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  2. Hotel room with kitchenette

    Try Centercondo in South Pattaya. Its a condominium building so most all the rooms are fully self-contained. The rates vary depending on whether you want a high-floor with a sea view. I like living there and I'd recommend the place !
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  4. Hotel room with kitchenette

    If I didn't have a bed or a TV at home I probably wouldn't be planning a holiday.. If I was I certainly wouldn't be thinking "I'll need a room with an oven." Let's entertain the idea anyway. Just rent a condo if you want to cook for some reason. There's lots of them in pattaya for rent. Try googling "pattaya condo rent holiday" or use airbnb or something. Some of the advertisers on the forum too. Literally thousands of options and most of them probably have microwaves and enormous flat screens and everything. Some of them big beds could fit like 6 guys in there. I don't know if that's how it goes tbh. You probably won't find yourself cooking much anyway. They sell Indian food everywhere in Pattaya. It's great.
  5. Hotel room with kitchenette

    Residence garden has a decent fridge and 2 burners along with hit water maker and setting fir 4 people. Not sure if a microwave is available. They have bith 1 bedroom and 2 bedroom
  6. Convert to foreign ownership

    Simple answer, don't be so stupid as to buy a condo in thai company name in the first place.
  7. Hotel room with kitchenette

    Whitehousecontel Soi 13, but not cheap.
  8. Hotel room with kitchenette

    Also, LK Metropole has kitchens. Good location as well
  9. Hotel room with kitchenette

    Thanks guys
  10. I suppose you could do that. TBH, I never opened them. The standing wardrobe by the bed was a smaller width than in the 'Standard' room, and my clothing all fit, but I also only visit for a week at a time. On the other hand, my first three week trip to Thailand was done with just carry on baggage, and that would have nicely fit.
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  12. Pattaya Blue Sky - Soi 5

    Anyone know if Blue Sky has a foam bed topper available? I tried e-mailing them via Agoda, but got no response.
  13. Have a few Honda Clicks available from March 2nd. Same great deals as always. To Reserve Your Bike Please Email: Or Send A Private Message on Pattaya Addicts LINE ID : KCBIKES Or Tel: 0970 155 015
  14. Hotel room with kitchenette

    classroom hotel has those facilities.. but condo are not that expensive ... you can get one for around £25 a night. try here
  15. Hotel room with kitchenette

    Try the At Mind Premier Suites on Soi AR just off Pattaya Klang, rooms have kitchenette with cooking and washing facilities....
  16. Hi Lads. Any hotels rooms with say microwave , hot top or oven in Pattaya Be able to prepare your own breakfast. I see some hotel rooms have not even a kettle to make a cup of tea. Is it difficult enough to get a condo to rent for less than one month. Condo is the way to go if you want to do your own thing. Then your paying top dollar for some of these condos, big beds,large living space , flat screen televisions and so on. I mean i have not these things at home , why would i need them on holidays
  17. You said in your initial review about there not being a great deal of closet (wardrobe space) in the suit, are those cudboards near the kitchenette ideal for storing clothes etc!
  18. sexy thaigirls in hotelroom

    thanks for the vids man!
  19. The Base Rentals

    I wanted to bump this as I just finished my month stay. I used the in house rental without any hitches. Their rental office is right on main floor of B tower. This to me is big advantage over searching for your Air BNB host. Utilities were in line with my expectations and damage deposit was returned with minimal inspection. So I wasn't bent over when I departed. The space was fine for one person with occasional guests. I did have a high floor(still got some construction noise) with in room internet and washing machine. A huge 55" tv with 42" in bdrm. Luckily I had a tv box because all the channels were in Thai. Rooms I found quiet due to layout and fact I had stairway on one side. Location is brilliant but as others have noted, elevator wait along with the need to walk out to 2nd Rd only to go back the other direction along Soi Diana got to be a bit tedious after a while. Not bad enough though to discount as everything is very close. It's too bad there aren't ground floor businesses like in View Talay 6. That 7-11 in nearby Soi Honey seemed always packed. Note there is major construction on site beside 2nd Rd, so you do get noise. Some nightlife noise also apparent but not bothersome, to me anyway. If I were to get similarly appointed unit for same price(20,000/mth) I'd do again. I see the unit I had has gone to minimum 180 days now.
  20. Unfortunately, you are absolutely correct [emoji23] Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  21. Has nothing to do with red wine... If you are norwegian thats all everyone needs to know But good luck getting a bit of your money back.
  22. 120 USD now Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  23. Soi 6 - Pattaya Blue Sky on Soi 5 WS - Marina Inn which is 5 mins away through 2nd Rd Any of the Hotels on Soi 10 (e.g Page 10) or Soi 13 (e.g. Whitehouse) would provide middle ground with easy Baht Bus access to and from both
  24. Imperial Hotel is going to close their business on March 17, according to a post on Tripadvisor.
  25. Baku Guesthouse

