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    This has been covered elsewhere before, but I thought I would just start a new topic to recount my recent experience, which ended with me now having a Savings Account with Bangkok Bank despite not being a Thai resident or having any ties to Thailand whatsoever. I stayed for 17 days in March/April on a tourist visa. I asked my accommodation, the D Express Apartment, to provide me with a Certificate of Residence / Lease Contract Confirmation which they did with pleasure in one day. I took this document to Mannerat on Soi 13/2 along with my passport and two passport photographs; I explained to them that I was a non-resident on a tourist visa wanting to open a Thai bank account; they suggested that my best option for this was Bangkok Bank. I gave them 500 baht and was asked to return to collect the necessary documents the following day. They do keep your passport overnight. I collected an official looking document with my photo appended to it the following afternoon as promised. I went to Bangkok Bank on Second Road at Soi 6 with this document and my passport and explained that I wanted to open a Savings Account as a non-Thai national on a tourist visa. This was no problem, I signed about 5 forms, gave my foreign address details etc and 20 minutes later walked out with a passbook and bankcard ready to use. The only cost was 699 baht for the card and there is no annual fee or minimum deposit requirement. You do need to provide a Thai mobile number and after every transaction an SMS is sent to it with the update. The only drawback is that there is no internet banking available for accounts opened on a Tourist Visa; you can transfer money to the account from your own bank account at home though. As above I know that this has been covered before and apologies if I'm treading on anyone's toes but I thought I would just provide a new, separate more visible update. Really, really pleased and presently surprised that I was able to do this with such ease. The total cost of 1200 (500 for the document and 699 for the card) is less than the cost of 6 withdrawals on a foreign card so well worth it.
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    Hey, fearless butterfly .. I'd like to offer a point of clarification. The Tulip Hotel at which you stayed in BKK is operated by the Golden Tulip Hotel, not Pattaya's notorious Tulip Group .. for some years now, I've known the Golden Tulip Group MD, who just seethed when I asked if they were in any way associated with the notorious Tulip Group of Pattaya infamy. He claims that the MD of the notorious Tulip Group selected their name to purposely deceive people into believing they are the same company .. blood could have shot out of his eyes at the mere mention of these guys. Golden Tulip Group operates the Golden Tulip Essential Hotel in Pattaya (along with 230+ hotels in 45+ countries) .. you could be forgiven for thinking they are the same company, much to the advantage of the notorious Tulip Group .. and the disadvantage of the reputable Golden Tulip Group from whom they steal their hard earned reputation.
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    Buying off plan different with Russian roulette is : Russ.Roulette is with 1 bullet in the chamber , while buying off plan in Pattaya is with only 1 chamber empty ......
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    Just back from a week at Nova Gold. Like Lotalee said, the breakfast was a waste because I made it only twice in the week that I was there, but, since the cost on their site was the same for with our without bf or didn't really make any difference. Pros: Easy walk to Soi 6 where I spend a lot of time The balcony because I'm a smoker The shower and bath - I've stayed only once in the Areca because of the shower over bath thing and I hate it... Nice large king size bed - love it because it gives me space wth the LT... The fact that they allowed me a late check out at 4pm... Cons: You need a bike taxi if you're coming from the LK Metro area, to much of a pain with multiple bath buses... Not on any BB route - you have to get to 2nd Road on foot. However, they do have a shuttle that takes you to Beach Road, every hour... Having to drag ones sorry ass down to Amari Nova for breakfast... All in all its a great place for the price and I will be there again soon... Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  5. 4 likes
    Yeah, Blueydog, I could have been more clear .. international hotel operator Golden Tulip Hotels was placed on the tiger's back by the notorious local Tulip Group (just as the Centara Group) .. the Golden Tulip Hotel's MD's complaint is how inextricably bound the two are purposely portrayed by Tulip Group's media releases and marketing pieces .. still, was it a mistake? .. his mistake? .. oh, yeah .. I am sure the corporate guys back in Paris kicked his 'nads about the conference room pretty good. Interestingly enough, Blueydog, the Pattaya Today link you cite above appears as an authentic business news report, authored by Jason P. Payne .. this guy is none other than Vice President of the notorious local Tulip Group .. deceptive advertorial .. no surprise, I guess .. positioning the (supposedly reputable) local media to stand in front of them. Hindsight is unforgiving of such egregious mistakes as getting into bed with guys as these .. and now the Golden Tulip Hotel brand in Pattaya, and perhaps beyond, is damaged .. fearless butterfly mistook the Golden Tulip Hotel operated property at which he stayed in BKK as owned by the notorious local Tulip Group .. Golden Tulip Hotels operates the Golden Tulip Essential Pattaya Hotel, which I believe has no relationship to these slime balls, but could now be easily mistaken as a part of this disgusting bunch. Disreputable companies hiding behind reputable companies and people is as old as the hills, and still a common practice here .. the notorious local Tulip Group hired well-known Boom Wongphudee, the popular former Miss Thailand, as their spokesperson to stand for them ... bad news for her .. .. that must have damaged her brand value in the public's eye.
