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  1. Conjecture indeed, based on stories heard in bars.
  2. Personally 14 years extension of stay,called wrongly, but commonly "Retirement Visa" . Never saw it myself, only heard about it. Urban legends maybe.
  3. The Immigration offices are aware of this situation,therefore it's not rare they ask more detailed prooves of income to U.S.A. citizens,when these apply for a "Retirement Visa" based on income.
  4. Yes, but for a " Retirement Visa" he also will need money on a Thai bank book, as 1700 $ is about 60.000 ThB.
  5. "There is no single best option for all nationalities." Indeed,being 16÷ in Thailand,and having here a bank account,taking cash at an ATM with a foreign bank card,or even taking money inside the bank with a foreign CreditCard has the same cost as making a bank transfer from my home country to here in Thailand. With a transfer I get my money after 2-3 days,sometimes more,my bank works with a "between bank" in Germany.
  6. Kasikornthai : 220 27/02/17 11.06 a.m..
  7. Every country is different,and every bank in the country can have different policies and rates. For instance my bank in Belgium works with a correspondent bank in Germany,which of course take some fees,and make the procedure longer. You are of course right when you mention not to send ThB to Thailand but your local currency.
  8. Transfer from my Belgian bank to my Thai bank account is more expensive,sometimes equivalent, than using my Belgian bank card here at an ATM.Furthermore it takes 2-3 days, sometimes more with a transfer. When I visit Belgium,I take as much cash as possible from my Belgian account to change here in Thailand at SuperRich or equivalent.
  9. Went the 7th.February,for my "Retirement Visa",despite there were 8 people before me,I was out after 35 minutes. The 8th.February,went to pick up my passport,picture was taken,out after 5 minutes,the young lady Wai me and said :have a nice day Sir. Impressed.It was my 10th.Visa in a row.
  10. Austrian Consulate in Pattaya,one can use, if Austrian,Belgian,Dutch,German,Luxemburger,for a proof of income,use the current exchange rate next to the amount in Euro.
  11. www.gardenbeerbar.com +2 years there,before in Soi XZyte.
  12. Being a Belgian I not even come into consideration, as Belgium is not among the 14 countries. So, I suppose one can conclude, herewith, that the 1 year extension of stay will still be an option ( so far ).
  13. Indeed,and as mentioned here before,I also think there will be a very small quantity of expats who will put 3 million instead of 800 thousand on a bank account only to not have to go to immigration once a year for an extension of stay. But of course I can be wrong, or/and thinking too much.
  14. You better report it, however not sure they will worry about it. Take in consideration that it will take about 45 days to cash your cheque.