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  1. I have stay at Sea Me Spring and Sea Me Spring too. I only had trouble with the wifi once, I think at Sea Me Spring and that was the first time I stayed there. I think the issue was the location of the access point was not ideal for getting a signal in the room. If my laptop was by the mini fridge it worked but if I moved to the bed the signal dropped. Last time I stayed there I had no problems with the wifi and no problems at Sea Me Spring too. Unless I missed it there were no ethernet ports in the rooms.
  2. An update on Sea Me spring tree. It is sort of open now, but officially the plan is to open it on August 1st. It is temporarily open on two floors due to overflow in Sea Me Spring and probably Sea Me Spring too due to the marathon.
  3. I was up by the pool in Sea Me Spring the other day and saw some of the people working to get Sea Me Spring Tree ready. They said one month till it open. My guess is they are still finishing the interiors as I could see some door down in the parking area. There was a sign up in Sea Me Spring that said something like, in all three hotels you can get free water coffee and I think tea from maybe 7 to 11 am. That make me think that they are getting pretty close to opening.
  4. On the construction? It is still on going. Probably several months before the one next to Sea Me Spring too is complete. They also appear to be working on the hotel next to the new one, it is the one right on beach road but I can't make out the name from my balcony. I am staying at Sea Me Spring and it the noise doesn't bother me but at Sea Me Spring too is might if you planned to sleep in.
  5. It depends on the size of the laptop obviously but I am going to guess that yours won't fit. I'd estimate the total width of the safes are about 15 inches but the doorways are smaller. You may be able to get it in but it won't be easy. Something like a iPad would fit no problem. The depth of the safe may also be a problem.
  6. Welcome to the board. You should have posted this in the newbie advice page and it will probably get moved there soon. I haven't stayed at that hotel but I have stayed at other LK properties and so long as your guest is over 18, you keep the activities in your room, the room doesn't get destroyed and no one gets hurt the hotel won't care. If you bring back more than one guest overnight they may charge you a fee probably around 500 baht. Enjoy your trip.
  7. I checked once again via email for an opening date. They said maybe 1 to 2 months again. I think they are confusing the one next to Sea Me Spring with the one next to Sea Me Spring 2. I'll be there in a few days and maybe I can get a straight answer, if so I'll post it here.
  8. I believe that the new building is another Sea Me Spring Hotel. There is also a new one across the soi that is supposed to be called Sea Me Spring Tree. The one in the picture above is problem not going to open for a couple of months at least. Check out this thread about both construction projects. http://www.pattaya-addicts.com/forum/topic/249262-is-the-empty-lot-in-front-of-seame-hotel-under-construction-now/
  9. So I checked back yesterday to see if they have an opening date yet or at least a date when you can start booking a room and they said to check back in a month or two. Has progress stopped on the hotels, or do you think the people replying just don't have any idea of when it will open? My guess is it is the later.
  10. So I heard back from Sea Me Spring. They said that they did not have an opening date and to check back at the end of May. Now I did ask about both of the under construction hotels so it is possible that the end of May date is for the one next to Sea Me Spring Too and not the one next to Sea Me Spring but that is merely speculation on my part.
  11. That is what I figured I just wanted to be sure. I sent an email to Sea Me Spring today to see when the new hotels would be available to book, I haven't found a website for them yet or seen them on Agoda. I'll post what they say when I get their reply.
  12. striderman, Is that last pic from the one in front of Sea Me Spring or Sea Me Spring too?
  13. I believe LK Empress has rooms with Jacuzzis. The jaccuzis at Lk empress look more like whirlpool tubs though and would probably be difficult to fit two people in them unless one of them is small, but I think they also have two person tubs. The photos I saw on Agoda look about the same size as the picture above from the hilton. Sea Me Spring also has whirlpool tubs in some of their rooms if I remember correctly. I stayed in Galaxy suites my first trip and the Jacuzzi can fit probably 3 people easily unless they are all large. Four people is probably doable but it would start to get a little crowded maybe.
  14. This happened to me maybe two years ago. I got the confirmation the day I booked but I did not get the voucher. Only happened that once but when I called them about it they said it was because they hadn't charged my card yet because it was a pay later booking, at least from my recollection. The person on the phone may just have been covering for a glitch but who knows. In any event I just try to stay away from pay later just so I don't have to worry about it.
  15. LK Metropole has some that over look the pool and driveway, so you should be able to see Soi Diana from there. You'd probably need to specify that you want that, I usually end up with a room that overlooks the other buildings in the area but I haven't really cared much about that.