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  1. is your unit a studio, 1 bedroom, etc? what is your expectation on selling - how many years do you think you will hold the unit and do you think you will be able to sell it for more than you bought it? if so, how much more?
  2. Must be a lot of dwarf and midget BMs (aka height challenged BMs) who are loveN the TinyHouse Pattaya condos... As one BM said - its up to the person buying or renting - and if it is adequate for their needs/desires - fantastic!!... But no, not for me... Been there, done that (45 sqm 1 bedroom The Cliff condo - too small for 2 people on a long term living in Pattaya dealio, not just a vacation)... 22 sqm studio mentioned above - holy shit - I bet you could drop a deuce while cooking a meal on your Hasbro EZ Bake Oven, while catching up on all the news that fits in the PA forum, while watching one of the deplorable channels (like Fox "News") on your SophonFreakN_Cable_TV - without having to lift a buttCheek off the toilet seat - in that unit... Damn, yo!!!
  3. Imagine if you had bought up land back then (in a company name, or whatever other shady method that was available back then)... you would be rollN in the duckets in todays THB...
  4. Unixx must be designed for midgets and dwarfs... the size of their condos - studios, 1 and 2 bedroom - are tiny, as you mention in your post... OK - if you are planning to spend very little time in the condo and have hardly any possessions - it might work out fine... but I think that most people would start to feel claustrophobic in Unixx sized condos... I lived in a 43 sqm 1 bedroom on Pratunmak for 2 years and with 2 people living in it, and after accumulating stuff/things - it was definitely feeling too small... UNIXX - midgets and dwarfs preferred accomodation in Pattaya... and I mean no offense to midgets and dwarfs... just that smaller people might not feel as claustrophobic as a "normal" sized person in a UNIXX sized condo...
  5. regarding price discussion... let's see... if the condo isn't seaview - not sure if this has been suss'd out in this thread yet - then the price is way too high (in my opinion - no offense Larsson, and I understand that you are a real estate salesman and I am not, so you have more real estate market information and also WAY more motivation to sell at high prices to make as big a profit as possible...again, no offense meant - just that is what real estate agents do when selling a property... not unlike used car salesmen)... now if the new building construction that will be going on next to VT6 will be adjacent to/near the side that this condo is on, then it will be a nightmare of noise, dirt/dust, etc - for the people staying in that condo... also, if the construction next door ends up higher than 19 floors - there goes your views... another problem with buying Pattaya condos with views - something to be aware of when buying... I was renting on the 16th floor in The Cliff on Pratunmak, and it had real nice sea views... that is, until a bigARSE condo started to be built across the street (backside) of The Cliff... noise (even at night as they ended up behind schedule so were working through the night many nights), dirt/dust, couldn't sit out by the pool the construction noise was so fuckN loud - horrible... the beautiful sea views were starting to be obstructed as I moved out, and the new condo building wasn't finished - more floors to be added... glad that I was only renting that condo and not buying it... when I moved into that condo in May 2014, it was probably going for about 8 million THB... when I left in May 2016, it was probably going for about 5 million THB, if you could get that much... so farang buyers of condos in Pattaya, especially those that haven't lived in Pattaya before... look at the building management/maintenance (in common areas, the pool area, the fitness center if it has one), the construction (sound proofing, etc)... talk to other people living in the building to hear from them on what they think... be careful of those beautiful sea/city views that might get obstructed in the future by new construction... keep in mind that the pristine condo that you move into when new - that building might go to shit in 2 years or so, if the maintenance run by the management company is pissPoor and/or if the construction materials used is pissPoor (hard to know when buying), etc... also, for the gorgeous sea views - note that you might get some HOT HOT sun pouring into your condo - which was the case in my 16th floor The Cliff condo... couldn't open the beautiful seaview curtains during the day, or the strong sunshine would roast the condo - even with a pretty high powered A/C unit turned ON 7x24... given a big enough awning on a big enough balcony that might not be a problem... Larsson - I don't really give a ratzARSE about this particular condo and VERY HAPPY for you that it is rented out with the option to buy... good news for you!! and I am not trying to pick on you or your business and wish you well and hope you are tool_ing around in a brand spankN new Lamborghini with incredibly high sales volume in your real estate business... what I am trying to do in my posts regarding real estate is to let prospective buyers be aware of things to consider when looking at Pattaya condos (that they might not otherwise think about)... like thinking that a 34 sq ft studio (in new condos like UNIXX) - that are slightly bigger than a prison cell - would be OK enough for their retired in Pattaya, living The Dream... sorry if that gives you undue heartburn... not my intention at all - just more for the prospective first time Pattaya condo buyers, especially those who never lived in Pattaya before, and are coming from probably a relatively nice/big/roomy farang style house/condo/apartment... things that I noticed during my 2 years stay at The Cliff, and now in a house in East Pattaya (both rentals)... things that I would FOR SURE have in mind if/when I decide to buy into the Pattaya real estate market...