    Stayed 3 nights in Baku over last 2 trips, once late January, once last week. Two nights in building next to their Golf business, once in the building with the even larger rooms over their cafe/restaurant. First class service from reception and excellent large rooms with good quality furniture. For 900-1000 THB no other guest house can offer what they do. Ok, there is no lift/elevator but everything else more than makes up for it. Will defintely be back to Baku.
  26. From my understanding, girls from Soi 6 do not like going into hotels on Soi 6. In that case I would like to stay in a guest friendly hotel not too far from it. If girls from WS are the same then I would like a similar recommendation. At most I would probably like to walk ten minutes from each location. The shorter the distance, the better. Also just in case, I'm aware that Soi 6 and WS are at least 30mins away from each other, so I am asking for two hotel recommendations. If there is a good middle ground then I'd like to hear that too. Thanks for your help.
  27. Room was $100,000 dong, I didn't go to apocalypse now because of the pricing, with room, tip etc the one member paid close to $200 US???????????????????????????????? NO THANKS,! thats one thing is everyone starts asking for tips, gal, pimp, hotel staff etc, give them SFA.
  28. Phnom Penh Trip Report and Pontoon Putang

    Hello Gents, Just wanted to provide a brief trip report on my travels in January to Phnom Penh, Cambodia. On my travels to SE Asia, I wanted to visit Cambodia; Angkor Wat in particular before it turned into a tourist zombie fest. I also decided to spend the New Year in Phnom Penh just to see what the vibe was like as people are ringing in the New Year. So, I had an uneventful time in Siem Rep (could not find the ladies of the night on Pub Street) after my debut mongering in Da Nang, and looked forward to visiting the big city and capital of Cambodia. After arranging to take the bus to PP because I wanted to see the country side rather than fly, I learned from the front desk that my bus was leaving at 10:30 PM and not 10:30 AM as I had requested. My mistake. Since it was only 12 dollars for the trip, I told them it was no big deal and to see if a bus was headed to PP anytime soon. They made some calls and I was able to get on a 2 PM bus and away I went. I bus ride allowed me to see that Cambodia has a ways to go towards development. We travelled at a modest speed and after having read the reviews of buses running into large cows that wander into the main road, my seat at the front of the bus was a bit less comforting as I kept an eye on the cows that were eyeing passing vehicles. Hopefully no suicidal cows were about ending it by jumping in front of us. Five hours later we arrived in PP and I took a tuk tuk to my hotel and set up for the night, as I was on 136th Street which had all the hostess bars along both sides of the road. I ventured out after a cool refreshing shower and proceeded to walk down the streets that fellow BM Birdhaus recounted in his excellent trip report about his three day stay in PP. I took a lot of cues from his TR (Hat tip to Birdhaus) so I was not walking around blind and had a good idea about some of the clubs like Candy Bar and a few others. During my saunter down the street heading towards the Mekong River, I noted the clubs were not as busy, given it was about 8 pm. The clubs were different as there were not a lot of women shouting out “Hansum Man” or anything and they did not make me feel as welcome as Thai bars did. I need some encouragement sometime. So, I kept walking to the river. The Mekong River has a large promenade that runs alongside it and benches for people to sit or lie on. Since I like to meet people as one of the joys of travel, as I was walking along, I saw a lone guy sitting on a bench appearing to enjoy the early night river breeze. I sat down and struck up a conversation and he was a German fellow who had married a Cambodian woman nearly 15 years ago. They were on holiday for a few weeks so that she can visit family while he sits out and smokes joints on the riverside. We talked and I asked him about his visit to the city and we people watched. There were a number of free lancers plying the promenade even at this early hour, with a few ladyboys mixed in to spice things up. Most of the women were cute but not really to my taste, as they weren’t pretty enough…Yeah, call me shallow, but I like a woman with a nice made up face and good body type…nice tits and ass. Did not see that here. I told my new friend where I was staying and he laughed at the fact that I had to run the gauntlet of hostess bars to get here. Yes, I mentioned and I did note that there were a large number of ladyboys along 136th Street as I was walking through it, as the number of ladyboys on the riverside made me take notice. We talked some more as he dragged on his joint about the upcoming New Year’s and what would happen alongside the river. He did not think anything would happen as far as a celebration and I would be surprised if nothing did happen. He was