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  1. Maybe in force, but definitely not enforced. But if it is, I will adjust. The reason I only rely on visa excemptitions now is that.... well, why not? If you're not violating any law, and it's free, then I don't see a problem with it. (Dog knows I spend enough money in that country. And I'm rather convinced I'm one of the "good guys in" people that they actually want.)
  2. Quite. I have had some girlfriends in the business, and with quite a few sponsors, normally. (Sorry, I too can fall for the super pretty ones, even if I try not to.) Some words of advice for anyone thinking of sponsoring, thai women do not respond well to you dictating to them what to do, or at least not in the way we normally think would work. A better approach (in my experience) is to treat them coldly when they've done something wrong. They pick up on that pretty much instantly, whereas just telling them they did something wrong doesn't really work, it only provokes them to dig in and oppose you as best they can.
  3. As I recall, the DVD was connected via RCA cables, and the HDMI port was on the side of the TV anyway. But of course there's absolutely no guarantee that all the TVs and DVD players at China Garden are the same type. An L type connector would be a good idea for any place actually, I should bring one next time. (But will most likely forget it. Again.)
  4. Yeah, if you've ever been to those parts of Lao or Cambodia, it's not quite as easy to deny. It's not an uplifting experience, especially considering one of my jobs in the army was to lay mines. (Luckily I've never had to do it for real. We haven't beeen at war for 200+ years, thank Dog.)
  5. I was mildly serious about buying a small herd a while back. The GF was buying a bunch and I told her I wanted in on this investment opportunity. In the end, though, she told me straight out that she wouldn't allow me to do it because I know nothing about thai cows (well, she tried to put it a little more nicely than that). Almost a bit too smart, this one.
  6. The entrance is a little bit weird, but as the rooms are good I don't see that as much of a problem. I do wish it wasn't quite so hot in that corridor, though, what with all the fridges/freezers pumping out heat it can turn into a pretty toasty (if short) walk through there.
  7. My GF was quite impressed with the China Garden jacuzzi room, and told me to book that one for any subsequent visits. (And I've stayed with her in many places before, including a double property at VT6.) Sure the entrance is weird as hell, basically going through the back kitchen, but you get a big clean room with one hella comfy bed and a jacuzzi. For not too much money.
  8. I just went through my 4th and 5th no visa entry in 2016 (if counted by sort of rolling average year, I'm at something more like 10), and not a peep out of the immigrations officials. What may separate me from the people who have problems is that most of my visits are quite short, less than a week. Also, I mostly fly business, so I go through the priority lane normally.
  9. What? The! Fuck. OK, I've actually contemplated staying there a couple of times when I've seen a good deal somewhere. But that is insanely bad. If you decide to stay at W14, know that it's quite nice, in a very good location and has good staff. But in no way is it even close to 5 star.
  10. As usual, this is weird. Sure I can bring my company ID, no problem, but anyone with half a brain would figure out that the only ones who actually know to bring their company ID along are the ones who are trying to fake their way through. But of course, logic is suspended once you cross a Thai border.
  11. I've stayed here and there on the soi, and I like Metro as well.
  12. The Yorkshire. I doubt you'll find a better combo of girl friendly, near to Bangla and with actually decent rooms for not far too much money.
  13. This is my experience too. I mean, there's nothing wrong with "bamboo" shirts, they're certainly better than wearing cotton in a hot climate. But paying a premium for them, nah.
  14. You won't find one really near WS with those conditions. I would skip the sea view, accept the slight distance from WS, and go with a suite at Barracuda. Possibly the big suite if cash really is no object. They can't very well oppose you bringing more girls to fill that up, it's huge. Or slightly further away, LK The Empress is supposed to have some jacuzzi rooms (though I suspect they're more like glorified bathtubs). Personally, I find that their decor makes me puke, but if you don't mind a hotel that looks like Liberace was consulting on the interior design, that is probably a pretty good fit. Just be aware that they officially don't allow visitors under the age of 20. If you can forego the hotel and sea view requirements, why not go with the jacuzzi suite at Galaxy Suites? It's more of a guesthouse type place, but the location is hard to beat if you're someone who hangs out on WS primarily. Literally crawling distance to everything (even if the stairs may present a slight problem when drunk enough to be at the crawling stage ) Best hotel I know that's actually near WS is W14. I don't think they have jacuzzis, though, and I have no idea about their policy on more than one girl.
  15. You know, most hotels will simply ask for the ID of your guest. No fees, very little hassle. This is a good thing, make no mistake about it. There are lots of guesthouses where no one but yourself will screen the guests, but for your first trip I would recommend against that. (Unless you already have very good ladyboy/underage radar yourself, of course.)