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  1. Boomerang Guesthouse - a Lottellee Winna Review

    yes SG Trading Company is Baku... I wonder what the SG Trading Company does - what is their core business? And you are correct, the Irover apartments - not sure about the Asia backpackers annex (but I do know Asia backpackers moved out of that building - so it was available for rent)... I had heard that the Baku owned bar that was going to be opened on the small Soi near David's Italian restaurant was going to be a gay bar, but not sure that RUMINT was accurate... If it was, then the Soi has something for freakN EVERY_BODY - LadyBoy Bar, Normal Beer Bar (Belgium bar), multiple guesthouses, decent Thai food cookedUP at MyDream guesthouse, a golf shop, a Laundry, a beauty salon, a massage shop (not a sexy girl massage shop - but that place is for sale as well - so maybe a fullON ballz2TheWall sexyLady massage shop will open up there - or sexy Lady/LadyBoy/GayDude shop - more of a little something for everybody... This small Soi will have it all, and it is a short walk to Avenue Mall that features a decent grocery store (Villa - has a lot of farang food there and decent liquor&wine selection), a decent fitness center, and a movie theatre... And it is rightON Bukhao which has a shitTONNE of sexy massage shops, normal massage shops, bars, guesthouses (and soon a Holiday Inn Express)...and right off of Bukhao is the LK Metro area with its AGoGo's, beer bars, and Devil's Den... and of course, who could possibly forget, also right off of Bukhao, the mighty Soi Chayapoon (home of Amon Massage and a shitTONNE of other sexy girl massage shops)...and Soi Excite, home of the Excite Club... and Soi Honey - home of Paradise and other sexy massage shops and bars, and a freakN soapy massage joint (Honey)... and a short baht bus ride will get you down close to Walking Street if that is your chosen destination, and in front of Avenue another baht bus ride will take you to Central Festival, Central Marina, and soon, Terminal 21 malls... and also featured on that very same baht bus route - entrance to Sois 8/7 and MongersParadise, Soi 6, and beyond that the Soapie Massage joints going up toward Pattaya Nua... it don't get any better N that... no it don't... The RespubLick of Bukhao, the centre of most excellence in farang everyDay life...
  2. Boomerang Guesthouse - a Lottellee Winna Review

    The Baku folks have a SG Trading Company office and the Baku Guesthouse on the Soi... Also, a golf shop is opening up that they own as well - that will have golf clubs for rent as well as a computerized indoor driving range that provides feedback on technique, etc (I think that's what they will have, based on new signs going up on the shop)... They also bought (or are renting) the building that Asia Backpackers used to own near David's Italian restaurant (Pizza Italy - on a Soi off of the Boomerang, BabyBoomAGoGo Soi)... It seems to be a relatively massive business move by the Baku folks... Not sure if they bought the buildings or are renting them... If they are renting them, they are making a relatively BIG investment in renovating rental properties... I guess they must have done market research and feel their investment will be relatively quickly recouped with business at their various ventures...
  3. I walk by the construction site almost daily - and it sure looks like they are moving along on the construction, after what seemed like many months of nothing being done... will be nice if/when they finish...I am guessing another year to complete all the buildings - assuming they keep working on them and don't have another several month of no work being done), get it cleaned up, etc... although if/when it is finished and if it gets pretty filledUP, the additional traffic on that small soi (Bukhao Soi 15) will be REALLY messed up... it's bad enough lately with taxi's parked along the road, stopped in front of/across from the hotel across from Areca on that Soi), coupled with bigARSE construction trucks coming in and out of the construction site... and people walking, sometimes 3 across instead of single file, not realizing how they are very much taking their life in their hands by not being more aware of their surroundings (a totally whacked at times, semi-busy small Soi with cars and motorcycles/motorscooters sometimes driving along pretty fast)...
  4. I would like to know how much the owners of the successful bars like iBar, Sapphire, and the NW Group make... Ballpark figures... are the owners taking in 6 figure (USD) salaries/income, after all the bills are paid, etc?... or is $50,000 a year closer to the amount? I would like to think that they are pulling in bigBUCKS - 6 figure (or more) USD salaries/income... and would also like to know how many of the bar owners/what percentage are losing money versus making money - something like 70% of all the Pattaya bar owners (farang, Thai, etc) are not making any money, just in it for the fun, hobby, meeting a goal they had in life, thinking just one more year of losses and they will start raking in the bigBUCKS, etc?
  5. Private Villa for sale Nongplalai