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    This was the point i was trying to make. If the condo is full of short term renters (who care little for long term residents) then it is tantamount to living in a hotel. Whenever we had problems with noisy or inconsiderate guests in my condo you can bet it was short term renters, although now of course we have stopped rents of under one month. You must have guests checking in and out every day, having parties round the pool, bringing girls back at all hours etc. Now that's fine if it's a hotel but i wouldn't want it in my home.
  7. 4 likes
    Nothing 100% clear yet. Construction stopped months ago. Apparently, another developer has taken over the project. 'Buyers' have been told nothing. The new developer has in all probability no legal obligation to meet the liabilities of the old one so buyers often/usually lose out.
  8. 3 likes
    i don't think anyone knows for sure what is happening other than new signs have appeared over the showroom and the position of early buyers is uncertain. i have at least for now included a walk by when i'm out trying to limit my weight but not every day and like the build project there is likely to be a hiatus in the run to songkran. i did go past today thursday, and the site was dead and the cranes unmoved now for about a month
  9. 3 likes
    I did look at the available condos and mine is marked as sold , on that new link I put up, but has anyone actually gone to ask whats happening, I am back on the 28th april and will be down there asking wtf is happening
  10. 3 likes
    I stayed in the luxurious Centara Azure hotel during February. I suspected that my rock-bottom, bargain-basement price was down to the building work opposite the hotel. I was pleasantly surprised to hear absolutely no noise - no jack-hammers, no drills, just silence. The building site was like a proverbial ghost town...tumble-weed central. This is the scenic view from my balcony of the (very quiet) building site.
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    Just booked the Access Inn for May,14 nights in a superior room working out at just under 1000 bhat a day. It looks perfect for my needs near Lk Metro for the golf in the morning being as it's in third road top of Soi lengkee. It's classed as a boutique hotel however has a lift which is a bonus. No pool however for 100 bhat a day can use the pool in the hotel behind it. One hotel is prefect for one person and not for another,it's simply down to the persons needs and expectations. will do a full review when I stay in may.
  12. 3 likes
    unless I've misunderstood the actual UNIT is not sold - what is sold is the PROMISE of a unit. unless it's built and has a certificate of occupancy it is still just a promise.
  13. 2 likes
    As per usual i have reviewed the hotel i stayed at, this time my chosen hotel was the KTK Royal Residence
  14. 2 likes
    I have stayed in over 40 hotels and guest-houses in Pattaya and am always looking to try somewhere new. When I travel on my own i will often stay in an 800THB guest house (eg The Haven), when I am with mates, I will stay in a mid-range hotel near the action (eg Areca at 1,900THB) and with the missus and nipper, I go 5 star and out of town (eg Amari Residences on Pratumnak - 5,000THB for 2 bed suite). In my experience, in all price brackets it is possible to find real quality. With the above in mind, I thought I would start a thread asking for opinions for the best 1,000THB hotel in town. For me, it is the 4 star Nova Gold. Here's why: Room- spacious and features a balcony, bath, king sized bed, large flat screen TV with many channels, including computer, decent wifi and full minibar. Good water pressure and decent a/c. The maid conscientiously cleans the rooms every day (up until 4 in the afternoon) and regularly replenishing toiletries, providing 2 complimentary bottles of water and changing towels and bedclothes on request. There is plenty of storage space with hangers and shelves provided and an in room electronic safe located within the main closet. Laundry service is available. Staff are courteous, efficient and friendly. Style and Features - Nova Gold is very smartly and uniquely designed with gold features, abstract paintings and ornaments throughout and has quite an unusual layout over 8 carpeted floors; there are 3 internet stations in reception, couches and a TV, a small gym, a spa with massage available and an outdoor pool on the ground floor with Jacuzzi. The pool is small and mostly in the shade, being under the hotel on the bottom floor. Nova Gold guests may, however, use the large rooftop swimming pool on the roof of The Amari Nova Suites hotel which is under the same ownership and just around the corner. Breakfast is also provided at the Amari Nova Suites till 10.30 every day (11 on Saturdays and Sundays) for 200 Baht; breakfast vouchers can