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  1. scam

    Just an update for all. The wifey has a visa for Canada and we will be heading out for a 4-month trip. Hope she likes the cold. It took much longer than expected but when we do our next visa we will process it in Manila.
  2. Let me drop a line as well. First, you are a bit of a kawawa bobot if you ask me . Lanzadal only replied confirming Jai Dee is an OK guy to deal with. I also have to agree that Jai Dee will not steer you wrong. On the other hand, I know a few BMs who will fleece you faster than a New York second. Maybe I should drop a line to these gentlemen informing them there is a new pigeon in town????? Remember mate, there are a lot of really good people on the board and not so good/honest people on the board. It's your call who you want to hang with.
  3. My god, this place is own by beach mountain group??? We had a place in BM GOLD and we would never look at these places again. We were moving into a new place and still have a month on our place in BM. When we came back to pick up the last of our articles we found somebody living in OUR condo? I am not kidding, the manager rented it out underneath us. We had some serious talks and he physically threaten us too. We wound up taking a small amount of $ but never got our items out of the condo. We are not the only people to have serious problems with the manager at that condo. A married couple bought a 2 bedroom at the place and did all the correct paperwork. All the taxes, transfer fees paid correctly. The manager decided he wants more tax $ but all the paperwork show everything was paid correctly. He threatened the couple and they called the cops on the manager three times. The final time the police threaten to arrest the manager and file deportation papers against him. Also, the gym has never worked a day I was there. He will not fix anything keeps the repairs at the minimum. He also thinks he can do anything he pleases because he owns 10 of the condos. The jerk manager name is Alan B and stay far away from this condo group.
  4. I have a 2 bedroom 70sm condo at axis condo for 20k. Our pool is in better shape too.
  5. scam

    My wife is a Filipina and she has full ownership of a house and land South of Manila. My name is NOT on deed of sale and we were looking at that as a reason to return. She has multiple trips to Thailand and back to the PI for last 5 years and that should help too. She is also on my Thailand retirement visa as a rider. That took some doing but she has a retirement stamp with multiple reentry stamp too. We just now need a get the paperwork back together and start the process over again.
  6. If anybody has dealt with the owner Nick Gunning of select visa, you can find his ass in jail at soi 9 police station. He is waiting for deportation back to the U.K. to stand trial for making false visa documents. On top of that, he was using other visa companies names in town and claiming he was working for them. I only heard about it from another visa company who was screwed by him. Also, I met the Swedish lawyer working on Nicks deportation case back to U.K. Sounds like the jerk will spend 8 years in a British prison and hope he has some very large cellmates. We also met the Thai officer in charge of his arrest and deportation The officer wants Nick out of Thailand ASAP they are just waiting for a one-way ticket to London. The reason we know so much about the jerk, because my wife got scammed by the ass. We were planning on a 3 week trip to Canada and being a Yankee I can go there anytime. For the wife to enter Canada it is a different story. Long story short we lost some $ but we lost really a lot of time and our plans are pushed back by at least a month or more. p.s. He came with recommendations from a few people and that is why we went with him. p.s.s. Anybody knows a good Legal visa company who can process out papers for Canada??? p.s.s.s For once I feel guilt in my life. The wifey saved her money up and she was paying for the visa. So the loss was not my dime but she is a bit heart broken over it. Guess I better buy her a box of chocolates soon.
  7. Got is my mistake, but 60,000 seems low? When I did mine a few months ago they still demanded 800K if I was below income level.
  8. Here is my take on getting a retirement paperwork or any paperwork certified by U.S Embassy. I had to do paperwork in Thailand and Philipines and the process works the same. First, you are swearing on OATH that what are supplying is the TRUTH. That is all the embassy really cares about and if something happens later you lied under oath. They really do not look at the paperwork and I even once ask a person in the PI embassy if you are going to look at what I brought??? The answer was no because that is your paperwork. If you tell the US embassy you have 3,000 monthly coming in but only have 1,700 it is your issue and not the embassy. Honestly it is pretty simple to getting paperwork certified by the embassy.
  9. What are you talking about? I got my last retirement visa (2 months ago) with 3,000b in a thai bank?