nice to offer his joint, but I don’t partake of the herb. He said there was a great pizza place that would put the herb on your pizza. It was called Happy Pizza and he pointed it out as we later walked along the river and the shops. Anyway, our conversation turned to where the party was located if you didn’t go to the hostess bars and he said a club called Pontoon, but he noted that the party didn’t start until late night. I inquired as to what was late night and he said after midnight and that the club closes at 5 am or sometime 6 am. It advised that there were many ladies who would go home with you and that they cost less than 50 euros. I said that sounds like my kind of club and I think I got a price report from Birdhaus on his TR. Since I had an early day, I told my friend that we could meet tomorrow night and check out this club and he said ok, since his wife was with family and I left for the evening. Did I mention that I had the best bed in town? Soft pillows on a nice mattress. The next evening, we met up in the same area of the promenade and went to eat something. The hostess clubs still did not look that appealing to me and I was looking forward to the club for the evening. After dinner and drinks, we took a tuktuk to the club, which cost 3 dollars. You can get on TripAdvisor and see the club and the ladies and there are some pretty ones. Given it was the weekend, there was a 10 dollar cover charge and all I had was a hundred with a small crease in the bill. If you don’t know, Cambodia is big on American bills, but they cannot have an imperfection on them to include a crease, a cut, tear, or a mark or the business will reject them. Don’t ask me why. My friend was able to change the bill for me and I would buy him a drink, since you received two drinks with the cover charge. The club had a fair number of people inside and the music was loud and regular club music with rap, electronic noise and such. My friend and I come up to the bar and ordered drinks while I am scanning the place. I see a hottie in a red dress who I came over to and engaged her in conversation. Her name was June. She had a beautiful face, a full pair of tits and a slim waist. She was dressed to the nines and had it going on. She said it must be her lucky night because I was the third guy to buy her a drink. I looked around and didn’t see any other guy around but that would come later. So, we talked a few moments and she asked the usual who, what, where questions and I fulfilled my part of the conversation with the replies and then I see one of her suitors being held back by his friends, as he is obviously drunk and comes over to June and tells her how much he loves her and I am enjoying the spectacle of this fool. June gets up and gathers her things and walks across the bar to another area and June is gone. Oh well. My friend and I look at each other, order another beer and continue to look around. I spied a young lady wearing a nice white blouse sitting further down the bar and move to speak with her, just to be civil. She is very pale looking but in a nice way and she has a pretty face. She is not as well built as June, but she has her merits mainly she didn’t smoke which is an issue with me. She asked the same questions in good English and she said she was from Cambodia. I had heard that many of the freelancers were from Vietnam, so I believed what she told me. My friend saw that I was having a good time with my new friend who I forgot her name, so he moved off into the crowd. My new friend, let’s call her San because that is as close as I can recall, was refreshing and not asking for drinks. I asked if I could buy her a drink and she had a beer and we chatted some more. She asked if I wanted to dance and I said sure and we headed out to the dance floor and made some moves. She said that I sure knew how to dance and I told her it was because I was with a beautiful woman. She laughed at the corny one liner and we went back to the bar to cool off. I bought another drink for her and me and asked if she wanted to come back to my hotel and she said sure. We made our way outside to the array of waiting tuktuks and went off to my hotel. I had in the back of my mind, was my hotel guest friendly? Well, I would soon find out. We arrived at my hotel at about 2 am and the place looked locked down and closed. I looked through the door and could see the front desk staff laying on a couch near the front door. I tap on the glass door and he jumps up and comes to the door to let us in. We stroll into the lobby and my take away follows me up without having to produce an ID card for the desk to copy. The staffer closes the front door and proceeds to go back to his couch. I escort the lovely lass to my room and she is pleasant and smiling as we enter the room. She is very good looking and as I tell her to make herself comfortable and ask if she wants something from the mini bar, she sits on the bed and looks around for something. Not sure what it was, but I hand her a bottle of water that she requested and asks if she wants to take a shower, which she does. She