be purchased daily at the Nova Gold reception. The breakfast is excellent value at 200 baht; an unlimited fresh buffet of hot and cold, Thai, Asian and western dishes, coffee, tea and juices, pastries and cereals, fresh fruits plus eggs done to whatever style you want and served with bacon, again cooked to your preference. Location - on Soi AR between 2nd and 3rd Road in a smart part of town with a village feel where there are a few decent mid range hotels, locally run Thai restaurants, food carts, 7/11s and convenience stores. There is also Jameson's Irish pub, nice to sit outside early evening and chat to the very tasty Chang and Singha promo girls. It is about a 15 minute walk to Pattaya Klang and a 5 minute walk down to Second Road, the road emerging opposite Soi 6. There is a free Songthaew that runs from the hotel and its nearby sister establishments up to Soi Bukhaow then down to the Central Festival Mall via Soi Diana and back via Second Road leaving every half hour during the day time. Otherwise there are plenty of motorcycle taxis around. Cost and Value - Rooms can be got for around (or even under) 1,000THB pn. This is a great value for money for a fully guest friendly hotel located in a quiet, but accessible part of town. You also get to use all the facilities of the (double the price) neighboring Amari nova suites. Nova Gold is an excellent choice. My room tip would be to pay an extra 100THB for deluxe and request 'corner room on high floor'. OK chaps, that's my contribution...anyone else with suggestions of a nice hotel around the 1,000THB mark??????????????? a few piccies below (note - final pool pic is Amari Nova suites).
  15. 2 likes
    Checked in today and got the same room I had last time. That time the air con was making water into the room and they had a repairman come in and repair it. This time the same problem was there again! On complaining that the air con hasn't been repaired in a month, I was quickly shifted to another room, which is much much better. Overlooks the pool behind, is really large and all in all much better, unbelievable value for what I paid... The only thing to not like is the tiny fridge - I just pull out all the mini bar stuff and put my stuff in... Some pictures - Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  16. 2 likes
    I stayed there last November for 30 days. Breakfast was good but too repetitive for a month stay for me to do again. The pool at 247 was a charge per day and was too much for me and I dont remember the amt. The hotel and staff were great. The location is great. The wifi sucked so bad though. 1mbps down most of the time. At best it was about 3mbps. The 247 hotel has the same wifi speeds as I was able to get their password as well. Sent from my SM-G935P using Tapatalk
  17. 2 likes
    I stayed at this hotel for 7 nights and here's my review. I picked it as I stayed in D apartments during my last trip and loved the location and services. This hotel is in next soi. I got a special from Agoda for Deluxe room at AUD 44. So I did not hesitate in picking it up. 1. Location - The hotel is in a quiet soi off of Soi Buakhao opposite Marquee bar. If you know this area, then you would know that it is 2 mins to Made in Thailand complex, 5-6 mins to Soi 8 and 8 mins to Central and Soi -7. You can also easily get songthaow (baht bus) to Soi 6 or Walking st. 2. Rooms - My deluxe room was om 6th floor and was quite sizeable with approximate size of 44sqm. It had a reasonable balcony with no views. But room was very quiet. The key had the tag for aircon and other electric supply to the roo. This meant no electricity if tag is not in place. Sometimes it was little bit pain as phone or tablet could not be charged when you are away. Room had really good aircon and separate fan. TV was a bit small for the room size. Bed was one of comfiest that I have ever had in hotels and I have traveled a lot. Cupboard haf electronic locker big enough for a 15" laptop and other things. Only issue was that it would show you passcode after locking and someone behind you can see it. Another featureof the riom was the bathroom. It was reasonablybig bathroom with a bath tub and separate shower big enough for 3 people. Wifi was good enough for video calls. 2. Service - If you think room was a reason to stay, then you need to know about service. Staff was so friendly that I would stay here just for the sake of service. Girls at reception was a lot of fun and always ready for some jokes. They helped me for all sorts of queries from finding some services in Pattaya to explaining public transport to Sriracha. Cleaners were even better who never turned down any request. I always got lots of extra towels abd anything that I wanted that they could provide. Overall it was excellent stay in this hotel and I will definitely use it again. Sorry for lack of photos. But photos on their website are real thing.
