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  1. Review - D Hotel Soi Buakhao

    For charging your devices, check out the socket behind your fridge. Usually have double socket but if not, purchase a splitter. Understandably that socket has always electricity on. Charging problem solved. My friend stayed in this hotel last year and was very happy. Thumbs up.
  2. I don't know why you guys hate rain so much. Yesterday and today we had a light rain in Pattaya/Jomtien after the sunset. Clears and cools the air nicely. It's very rare to have a heavy rain and flooding. If that happens just relax in some bar.
  3. Hi Pal... im in Penang right now. Can you tell me which agent you used to sort the Thai Visa out ?. I was going to go consulate in the morning but just found out that they want to see a flight out of Thailand which i don't have as i don't know where next I'm going... if you can help, would be greatly appreciated and a few beers on me when  next in Patts. Cheers Mark. 

    1. jpmelville


      I attached the business card of the agent I used. They are located in the Chulia street. I asked some other agents too but they were more expensive.

      They just wanted the passport and 2 pics. Total price was 270 MYR. They cherged 80MYR more for not having the flights etc. I hope this helps.


    2. Mark7676


      Cheers Sir. You're a legend ...

  4. I'm going to Hua Hin in the end of September and I need a affordable(cheap) furnished studio/room for 2-3 months to check if I'm going to stay longer in the area. If I decide to stay longer, I will rent a little bit upper scale accomodation. I don't have much requirements besides the A/C. Location is not important as long as it's in Hua Hin(not Cha-Am) as I'm going to rent the motobike anyways. Price should be way under 10kbht/month. Anyone have the accomodation specified for rent or any info about the affordable options around the Hua Hin? Thank you.
  5. 4 bedroom luxury Villa needed...

    Yes 7 mins with mototaxi/motobike. If you're walking NO. They always are telling you some minutes/distances which are right if you have the motobike. Also there are lot's of other areas in Pattaya than a Walking Street. WS is the southern point of Pattaya and only one of the places the mongers will go. I don't know if you have been in Patts and know the areas where you like to be, but definately it's not the only/the best area in there.
  6. I would not like a bath. Walk in shower all the way for me. Areca somehow has it here in the boards but the bath would be the no go for me.
  7. 4 bedroom luxury Villa needed...

    The villas are near the action only if you have the motobike. Pratamnak area has lot of villas and it's pretty close to WS. I know one dude who has a 4 bedroon villa there for 4000bht/night.
  8. Hotel Dania - Soi Buakhao

    The big update. Hotel Dania had a major update this autumn. The former Tina's Suite is now the part of the Hotel Dania. The lobbies has been converted to the one huge lobby now(only one wall to destroy). They were neighbouring units and now they are converted to one unit all together. Seems like Dania is very succesful business as they can grab the next unit also. I hope they will update the Tina's Suite rooms with more comfy beds and some minor trinkets.
  9. Help! Spoilt for choice

    I think Hunny Pot is ok for you. I wouldn't stay on any gogo's or soi6 bar's upstairs. Too much noice and hassle etc. I prefer to stay in the more silent areas(Soi Buakhao and side sois) with good baht bus connections. i like to sleep/fuck in the silence and party in the more louder places.
  10. Room with kitchen? Soi Buakhao

    Hotel Dania has 2 suites with the kitchenette:'s in the south end of Soi Buakhao and you can catch the baht buses to the north and south. Excellent location and all the services are near. It's 1200bht/night but the owner negotiates when you're staying a long time. Room is huge and comfy.
  11. Only BM chris50 can like that joint. They must having a proper clean up if it's getting any better. Previously it was a proper shit hole.
  12. In the Areca Lodge, do they still have a very old fashioned bath tubs in every room? I would like the walk in shower instead of the 70's baht tub. Yes the location is goog, but the baht tub is really no no.
  13. Yes if you like the farang sized meals, this is the place to have it. Also their thai food is good, Did you have the another portion for free or one was enough? If you go there say greetings from PA. As the Canadian, you must be the first to find out of this place. It's a little bit far away from the central Pattaya, but the food is really tasty and you can feel the Finnish way of partying, when you go there
  14. Maybe you should some options a little bit nearer to the action. Soi3 is a far from the best places. Soi Buakhao is a nice place to stay and there is a ton of options to choose from. If you are after the cheapest options, there is a lot of guest friendly guesthouses around 700bht/night.
  15. Damn. I travel with my mate(s) but never ever we had a plan to be in the same suite. We prefer some privacy. Just get the 3 rooms from the same hotel and forget the 3 bedrooms. It's not going to work anyways. If you really need to be in the same space, rent the villa from Pratumnak. I know there is some 4 bedroom villas for 4kbht/night or even less. With this option though the transportation can be a pain in the arse. Might be a long walk to the baht buses.