slowly undresses and I see the slim body with a nice rack and she heads to the bathroom. I take off my clothes and await the shower to turn off. I watch her as she comes out the bath room with a towel around her head to keep her hair dry and she is wrapped in a towel and comes to lay on the bed. I get up and quickly go in to douse myself with warm water and a little cold water splashed on my waist to keep my raging hard on at bay because she is a beauty. I have to say that I love a made up woman who knows how to wear makeup. I come out the bathroom with a towel wrapped around my waist and that raging hard on I was talking about. I come to the bed and she is under the sheets and I pull the sheets back to reveal the lovely fruit of my efforts. Her face is lighter than her body and I can see where the makeup line ends at her neck, but her skin is soft and she smells good. As one who loves to eat pussy, I wanted to make sure that I was not smelling any ill odors before I came in to dine on her vagina. She had a nice trimmed peek a boo bush that barely covered the top of her mons labia and her lips were barely peeking out of her vagina. I moved in on my knees and immediately felt the abrasion I had on my knee from my Vietnam foray come open from rubbing on the bed sheets. (Check out my HCMC Vietnam TR) This was not going to bother me as I parted her legs further, so that I could plant a deep French kiss on her pussy. I parted her lips with my tongue and began to lick and suck on her small lips, while tugging and playing with them. I turned my mouth vertically on her pussy so that I could run my tongue over the length of her pussy, as well as going down further to place my tongue in her asshole for a few seconds. She didn’t seem to mind any of this and actually opened her legs further to give me better access. I ate her pussy for 20 minutes while my hard on got more bored and frustrated and almost left the room, but every time I would look up from between those thighs to see her smiling face, my hard on came back with rigor. After a while, she stopped rubbing my head and started pulling me up to her and she grabbed my hardened cock and began to rub it while she bent over me to give me a bareback blowjob. She took my cock in her hands and she licked up and down the shaft and gently sucked on my nut sack while playing with my nipples. That sent a jolt through me and made my dick pulse with excitement. She asked if I had a condom after 10 minutes of this teasing, where she would place my member in her mouth to see how far it would go. She had already said it was big, but I am sure every Freelancer does the same. I put on my condom and entered her missionary while looking down on her pretty face. I love to see the expression of woman as you slide your dick into them and she made a cute face as I used the tip of my cock to rub her clit. I am sure from all the attention earlier, it had to be sensitive to the touch. I felt my knee abrasion again as I entered her and the feeling of slipping inside her was a good as it gets WITH A DAMN CONDOM ON!! Sorry, as I hate condoms but understand the risk, so I wear one. (trying out new ones now to take on my next vacay) We go through various positions such as on her side, doggy, and any position that would not put too much pressure on my knee. What a pain. I am working myself up to a fever pitch but the condom takes away a lot of the pleasure. After stroking on her for a while, I realized that I was not going to come with this condom on, so I take it off and tell her to give me a blow job. She does so with gusto, while fingering my nipples. I can feel the pressure building up in my loins and I grab my dick and begin to massage it and finally come while holding her close to me. I don’t like coming on a woman’s face as that seems disrespectful to me. I do like it when they come in my mouth, but that’s not the same unless they are squirters. I catch my breath as she gets up to get a towel to wipe me off. She looks at the blood stains on the bed and I point to my abused knee abrasion and she laughs. She might have thought it was her? Anyway, she begins to dress as it is pretty late and I ask her how much and she said 50 and I know we had agreed to 40 dollars. I gave her the 50 because it was worth it, the price being better than Vietnam and she was as good. What a beauty and so inexpensive. Sorry, I didn’t take a picture but that gives me all the reason to go back. Hope you enjoyed it and check out Cambodia for yourself. I had a great time during the New Year celebration on the river as there were thousands of people on the riverside to celebrate. The people were warm, the food was good and inexpensive, and the women were hot. What’s not to like? Cheers!! PS: Did I mention that Texas is its own country as it stands among flags from many other countries? Wonder how they mixed that up? Pictures: My Hotel (nice price, location and guest friendly) Flags along the riverside, the Corner Bar great to people watch and the PP Night Market..nice bargains)
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