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  1. Got is my mistake, but 60,000 seems low? When I did mine a few months ago they still demanded 800K if I was below income level.
  2. Here is my take on getting a retirement paperwork or any paperwork certified by U.S Embassy. I had to do paperwork in Thailand and Philipines and the process works the same. First, you are swearing on OATH that what are supplying is the TRUTH. That is all the embassy really cares about and if something happens later you lied under oath. They really do not look at the paperwork and I even once ask a person in the PI embassy if you are going to look at what I brought??? The answer was no because that is your paperwork. If you tell the US embassy you have 3,000 monthly coming in but only have 1,700 it is your issue and not the embassy. Honestly it is pretty simple to getting paperwork certified by the embassy.
  3. What are you talking about? I got my last retirement visa (2 months ago) with 3,000b in a thai bank?
  4. Nice to know who made em.
  5. 53sqm? I looked at a 56m 1 bedroom and thought it was a bit small? Plus 5+mil is not in my vocabulary.
  6. The pump BB rifles I had as a kid could put a hole through a steel sign post. Yes, they can effective.
  7. Jai DEE is one of the few people I would consider as a GOOD landlord/ manager.
  8. We just signed a contract today for a 2 bedroom on Buddy hill for 20K month. We will move in March 1st and plenty of time to move in. We ran into a few flakes who seem to be not interested in showing or making an appointment, contacting back etc, etc. I have to say that many realtors have very little interest in doing any more than the least level of work. Ran into plenty of realtors who give off I do not care attitude about the owners of the property too. I have to say there is some really crappy service out in Pattaya Land.
  9. Thanks for the info. Will do some calling very soon.
  10. We like to rent a small car for a month. Automatic is a must, but it does not need to brand new or top of the line. Thanks.
  11. Hi folks. I'm still looking for a 2 bedroom condo.
  12. Looks ok for a short time 3-4 hours.
  13. Give me a break Buffalo. There is a bus station with buses .5km from my condo going to Laos. Finding that bus station took a while because it was not coming up on Google searches. We asked a few foreigners who took the bus and they sent us in the right direction. Also, why in the world would I go all the way to Bangkok and then take a bus going to Laos? Remember, I asked for advise on the bus system, in Pattaya and not on planes or trains.
  14. F the plane and F the train. Now, that I have your attention, can anyone give me some information on taking the friggin bus? I know it is tuff to think outside of a gogo bar but let us try to come up with some good information?
  15. Guess I have to take the boss (wife) to Laos for a type O visa. I have my retirement visa already with multi reentry so I OK. What bus stations have buses heading to Laos? Any info will be a great help.