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  1. There`s a 7/11 around the corner on soi 15 not that far imo, bigger problem would be walking on foot from soi buakhao end during any rain,as road only tarmaced from soi 15 end.
  2. Whisper Hotel

    As the pic above shows,walking in from soi buakhao end is a problem after any rain. I walked past in early July and had to use the garden hose in the whisper hotel to clean my sandals as caked in mud, even after a light shower. this was daytime not possible at night on foot.and no lighting if on bike.
  3. ^^^Have learnt something today at least...^^^
  4. misteregg Tell You Why To Come To Pattaya

    Is he going to give Kev in Thailand a run for money?....55
  5. misteregg Tell You Why To Come To Pattaya

    Nice bit of promo,sorry to miss you on last trip.Baggies going well.
  6. Hotel Suggestions??

    Honey Lodge, south pattaya road.
  7. Mike hotel

    Yes i have stayed there a few times, Can`t deny i think it`s one of the oldest hotels in town. but i find it clean, quiet and the location suits me these days .(close to WS and PBG) no idea about taking more than lady one back,but send them a email ,they will answer. If your budget runs to it the rooms on the sixth floor are the best,below that i found them a bit small and dark,tbh but depends on how long you spend in room?..has small pool on the 5th floor and restaurant ,room service and small fitness room. As i say old and it`s best days are behind it. but within walking distance of everything really. I find the staff good as well. P.S. i plan on staying there again,but i`m easy to please,there are better places,but as i said it suits me nowdays. Also safety boxes are behind reception but never had a problem or heard of one and know people who have used it for thirty years.
  8. Center Condo

    I Have not rented there ,but i know two guys that live there and have visited several times .Always thought it was one of the better options especially regarding location. One guy has lived there since 2002,although he only stays three months before returning to the states,don`t think he`s thought of moving out.Within walking distance of everywhere and ideal for renting i`d have thought. P.S both i have been in have sea views and overlook the temple,can get noisy if fair or something else on.
  9. Nature View gets quite good reviews. on Buakhao opposite soi 15 but only 5mins from LK.
  10. Swimming pool

    Can only go by friends comments,as not stayed there myself,but i believe it`s sister hotel Nature view round the corner is a better option if slightly more in price. but have never heard any one complain about J&P either. I think that Kev in thailand did a short clip about it somewhere.
  11. Swimming pool

    The Vogue hotel on lengkee,also Opey de place
  12. Have only stayed at LKM out of those mentioned,would have no qualms about staying again. A mate stayed at sutus court earlier this year,and had no complaints,(i think in the newer bit over looking buakhao) as above the Bella vista would not interest me,i believe the rooms are on the small side.You might want to add the Flipper House on soi 7 to your list?has two pools maybe around 1300b a night?
  13. Scroll down further in this section there is a thread on it "rooms above etc..
  14. Hotel suggestion

    Areca Lodge on soi Diana it is pinned on the top of this page,but likely to be more than 1000b. Nature View on Buakhao. or there is a couple mentioned in the hotel section on soi Honey .Either of the flipper hotels again flipper house maybe a bit more than your budget same with LK Mansion also on buakhao. Note -flipper house is on soi 7 flipper lodge is on soi 8.
  15. If you want be close to BR/WS/Second road then Honey Lodge on south pattaya rd.