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  1. If he lives in Thailand for months or years, don't you think he eventually get questioned what he is doing in Thailand by farangs, by Thais or by official Thai people (bank, immigration office, driver licence office, etc) ? "I'm on holiday" works the first month. Re: visa, the correct one for working is Non Immigrant B Visa. Getting the visa I think is easy enough. The challenge is to get a work permit. Some other visa alternatives are tourist visa, family visa (get married with or get a kid with a Thai), student visa, retirement visa (50+), elite visa (convenient but expensive) and PR (convenient but troublesome to get).
  2. Privacy

    Here is a similar topic I posted a few days ago, maybe this topic was inspired from that Would like to know too, or even better, are there any condos where you can avoid the walk of fame and also not looking like a burglar if you are being seen?
  3. Soi for sale
  4. Yeah you wont get applied as a professional and good paid programmer after just half a year. But some basic HTML/PHP/DB knowledge can help you for certain strategies in affiliate marketing. I am still quite sure the easiest is way to make money online without any in depth skills is affiliate marketing. If you have decent internet and social media skills and are fluent in any European languages besides English, then all what remains is some will and devotion - no magic. Ive had a couple of guys contact me, searching for opportunities, eager to make money online. But they never made a single satang, because they never even had an single hour to spend on it. So back to their factory they went while dreaming about living the dream.
  5. D varee has, but the curtains can be closed from inside (unless you hack it ofc ;) )
  6. Some BM told that many of the Indians are living here and are 2nd or 3rd generation thai/indian. The other Indians who are not working in restaurants, are pushing suits.
  7. Have never stayed there, but the beer garden and the whole public first level looks stunning. I disagree with 7.
  8. Good post. But the highlighted line seems to be a very common misconception. You do not need to study Thai language to get an ED visa. There are plenty of other subjects you can study, even muay thai.
  9. Are you all making assumptions about needing WP for online work? Thai immigration officials seems to disagree with you.
  10. Hours: as many as I like, whenever I want. Depends on how much I want to earn or how much freetime I want. I have answered all the details in this topic and a few other similar topics. In my particular niché, Scandinavian and German speakers/writers have an advantage over only English speakers/writers. That has because everyone else in the world more or less also knows English.
  11. Be aware that there is a difference between (stay away if you wanna have freedom of your own site and make serious money) and (recommended). If you want a professional website/blog without stupid technical restrictions or restrictions on what you are allowed to do, and where you actually own your own site and your own content 100%, I would recommend a host that gives an easy Wordpress installation. An example is A Small Orange. They are one of the cheapest all-in-one packages. They give you a domain name if you want, webhosting and an easy option to install WordPress (the software at with a single click. Making big money online is actually surprisingly easy. You just need to do what you have to do. But most guys instead sticks to their safe habit of what they are used to do. That's why most guys keep dreaming about it while they are still working in their boring and relative low paid factory or office 30-50 hours a week, week after week, year after year.
  12. Apply at home is the best option. Alternatively you can get a tourist visa by doing a visa run to Laos.
  13. Why limit your options by such requirements when the town is full of saunas and gyms everywhere?
  14. This website is for sure making money. With that huge user base and big traffic this site has, it has great potentional to generate a good income. Through ads, affiliate links, PA cards, donations and possibly other methods too.
  15. AFAIK he is one of the owner of this website. But it's important to know that just having a website doesn't automatically generate any income at all.