  6. TaintWatchers - yeah, that's the ticket!! How is the sound proofing?... Many say in the older buildings (like this one), the walls are thicker, the rooms larger, and less sound from neighboring units... That's a HUGE selling point - would be for me if I were in the market for a Pattaya condo...
  7. 8 year old building... how are they maintaining the building? the common areas, the elevators, the swimming pool, the fitness center (assuming it has one)... old isn't necessarily bad - depends on the building management company... Never been in it... I am sure there are quite a few BMs who stayed there (with SpaceDancer rental Company, and other BM's renting their units)...
  8. hard to believe that sea view condos, like this one, are going for 9.5 million THB (on sale - that is about $268K USD)... seems so high, relatively speaking, in today's Pattaya real estate market... wish you luck getting that price, and maybe that is the correct price of the unit (you never know until you sell it at that price)... and I am not saying it is not a nice condo unit - looks real nice - pretty decent furniture, OK sized kitchen (for a condo), nice balcony... and the location is ideal for convenience... and hopefully the neighbors above and below and next to it - will be good ones, not noisy ones... and I have not been to VT6, but hopefully the building management is maintaining the building, the swimming pool, fitness center, etc... How old is VT6, the building - 7 years?
  9. she has a new car in her name, a (non-BAR/Massage) business that has been up and running for 1.5 years, and we have a baby together (and I should hopefully have a US Passport and SSN for our baby in the not too distant future)... we aren't married, otherwise the visa would be EZ_PZ... and you are correct in that the thing the US Embassy/The US is worried about is Mexicans and ISIS card carrying members flooding into the States and taking away Ben Carson brain surgeon jobs... Only kidding - but you are correct they worry that tourist Visa enabled Thai girls will disappear, overstay their Visa's (not unlike many a farang in Thailand, right?)... she has family here so that should also be reason for her to return here (not sure the Embassy sees it that way - they assume she will live in the States, work at an Asian massage shop that the State Dept Visa guys frequent when back in the States, and send BIG BUCKs back to the Thailand to support her family)... you are right - probably easy enough to fill out the forms ourselves... I can read and write AngLeesh pretty damn mightFine, most of the time...
  10. I am looking for anyone who has had good/successful experience with a Visa assist office (preferably in Pattaya, but BKK would be OK) for trying to get a US (tourist) Visa for my TGF... I have seen many Visa assist offices that do Australia, England, Germany, France, etc - but for US Visa's - haven't seen any that advertise that service.
  11. at that size probably a Hasbro Easy Bake oven... I lived in a 43 sqm 1 bedroom condo in The Cliff on Pratunmak for 2 years... that ended up to be too small for 2 people... could have worked for one person if they didn't have many possessions... I live in a 243 sqm house in East Pattaya now... too big for 2 people and a baby, but still - hard to believe they actually make condos that are 22 sqm in size... but to each their own... for a single person with little to no possessions - it would probably work out (if they aren't claustrophobic)... and you can walk to Walking Street from the UNIXX condo - not all that far... and/or walk out, catch a baht bus and get to Soi Diamond, Soi 7/8, Soi 6, The Avenue (and walk to Soi Bukhao from there for LK Metro, or Soi Bukhao/Soi Chayapoon fun thymez), Central Festival, the new Central Marina, or the soon to be built, Terminal 21 Mall... again, hard to believe that they actually build condos that are that small in size...
