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  1. I've stayed at VT6 for the last couple of years, only for a week to 10 days at a time. I'm a bit confused if they'll get hit by this as well, as it seems only rentals for over a month are legal. They haven't put anything about this up on their homepage..... Read about notes being put up in the big condo's around the country, asking people to tell on short time rentals
  2. I stayed at Aloft 1½ years ago. The hotel was pretty good, and located a bit down on Sukhumwit Soi 11, but they have their own Levels night club, right there, and from what I remember they have free bar every Saturday, for 500 baht, I enjoyed quite a few Mojitos there, I also had big plans for my 1 night in Bangkok, but I never made it further than Levels nightclub.
  3. Can I ask, who you booked through? I'm trying to figure out a week stay at VT6 in start June. Cheers
  4. Great hotel, stayed there a year ago. I always try new hotels for every trip, so far Hotel Vista, Holiday Inn, Page 10 and Sea me spring hotel. All have been very nice. Keen on trying April Suites next time around.
  5. Hi all. i'm staying there at the moment (checking out and going home later today). The room is pretty nice and good for a 3 star hotel, but of course it's a bit pricey (2000 baht, agoda), only complaints, was the room wasn't ready for 12 o clock, and at the moment the water in the bathtub won't run out . I moved from Page 10 further up the road, which definently is way better, here I got really annoyed that they kept fucking up my keycard, when I left it there, when returned they couldn't find the card, this happened twice, apparently they clear the cards. The huge plus at this hotel is the rooftop pool, and nice view over the bay, really good, and better than Page 10. I personally still liked August Suites more. Look forward to try April Suites next time around.
  6. LOL I agree. Stayed there about a month ago for 9 days. The room, was one of the best I've stayed in, but the lack of sunshine at the pool side after 11 am ruined it for me, the hotel opposite, Mike Orchid had the sun all day. Plus I stayed there during Halloween, and they held a big party the day after I checked in. That was fair enough but the staff and manager (Ken) was way too pushy trying to sell their tickets (something I really hate), and afterwards he (Ken) kind of acted upset. I was out the night, but I guess the Halloween party was a big flop (wonder why). But overall I liked the hotel, and was gonna think about coming back until I checked out. The sweet lady behind the counter said that 1 vegetable juice can was missing, I answered that I didn't drink that stuff, and had taken everything out, and put it back in. The lady called and checked again, and said the same again, in a I'm sorry fashion, I could feel my temper building up, but said f... that, and paid 85 baht for the can I never had, and agreed that they lost me as a costumer, stupid shit like that is enough to make me go somewhere else. Afterwards I headed for the Holiday inn, and my oh my, this hotel was way better!
  7. Just got here 2 days ago, thanks for the good service Tim (Thaihoteldiscounts). By far the best hotel room I've tried (I stay in the club Luxx room), before coming here I tried a 5 star hotel in Bangkok, and it isn't even near as good as this room. Room and balcony is quite big, and the bathtub is 3 times the size of a normal one, looks like a jacuzzi. However upon arrival the staff were a little too pushy trying to sell their halloween tickets, that put me off a bit (been driving from Nakhon Sawan 7 hours before, so was way to tired and couldn't be arsed) but thank god it's over now. Another sad thing is constant shade near the pool. I've observed that you can only really get a tan near the pool in the morning up until around 11 am, after that the hotel block the sun, a bit annoying as I prefer to lay there instead of the beach. But overall it's a really nice hotel, and I'm glad that I took this. How many of you guys are staying here now? Regards Daniel
  8. Hi guys. 1) There are too many hotels to name (check the hotel review menu on this site), go to, and check out, they often has some superb offers, just look them through (thats what I'll do :-) ) 2) Soi 6, is definently not for me too... But lady friendly streets (soi's), the most famous ones, most be soi 7 and 8, soi 13/1 + 13/2, of course Walking Street is the biggest, then there's all the beer plaza's + bars on Soi Honey and Soi Diana, LK Metro, plus Soi Buakhao (think I've got most of it here). Further more, is great stretches of beach road, and there are places in North Pattaya (haven't been there much, so not really an expert bout these) 3) I think you are in luck, from what I can see (and know of) the price jump will start from nov (exactly when I plan to arrive :-( ), however because of the low turism, I still have hope for some good deals Don't know bout the Swine flu, how bad it is.... Anyhow cheers and enjoy Regards Dan
  9. Hi Lads. For my October return, I was thinking of taking 2 nights at this hotel, would love to try the high floors. Has any of you tried this hotel? How far is it from all the action? Any feedback is appriciated. Cheers
  10. Hi guys, I'm looking for some input before I book a room in November Can any of you recommend a good hotel in Hua Hin, between 1200 - 2000 baht? A Swimming Pool and a nice Sea view would be appriciated! Cheers Dan
  11. Looks very nice, will consider it next time I come back. Thanks for a good review!