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  1. If you don't want people's advice, don't ask for it. Colin and Tweedle also live upcountry in Thailand and I'd take their suggestions to use plane or train under advisement. The obvious solution is to take a bus from Pattaya to one of the main bus terminals in Bangkok, then another bus from there to Nong Khai. Who knows how much longer that will take (with transfers and stops), and it'll certainly be more uncomfortable than the other two suggestions.
  2. Official Thread:

    You really should start with the pinned threads in the Newbie Advice section for general information on Pattaya. For your question, you will arrive in Bangkok (probably BKK airport) and you should arrange a prebooked taxi to pick you up and take you to Pattaya. Many many threads about the various options in the TRANSPORTATION AND TRAVEL section of the forum. As with most things, it's best to take some initiative and read and review and research before you ask simple basic questions about a subject.
  3. One year monkey house upon arrival at Suvarnabhumi. Have you contacted the consulate and asked them? If they indicate it might cause a problem, I would ask them to provide a letter to you saying they made a mistake in affixing the visa to your passport, that you can show to the Immigration officer if necessary.
  4. Why are they promoting tourism during high season (when it's already at peak busy-ness) instead of during low season (when they could use extra visitors)? Would make more sense to me to put incentives toward encouraging tourism when it's slow for the sector, instead of trying to bring even more to Thailand when it's most packed. Unless TAT has concerns/indications that this high season isn't going to be as high as expected, and they don't want to lose face by having a precipitous drop in tourist numbers... Hence why it seems they are doing this suddenly 'at the last minute', instead of announcing it maybe three months ago? Seems a little late to do this and doubt this in and of itself would draw more visitors, as I expect most tourists have already made their December/January travel plans by now...
  5. I wonder if the headline writer did that on purpose...
  6. Official Thread:

    Now now, no reason to get defensive. In your earlier posts it's you who are referring to - and I quote - "me and a guest" and "myself to escorting a girl through a lobby". How does referring to the same two persons as "a man and a woman", "you and your friend are just another couple", "two adults walking together", "OP and his lady friend" and "a companion, meaning a young lady who is accompanying you though a hotel lobby" differ materially? Again, you don't seem to be able to articulate (beyond you won't understand unless youre a parent) how two people walking through a hotel lobby is 'exposing children and families to sex tourism'. I've asked this question a couple of times above because I truly don't understand this mindset you have and wished to understand where it comes from. Why someone assumes that children have 'sex on the brain' and would take notice of, much less make the mental connection from 'man and woman walking through hotel lobby' to 'sex tourism', and much less than that have the connection cause mental harm to them. Escorting a girl through a lobby, quietly leaving her ID with the desk or guard, and going upstairs doesn't seem to be putting anything about the situation 'in the face' of children. Honestly, it's also demeaning to those who have Thai wives and (real) Thai girlfriends, if you're making the assumption that every farang man with a Thai woman in a hotel is a 'sex tourist'. From my perspective, this seems to be some hangup you have arising from an unhealthy amount of 'shame' about what you're doing, not a reasonable conclusion. But I was open to explanations why I'm wrong (not just 'you wont understand'). And speaking of straw persons, nowhere was I defending "exposing children and families to sex tourism in hotel lobbies". Nice try. Original advice being, addressing your OP and not off topic, is don't worry yourself about trying to find a sneaky way upstairs to your loom for the sake of the children. Just walk through the lobby with yourself and a guest and act like two normal people and it will be no pompem in Pattaya. Don't get yourself wound up trying to avoid families in Pattaya. If you're that concerned, either do your business where families don't go, or choose accommodations where families don't book like a cheap guesthouse or a condo that doesn't have a lobby per se. With that, lets agree to disagree on whether seeing you and a guest in a lobby is a problem for children. I wish you the best in finding a hotel with the privacy you desire for conducting your dirty shameful immoral business. I know, right? SCARRED FOR LIFE. Admittedly, I wouldn't take children to Walking Street or Soi Six were I a parent, because for kids it's probably pretty lame, tacky, or boring for them.
  7. Makes me feel a little bad for all the Christmas-visiting sponsors: "Teerak, you gib me new iPhone for santa gift ok? No hab number seven in Thailand yet, I sad mak mak."
  8. Official Thread:

    A companion, meaning a young lady who is accompanying you though a hotel lobby. Why do you insist that a child is going to see a Thai woman - in Thailand of all places - walking with a foreign man and assume she is a sex worker? That's just your dirty mind. Are you from Saudi Arabia? Because I think that in most of the world - most parents, business associations, and city governments don't take notice of, take any exception to, or otherwise give a shit about a man and a woman walking together through a hotel lobby. I agree, if you're dreading this much shame and stigma from being seen in public in the company of a Thai woman, you may want to rethink your travel plans or stick to encountering women solely in private locations. Or receive some psychological counseling.
  9. Official Thread:

    ...except that simply walking through a Pattaya hotel lobby with a companion is not 'exposing children to sex tourism'. Now, the parents who insist on dragging their kids down Walking Street in the evenings or even passing through Soi Six during the day, that would be 'exposing children to sex tourism'.
  10. Official Thread:

    This is where many of us are having trouble understanding/comprehending the OPs viewpoint (which they don't care to explain beyond 'wont someone think of the children!'). Why is he 'uncomfortable' walking through a hotel lobby with his companion of the moment just because there are children present, to the point that it 'would kill him'? As rcbryce puts it, I find it beyond believable that some kid is going to see OP and his lady friend and tug at his parents' hand and ask something along the lines of "mommy, why is that man going into the elevator with that lady?", much less (as OP insinuates) the kid is going to be troubled by seeing a couple walking through a hotel lobby. I believe the point some are trying to make in regard to his initial inquiry, is to not worry about it and just go with accommodations that fit his desired level of amenities vs price and not spend a lot of time trying to find a hotel where he can sneak upstairs with no one seeing. It's also been brought up as a good point that staying somewhere that guests/visitors have to pass through some central zone is safer and more secure for OP - both so random Thai illegal Burmese thieves can't just go upstairs, but also as a deterrent to his ladyguests walking away with his stuff (or as occasionally happens in Pattaya, tossing him off a balcony and absconding without being identified)... especially since it appears he likes to take ladies from Beach Road. But to be helpful, I stayed at KTK a few years ago and their Grand Suites building is separate from the Royal Residence/Regent Suites building where the 'lobby' is:
  11. Official Thread:

    No I have not. But I don't understand, so you are assuming that if a child sees a man and a woman walking together through a hotel lobby, they... 1) Will immediately jump to the conclusion that the gentleman and lady are going to engage/have engaged in mutually beneficial sexual intercourse. 2) This thought (which a child is already very unlikely to be considering since they are a child) is going to scar their poor little psyches. I think you may be projecting some own internal 'shame' about partaking in the delights of Pattaya onto others; or still have some sort of 'hangup' about what you're doing? Children on holiday in Pattaya are thinking about playing in the hotel pool, or going to their room and watching cartoons, or wondering where mom and dad are taking them next; not looking at you and your lady friend strolling through the hotel lobby and thinking "ewww those two are going upstairs to do it!" Again, I'm honestly unsure why you are worried about children seeing two adults walking together through a 'public' place. Yeah, the parents are going to know what's up (if they even notice and if they even care to judge), but again, who cares what they think? Maybe your best course of action is to only see ladies in short-time establishments or take them to short-time hotels.
  12. Official Thread:

    What do you care what random family tourists you don't know and will never see again think of you? Maybe don't think of it as a 'walk of shame', for all they know (and don't care) you and your friend are just another couple? Just don't paw at her in public and make sure she's wearing more than skimpy lingerie and no one should look twice in Pattaya. How about staying at a guest house or condo where there isn't a 'lobby' as such?
  13. As Scumbag says, 9000 baht a month is basically the minimum wage in Thailand. So there are millions and millions of Thais surviving on such a salary.