  12. another aspect of this success story will be in a year, maybe 2 years from now... how will the condo maintenance and the build quality hold up to normal wear and tear... I lived in a very nice condo in Pratunmak, The Cliff, for 2 years.... had one of the nicest pools in Pattaya condos... and it was very much showing its age after 2 years... the pool area once looked real real nice, upscale, etc, as did the fitness center... by the end of 2 years, the pool area was looking old - the fake wood looking deck was getting bleached by the sun as were the fake rocks in the pool area... the fitness center featured equipment that wasn't being maintained - one of the 3 treadmills didn't work, a universal gym type of equipment had cables that were frayed/ready to snap, the cushions on some of the equipment was broken/needing replacement... so build quality and maintenance is an area that will only be known once the condo has occupants and is up and running for a year or two... that will effect the resale value of units in it... I am thinking that probably the majority of the newly constructed condos in Pattaya will go the way of The Cliff... poor build quality and poor maintenance... hopefully not for those that are owners... I was renting and I moved on from The Cliff into a house in East Pattaya... miss my sea views, but don't miss the noisy, dirt/dust from the construction of a condo right behind the The Cliff... and I MOST CERTAINLY DON'T MISS the reams of Chinese tour buses at the corner of Pratunmak Hill near the entrance to the scenic overlook - a cluster fuck of a grand scale, with police who man the small police hut across from the entrance to the scenic overlook just looking on, not doing anything to help direct the traffic jams caused by the reams and reams of tour buses... Seemed to me to add a HUGE dash of danger (and excitement?) to those going up and down Pratunmak Hill... but maybe that has changed now that (I heard) there are less Chinese tour groups coming to Pattaya than before (?)...
  13. Ground floor, near the swimming pool - do you know if they spray regularly for mosquitos at that condo? I bet that VERY VERY nice interior design cost a LOT of $$. Very nice looking 1 bedroom condo, and the extra bathroom is a very nice addition to a 1 bedroom condo. Also, the size is nice/BIG - not like one of the newer 35 sq meter 1 bedroom condos that I have seen advertised, which are so VERY VERY small, I would think that anything over a 3 week stay would get claustrophobic to most BMs...and the kitchen counter space is also VERY VERY nice - as many of the newer condos have kitchen counter space so small that you really have problems trying to cook meals aside from 7-11 microwave meals (which are almost as good as the 7-11 burritos that they have (or at least used to have, been awhile) back in the States)...
  14. its so funny seeing an amazing house like this, 6 miles or so from Central Pattaya, out of the hustle bustle, Chinese tour bus and associated tour groups cluster fuque - going for as much as a 2 bedroom condo with sea views in Pratunmak... are the sea views worth that much? I guess they are... as for me, I am moving to East Pattaya...
  15. be very careful with buying a condo that has a view... careful in that if there is a lot in front of yours, chances are that lot might be developed at some future date/time... case in point... real nice coffee shop at the bottom of Cozy Beach Road... had wonderful views of the sea and Koh Larn... now a new building was built over the last couple of months - and it is a coffee/chocolate shop (The Chocolate Factory)... and that old real nice coffee shop now has ZERO views of the sea and Koh Larn and will probably lose most if not all of its business to the new shop across the street that is blocking the once glorious views... other case in point... I am renting in The Cliff condo in Pratunmak... 16th floor with views of the sea and Koh Larn... recently, over the past year or so, a new condo has been going up (The Cloud) in fits and starts (started on it a year or more ago, stopped building, but unfortunately for The Cliff dwellers - building started up again)... now we have a big, getting bigger (probably will be 25 or so stories) condo going up... it is not directly behind the condo I am in, but it is noisy, dusty, dirty from the construction... and since the MoFO builder was so behind construction schedule (I am guessing) they work late into the night on most nights... there are two, 2 bedroom condos that I looked at recently on the side/corner of The Cliff near where The Cloud is going up... the condos are REAL REAL nice - one was never occupied and the other has all new furniture/paint/etc... the prices are not bad, and I almost thought of going with one of them... glad I didn't as the more I hear the construction noise and the dust/dirt from The Cloud going up, the less I think that I would want to be on that side of the building, nearer to the construction until The Cloud is near completed (another year or so of work, I am guessing)... and the condo I am in/renting will lose part of its sea view... and other condos will lose all or most of their sea views with The Cloud going up... so all I am saying is that your current amazing condo that you might sink money into, with glorious sea views, might lose a shitTONNE of its value if a new condo goes up and blocks the views... Not to mention that the poor construction (in general) and lack of good maintenance on the condos, and short term holiday makers who tend to tear up places on their party rampages - make for Pattaya condos that look like shit after 3 or so years of existence... also, who wants an old stinky condo when you can have brand spankN shiny/new? and there is a shitTONNE of brand spankN shiny/new that will be completed in the next 3 or so years... it might end up a good investment and might end up a good place to live in for a few years (depending on your neighbors and the soundproof-ness of the construction, and the maintenance of the condo/building/facilities)... but then again, it might not... so toss the dice and hopefully you will win the gamble in the end...