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  1. I have stayed there before,and its great! I was so lucky,I got an upgrade to the chic tower,which is highly recommended.Very quit,and very nice and clean rooms.Buffet was big, with lots of different foods.The best hotel I have stayed in in Pattaya;but its a little to expensive I think;thats why I dont stay there anymore.I prefer to stay at LK area,which is closer to WS,and central Pattaya,and cheaper too.If you can afford it, go for it!
  2. Schooling was outstanding in the semi-final,but I suspected Phelps to hold back. I was surprised he won by such a huge margin in the final.I think Phelps lost the gold in the first 50 meters.He was just to far behind.Now he has only one more relay final, before his tremendous olympic carrier is over.
  3. Never been a fan of eating competitions; I think its disgusting and sick,in some sort of way. That said,its an mazing performance to eat 70 hot dogs,with buns, in 10 min! I dont think I could even manage more than four......
  4. Agree.But its not a big deal... AC/DC,dont have many years left, and the best of them,we have already seen.
  5. This is nothing more than an invasion of europe.....sadly. Just wait...more terror will happen.Only a matter of time.
  6. Great news! Looking forward to this one.
  7. I think Pattaya Discovery Beach hotel and Areca Lodge is the two best hotels. In that order.That said,I will LK Metropole on my upcoming trip;simply because I like to stay in different places.I also think hotels around soi LK Metro,have tho best location.(my opinion.)
  8. Just saw on norwegian newspaper,that here have been an explosion( a bomb!) in Bangkok. Atleast 12 dead.They come back with more news on the matter later.
  9. As much as I love riding my bike;I WILL NEVER PUT MY ASS ON A BIKE WHEN I AM IN LOS.
  10. Well,that does not make any common sense... We are more people on this planet every day;growing with a total of 80 million every year! In my country prices goes up,every year;but off course not all foods.I don't worry though.A short trip across the swedish border,saves me a lot of money every month.(almost everything is cheaper there)
  11. Saving money for retirement or other things is great,however life doesn't start when you retire. You live RIGHT NOW!! My neighbour;and older women in her late 80,only sits inside her house, apart hen she walks outside in the summer month with her "wheel-chair" What life is this? her husband passed away many years ago,and she has no children. I really feel sorry for her;her life must suck big time.I have said to myself many times,that I never going to end up like her.I sometimes wonder what makes old people with bad health going....?? (no offense).I am sure I don't want to get old,if my health is bad.On the other hand,I am not mentally strong enough for it either. Live life at its fullest;it may be your last today.....