's Place restaurant near the corner, and go in and under the shopping centre directly opposite that.
  4. Late night STD testing?

    Pattaya is not America my friend 555
  5. Late night STD testing?

    These days, the results come back the next day. There are rapid HIV tests that can give you results in minutes although not 100% accurate. HOWEVER, OP, what is the point?? I guess for peace of mind but that is a false sense of security. All STDs have incubation periods so if she caught something within the incubation period you would not know. Unless you quarantine her for weeks, you know not know for sure! Wear protection and forget about the paranoia! If you want to be safe... covered sex, covered bj, no kissing. If you want to be really, really safe... abstinence... masturbate and stay home!
  6. Late night STD testing? Stock up here and do it yourself. You are going to go to a clinic at 3 am, the doctor is going to see it is "farang paying" and you are going to pay a lot more than one of these kits.
  7. Late night STD testing?

    He actually said he never goes bare back, thats whats a bit odd about the whole thing!
  8. I thought that as I hit send....motorbikes dodge around the barriers taking pedestrians by surprise Cars need tickets, but no charge if straight in and out.
  9. Late night STD testing?

    Umm, you are way off from being safe if you are looking to bare back late at night or early morning.
  10. You don't need a ticket for a motorbike, i go through there all the time
  11. Late night STD testing?

    If you are wearing a condom for sex you have very little to worry about. If you catch one of the STDs through oral you can get antibiotics
  12. the family mart is not part of the development. it is on the other side of soi 15 between centara hotel/condo and the hideaway guest house bar
  13. That red line is the entrance and exit route for the car park. Yes, you can drive in from soi 15, taking a ticket, and depart on 2nd road showing the same ticket for no fee, providing you haven't stopped. Or do the reverse. The walking route is through the centre, where the blue word Avenue is in the photo
  14. Late night STD testing?

    Nothing wrong with being carefull but thats going to extremes, i could imagine it could put a downer on things somewhat`ve just had a good night, you`ve been getting on really well, all set for some fun and games.....`hang on lets just go for an std test`!
  15. I think you could even push a scooter through following my red line. Coming out at that Oishi sign to the right of your pic - if you scan around slightly.
  16. Thanks. Wasn't sure if they pulled a gate or something shut to stop people walking through it in the early hours. Makes those Condos and hotels quite an attractive option with that in mind.
  17. Come out of Avenue Residence. Turn right, walk for 3 minutes. You arrive at the back of the Avenue shopping centre. Walk through it, it is open 24 hours, to 2nd road. Or... Turn left out of Avenue Residence. Walk along soi 15, past the other condos. 5 minutes later you arrive at 2nd road.
  18. The Avenue is an open air shopping center....not an enclosed mall. So it's open 24/7/365. There are no doors to close so you can walk through it anytime.
  19. Thanks for that. Wouldn't happen to know if that's 24hrs or just when the Avenue complex is open?
  20. Late night STD testing?

    He might have found something and thought the worse, mind you you'd think somewhere like pattaya they'd have a 24 hour drive in STD clinic.
  21. Late night STD testing?

    Let me get this straight.... Determining the fact that you have cock-rot or HIV at 4am in the morning yields benefit/impacts survival rates over finding out during business hours? Please tell me I'm missing something here...
  22. I asked a while ago and was told you can get through at the side of the Avenue shopping complex. I believe it’s to the left of the shops as you look from Second Rd.
  23. thanks insider. How far back are you going, and can you explain "guest house crackdown" ?
  24. If you were staying in the Avenue condos on soi 15 (is it called soi 15 or Buakhaow 15 not sure), or in any of the other condos on that soi for that matter. Is there a cut through / short cut from the soi through to second road. Or do you have to walk along to soi Diana? Thanks
  25. I booked one night in a ground floor room at Rinya House a couple of years back as I wanted to get pissed and watch a late night footie game without having to worry about getting back to soi 1. The room was in desperate need of a paint and the lighting was dull, the whole room was very drab. Old CRT TV but actually had plenty of channels on it. For the price I'd look further up the street on the same side, better options abound in this area. Food in the front cafe was really good tho. Just a quick edit, I note that on Agoda no rooms available comes up, no matter what dates I insert, from now until at least end of November (did not try after that) I'm wondering if it's been caught up in the new guest house crackdown?
  26. no top hotel now, but a family mart ,wtf, this development is a f***** shambles, worse part is I bought one, cant wait to offload it if I can,lol
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