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  1. Thanks to dave01 and Brewster for your input. Will be looking into the options.
  2. Any reasonable alternatives to Truevisions? Seems as though they are prepping to dump more channels. Nat Geo, Discovery, and others. Does anybody know where I can find a box (don't know names or technology) to enable my "not smart" T.V. to pick up internet tv services. Thanks for any helpful advise.
  3. Every year the U.S. Embassy schedules an outreach program in Pattaya; 2 or 3 times a year with the 1st usually occurring in the month of January. This year, however, the 1st scheduled outreach to Pattaya is scheduled for March 3rd, which is too late as I must have all my extension of stay paperwork submitted prior to 23 Feburary. I think Edge and Billyboy were referring to the British consulate. At the aforementioned U.S. Embassy outreach program any U.S. citizen can obtain a notarized copy of their income. Hoped I cleared that up for you
  4. In ref. to the above post where I queried about combining two separate bank accounts and the IO said "O.K. but we have never done this before but don't worry" When IO finally returned my passport he made mention of Donald Trump to which I replied "O.K. we have never done this before, but don't worry."
  5. Went to do my 90 day and annual extension at Kap Chong a couple days ago. This year, as opposed to years past I opted for extension based on marriage to a Thai. I previously got my extension based on monthly income of 65K Baht but this year was unable to get an income letter of verification because embassy outreach in Pattaya was scheduled too late for me to take advantage. I had always maintained a bank account of 800K but had never had to use it because I met the 65K provision. Since I never used the 800K I decided to add my wife's name on the account in case she needed to access the money for any type of emergency that might arise. So, as luck would have it, now I needed the 800K but, in reality, it was only 400K because I could only claim 1/2 since I had added the wife's name on the account. Hence the need to apply for extension based on marriage. O.K. I had all the paperwork except for pics of my home. I reasoned that since Immigration had visited my home the previous year I would not need the pics. WRONG. What to do? I really didn't want to travel home to rustle up some pics (130 KM round trip) so I asked the guy if I could use 2 separate and distinct bank acct. balances to add up to 800K. He said "O.K. we have never done this before, but don't worry, but 1st we go to lunch." Long story short; after 4 trips to the bank and 400Bht worth of bank fees and 1 Thai lunch break he finally returned my extension of stay immediately upon returning from his lunch. Seems to me he could have issued the extension before lunch but noooo. And then the coup'de gra; could I please contribute 1 bottle of Som tam for all his troubles. Not liking this, but since he had assisted me with the "never done this before" scenario, I sent the wife back into the office with 500Bht and she gave it to him with the proviso (for all to hear) that the 500Bht gratuity was for the office staff to buy lunch. Indeed it was a headache but actually got it all done in about 4 hours. Pain in the a...
  6. Thanks so much Spellforce. Much appreciated.
  7. I understand that there is a 7 day grace period for 90 day reporting. This being the case, How is the 7 days counted? For example: 90 day due on Feb.7 Does the 7 day grace period start from and include Feb 7 or Feb.8, the 1st late day? Would my 7 days grace include 7 Feb or start from 8 Feb? Thus the last day of my 7 days grace would be Feb 13 or Feb 14? Thanks for all positive replies.
  8. I am currently in country on a Non Imm O. My question is : If I leave the kingdom on a single entry permit and then re-enter, does my Non Imm O anniversary date now reset to my latest entry into the Kingdom or does my original entry date still apply? Thanks for any constructive replies.
  9. Bill Gates is not helping especially with Win 10
  10. Tried to do the 90 day report online today and was informed I must go in person. This is my second attempt at doing this including my last 90 day when I got the same response. Last time I inquired why was I not able to report online and the lady at immigration told me that I must leave the country in order to be able to use the online report. I think she told me this because I have had my passport replaced since I first entered the kingdom and for some reason they cannot reconcile my original passport number with the new passport number. I will try to sort this out later in person but figure my chances are 50/50at best.
  11. P.O.I. provided by U.S. embassy
  12. Hmmm, maybe but my proof on income clearly states where my income originates. Alas TIT
  13. Went last month for my annual extension and...and in addition to my proof of income letter they also wanted to see an account in my name in a Thai bank. There was no specific amount they were looking for as my proof of income was above the 65K threshold, but I did need to return the following day so they could verify that I did indeed have an account. No letter from the bank was asked for only my current bank book showing the balance It's a mystery to me, why the new requirement. I asked them and was told that it is new. End of story
  14. Yesterday I was told at immigration that in addition to an affidavit of income I also needed a bank statement, even though my proof of income affidavit exceeded 65K monthly threshold. In the past the POI was sufficient. Immigration told me there are now new rules. I have not seen these new rules for retirement extention of stay published anywhere. Does anyone know of new rules regarding this?