    ah, typo, I see... and I am not interested in buying the villa... just looking for a possible future purchase...
  6. Private Villa for sale Nongplalai

    if the house (not sure why it is called a villa in the post - is it because it has a swimming pool?) is near Regents School, is it really possible to get to Pattaya BigC Extra on Pattaya Klang Road in 5 minutes? I would guess that would take more like 25 minutes in typical traffic, stop lights, and road construction, etc... Or you can get there that fast speeding along small back roads?
  7. Centra Avenue - a Lottellee Winna review

    if that's the case then the shops that have Hebrew writing on them on Soi Bukhao would also be a prime target... Prime target would probably be more like Walking Street on a crowded weekend night, or Central Festival - soft targets with plenty of potential casualties... Just always remember - when the shit goes down, the Pattaya SpecOP Operator and MuayThai/MMA Champions (in our own minds) meetUP point is the Triangle Bar on ChayaPoon, across from Amon's House of Massage Total&Enduring PleaZure...
  8. Is AVANI a Marriott?

    Avani joins the former Marriott Resort and Spa on the Chao Praya River (which is now an Anantara Hotel)... The owner is a very interesting guy... Was an American citizen, renounced that and became a Thai citizen... He made a fortune, lost that fortune, made another fortune, now a very successful billionaire... Have spoken with employees at the Avani, before and after the change... Some have met Heinecke and all who met him say he seems to be a down to earth, nice guy... and the employees that have been with the company awhile are loyal, no plans to leave the company... Anantara Hotels have real nice (and expensive) hotels in Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai, Hua Hin, Phuket, Bangkok, etc, etc, as well as other countries... Relatively high end hotels...
  9. where is that condo located?... I lived in The Cliff condo for 2 years and am familiar with that area of Pratunmak, the road leading down from the little police shack across from BigBudduh Hill...
  10. 90 day report online

    and miss the smell of old, worn-out cattle herded into the Jomtien Immigration Office every 90 days? almost as much of a visual visceral experience as going to the American Embassy outreach sessions in Pattaya... was at one outreach session and an older gent (must have been in his 80s), barely able to walk, made his way up to the front of the room, where he was told that he had to wait in the queue like the rest of the American immigrants in the room... he was almost in tears and said he just got out of the hospital and tried to plead his case, only to be told by the American Embassy Rep - sorry, but no special treatment... so much drama in the LBC, yo... how can I pass up those experiences and tons of other experiences that are part of the Pattaya fabric... but really - I like Pattaya for the Temples...
  11. 90 day report online

    If distance and wasting time isn't a problem, how could anyone not take the most GOLDEN opportunity to hang with a group of motley, disheveled, stink2TheMax, immigrants fleeing their native farang land in search of the Promised Land where quality women are available to even the most unsightly, stinky, dumbAsRock oldFucks (like me) at prices that won't cause you to delay buying new tidyWhitey's even though your current pairs fit so loose your nut sack falls out and the waist band is non-existent so they end up falling down while wearing them... I mean, it's a pure pleasure palace... and the horrible kneeShaking fear of the Immigration Official throwing a newRewl at you when you stand before him (step forward TIN MAN!!), causing your what used to be normal processing to turn into a immigration nightmare, possibly causing you to have to return earlier than planned to your frozen wasteland of (available to your sorry fatARSE, Asian) women farangVille... It's a totally enjoyable experience... Even dealing with the line at the door where fellow immigrants are pushing, and clawing their way to a counter... Every freakN 90 days - it's priceless!!
  12. pretty sure GoldenTulip is building the new Pattaya <-> China underground high speed railway... that is why you never see the workers - all of the work is being done underground... I am sure that the condo will be completed soon... buy now, pay later... These CrazyEddie CloseOUT Pattaya Condo deals won't last much longer... Operators are ready to take your call - MurryHill 7-6969... CrazyEddie won't be outsold... His prices are freakN batSHIT CRAZY!!!!
  13. Water Park Condo

    is your unit a studio, 1 bedroom, etc? what is your expectation on selling - how many years do you think you will hold the unit and do you think you will be able to sell it for more than you bought it? if so, how much more?