  18. 2 likes
    Yeah I am going to go with the D Hotel pretty much for the same reasons you have listed and discussed before. You will be grand in the Adelphi it's a good Hotel,what I am loving about Pattaya is the choice in everything,hotels,girls,bars,transport and golf. ta
  19. 2 likes’s-all-golden-for-tulip-group/ Well surely someone isn't being honest in their claims
  20. 2 likes
  21. 2 likes
    It's therein the special requests section... Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  22. 2 likes
    Thanks for the heads up Lottelee. I alledy have an upgrade promised as I booked on the Amari website naa . Stayed there about a 3 weeks back, so I believe it wouldn't be very different, but, I'll definitely post how I get on this time too... Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  23. 2 likes
    Mate you can't go wrong with trebels at about £25 a night with sofa and bar in the room or about £20 without . Own little kitchen et and big smart tv . I stopped there in October and will be booking in again about this time next week . It's the cleanest place I've stopped in Thailand for the money only refurbished last summer . Added advantage often no one on reception so can get round the extra joiner fee if you fancy 2 girls one night . If you can forgive the balcony and the gym/pool it really is my top choice for £20/25 a night . Look it up on agoda and the rooms look just like the pics , I've stopped in many that look good on agoda only to find it's a shit hole . Also added bonus when the bike shop shuts next door a nice guy sets up a lovely kebab stall for when your heading back to hotel late at night . I've had loads of girls say how nice the place is and they've seen quite a few hotel rooms . Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  24. 2 likes So the Golden Tulip Hotel group hitched it's wagon the the Tulip Group and have come unstuck like so many others? Why would they, along with Centara Hotels, get into bed with such a shonky construction group in the first place?
  25. 2 likes
    At least they are honest about one thing - they said the estimated gross rental yield was 0%.
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    Love your threads. Always random junk for sale. I say the same thing - find a local in need and give it to them. You tight wad 555
  27. 2 likes
    One thing you might want to consider is security. If your renting a condo in a nice building, and you leave for months at a time, you just lock the door and go, it should be the same when you get back. But if you rent a house and leave, it's going to be very susceptible to break-ins. Vacant houses are very easy targets. Just my opinion.
  28. 2 likes
    Yep, I bought one too. Kinda thinking at the moment all the money I have put into it is gone (a little over 2,000,000 baht), which is obviously very disappointing. Not familiar with contract law here but I will be having a meeting with a lawyer soon to see if anything can be done about getting my money back. Gotta at least try
  29. 2 likes
    nothing new today at the site. still closed with no workers but the showroom was open if you should care to invest
  30. 2 likes
    Thanks for the positive feed back guys, it's always good to hear, it's must be a sign that me and the mrs are doing something right..a lift was out of the budget, sorry mate, call in next time you're in town. Cheers ER
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    I stayed in the English Rose last month for 2 weeks. I would not hesitate to recommend it. It is secure (has in room safes) and scrupulously clean. The English owner is on site much of the time and lives there so its a well run ship. I took a large room and the owner provided a desk and chair for me on request as I needed it for work. It can be a touch noisy in the street out front due to all the massage girls calling customers but it's not over the top. Location can't be beat with LK Metro a 3 minute walk away, 3 x 711's and a subway within 150 metres. The restaurant next door Boars Head has first rate food as well. I only moved out because I rented a condo.
  32. 2 likes
    Just my luck!! just to let you all know, I've been admitted to Hospital. I've just gone and poisoned myself. I ate what I thought was an onion but it was a Daffodil Bulb. They said I'll be out sometime in the Spring
  33. 2 likes
    Hi media q3 3999 Baht <----------- I purchased this from ""Footymadstreams"" a few weeks ago. Fuckin Fantastic. Great value. Installed for me by Bob with good explanation of how to use. A few very minor glitches though no major issues. Great quality viewing. I highly recommend this purchase.
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    Especially a mongering message board...
