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  1. Airport transfers Phuket

    Depends where you are staying. Some resorts have airport transfers so you can check with your hotel but it might cost a little more Most everything at Phuket is metered taxis right now. Not a big deal as I have never had any issues with the taxis at the airport before. If you happen to get a non metered taxi just agree to the price before getting in the vehicle. They also have some share van type stuff which might be cheaper but could take longer to get to your hotel. Again where you are staying might make a difference
  2. Last time I was there which was late 2014 I stayed at Ibis and had no issues with bringing girls back and they are a nice place with a pretty good location
  3. Sayuri is probably the best soapy there and will have the most choice. Last time I was there in June I stopped by Celebrities late afternoon and they only had three girls working that day none of which I would take There are supposed to be a couple other ones farther out but I didnt make the trek last time. I think Chiang Mai is a wonderful change of pace and you will have no trouble finding someone to share your bed. Some of best nights with girls have been in Chiang Mai but as always I think it helps to have a connection with them.
  4. There are many temples within walking distance of Ramming Lodge. I normally head across the street from Tha Phae Gate and just venture up those streets and you will find lots of them.
  5. There aren't that many bars there but loi kroh road probably has the most. I normally stay at Ramming Lodge because it is right on Loi Kroh Road and it is a pretty nice place that is guest friendly. There are several other bigger hotels in the area but they are not quite as guest friendly. What part of November are you going to be there? There is a very good chance I might be in CM as well in November
  6. Petals inn

    That low ceiling only seems to be on the second floor and as you walk to the lift The other floors it is normal height and bigger rooms
  7. passports

    Perhaps I should clarify. I don't have a problem with the hotels taking a copy of my passport but I would never let them keep it.
  8. passports

    Right that's precisely why I don't want to give my passport up to anyone. I don't really wan't to rent a scooter in Pattaya. I was more inquiring about it to see if it really is a normal thing to have to do it in order to rent a scooter. I would like to rent one when I am in Phuket though in order to easily get to the really nice beaches. I don't really want to have to hire a driver to tag along for that as I want to do it on my own terms. One time I talked a FL into taking me around to some of the best beaches around Phuket and it was an awesome day. Thanks for the info
  9. passports

    Letting the hotel have a copy is not a problem for me but I have always been leery about the idea of having to give up your passport in order to rent a scooter there. It seems they all require it. Anyone know of a scooter rental place that does not?
  10. If she is your registered guest when you check in than there shouldn't be an issue it's just when you try to bring them back after the fact that it can be a problem The girlfriend will likely have better luck with the taxi I normally let the girl negotiate the taxi fare because they know what it should cost and rarely do they try to rip them off Just get the price up front before you get into the cab. If they try to change it when you get there simple pay them the agreed upon amount and get out of the taxi and walk away. Most are not gonna make change so have the correct fare They have regular taxis there but this is what most of them in Patong Beach look like so they can't really lock you in one of them. Just ask at the resort what a normal taxi fare should cost so you know if they are trying to take advantage The thing is I have never had an issue with any taxi driver taking me to or from the airport only around patong beach and it doesn't happen every time. I think you will enjoy Phuket there are lot's of bars there and some terrific beaches in the area Also consider a trip to see Big Buddah. It is well worth it
  11. it is about 15-20 minutes from the action. The main area of bars is Bangla Road Looks like they have a shuttle bus for 100 baht but it stops running a little after 9pm. That's about the time the action gets going there. No way you will get a taxi in Patong for 100 baht. They are a big time taxi mafia and will rip you off whenever the can As far as the resort goes I am sure it is nice since it is listed as being 5 star. Not sure but my guess is they are not guest friendly so you could potentially have some trouble taking a girl back there with you unless you are planning to bring sand to this beach. Unless I know for sure they are guest friendly I will always email the hotel directly and ask them if they charge a joiner fee. Much better to know the policy prior to bringing a girl back and finding out you have to pay extra for her to come to your room or possibly not be allowed at all Some of these places are so big it can be hard for them to monitor it though.