  35. 2 likes
    in contrast here is a view showing part of 1 of the golden tulip condos as seen from buakaow with the holiday inn express site in the foreground............. building unit B in the plan shown in the opening post above march 2nd above taken 26 days later on the 28th. note top right of pic, the crane i have termed number 1 is in the same position as it was in my photo of march 13th
  36. 2 likes
    first off i am not involved in this project in any way but i'm out walking most days and walking by this site is quite a regular event. bad news. there was a very small workforce on site till i think about early march but since then a total shut down. no workers on site neither have the 2 tower cranes moved position at all. i photographed their positions about the first week in march and they have not shifted. went past as recently as yesterday, showroom open and a very nice porche cayenne was in the car park along with asstd other vehicles. yesterday................ now let me dig up some more from earlier in the month above march 7th and i noticed the site appeared dead. those gates above have since been fitted with an anti camera screen above the rear view march 8th............dead in the opening post the block on the left of pic above is designated building C on the plan march 8th suspecting the site was at a standstill i took the time to circle the entire development on foot to listen out for any noise from workers who may have been beavering away out of site.................but nothing. crane 1 above and below march 13th and i decided to photo the 2 cranes to see any movement as i cannot be there all day every day crane 2 above march 14 and window frame pile remains untouched above by march 18th anti photo screen fitted...............but you cannot hide 2 tower cranes
  37. 2 likes
    The room price was heavily discounted and it's slap bang next to all the action in I wasn't expecting a sea-view Cup half empty = not exactly a sea-view Cup half full = nice and quiet We all see the world through our own eyes
  38. 2 likes
    Im like Lotalee winner, i like to try out alot of hotels to get those sweet spots.. Breakfast for me is not that important because i almost never wake in time.. I like nice swimming pool and comfortable beds.. Best deal so for is Centra by centara some year ago for 950b night but hard to get today. I also like old OZO / Premier Inn, very nice beds.. Stayed there alot of times.. small rooms but dosent bother me. Honey Inn, good value but beds abit hard..
  39. 2 likes
  40. 2 likes
    I think he meant that the person's monthly income was below the required level so he would also need some money in the bank to combine with that to get to the required 800000 baht. If your monthly income meets the requirements then it doesn't matter what you have in the bank.
  41. 2 likes
    The indoor pool is ok If its raining and you dont want to get wet!
  42. 2 likes
    it's not against the rules to share some tips to others BM
  43. 2 likes
    Not sure if I am breaking forum rules, but mods can delete if they want. I booked via CheapTickets. Rate without breakfast was 27/day usd. Which is about 1000b. But. This site always does 15-20% off sales. Just google for coupons. Making this room in July 850. I previously booked Areca for around 1000/day as well.
  44. 2 likes
    My prices are 600, 650 and 750.. Check out my website to view the rooms... Cheers ER
  45. 2 likes
    hotels on beach road imho are not good value for money, you basically pay extra just for the location. honestly beach road isn't that exciting. there is way for more fun to be had elsewhere be it at the discos, agogos, beer bars or massage joints. pattaya is so small, that the location of your hotel/condo isn't really that important. value is way better in the soi buakhao area. cheers.
  46. 2 likes
    If you find the best deal, The Base is quite a bit cheaper than VT6. So much cheaper that they aren't really comparable. There are many condos in The Base at less than B20,000/m, whilst you're doing well to find a nice one in VT6 for less than B30,000/m. There is no wifi in rooms provided generally by the building in The Base. The only in-room wifi is whatever your individual owner has set up, so that's something to look out for, plenty of Base owners have set up their condos with private internet access. Don't expect any in-room internet access by default in The Base, though there is good free wifi in the lobbies at ground and top floor level so there are loads of people sitting around in the lobbies staring at their phones. I've just stayed 2 months in The Base so know it well, and thought it was great for the low price (B18,000/m). Ask any questions about The Base here.
  47. 2 likes
    1. Don't buy off plan 2. Don't buy in company name. 3. Buy somewhere central or on a baht bus route.
  48. 2 likes
    I'm at The Base now, the procedure for guests is to leave ID with the guards and get a visitor's pass, then they can meet you in the lobby. Card accesses for elevators and to get into the hallways, so you don't get people wandering around uninvited. The units are very small but well designed, the location is great except for the constant crossing of second road. I've nearly been hit by those meals on wheels idiots who ride 50kmph: in the wrong direction! The rental company charges 7 baht/unit for electricity and 40 baht/unit for water(this might really add up, most places charge 100 baht/month). My unit rent is 20k per month. Lots of beautiful hiso type Asian women wandering around, quite a few Russian women too. Also Chinese and White families here too with a few drunken whore monger types mixed in for the sake of diversity. I'm writing this while listening to the music of an inconsiderate Thai neighbour a few doors down. Not sure that I will stay here again. Wi-Fi is terrible and only Thai channels in my unit(if that is important). I've seen young backpacker types come and go in less than a week, so someone is renting short term, probably air bnb.
  49. 2 likes
    Here are a few agents who rent condos in VT6: When I went in to look at condos for my stay next July prices varied between the 34000 and 42000 a month which was more than I'm prepared to pay.
  50. 2 likes
    Walk of shame is when you return to your hotel at 2am by yourself. But seriously, I would not feel safe staying in a place with no reception at night. Sha,e be damned. Safety comes first.