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  1. That's interesting, Nova group owns holiday in express & tulip resort it seems
  2. That soi buakhao entry, is that still Tulip or is it holiday inn express?
  3. Since i went backpacking a long time ago I'm quite happy with a cheaper room AC, good location, good security, quiet etc, my hotel is 12,000 a month and great value all round. Paying 20k+ a month seems like newbie mistake that loads of guys do.
  4. Looking at a building site from your hotel can't be good especially if people pay full rate, even discounted. If you have a poor view you might as well stay somewhere else. A poor view is a poor view doesn't matter how full your glass is.
  5. Surely no one is buying off plan anymore?
  6. I hear Centara still isn't finished,for example the gym.
  7. More interestingly Whats the cheap condo?
  8. Can't you read the above?
  9. Interesting opinion, but i don't agree. I use my Halifax Clarity card for purchases at the Mastercard rate for UK guys you can't beat this, so using a good card for purchases is sensible. The rate was often 0.5% better than the best Soi Buakhao booths. Most people who persevere are able to open a thai bank account. Fees seem to be down now, mine is only 200 baht a year. Yes people keep banging on about Charles Schwarb account but that only applies to Americans.
  10. If i only came to Thailand for a few weeks i would bring cash, use a card (with no charges) for purchases and not use an ATM. For any longer than a few weeks you just need to open a local account.
  11. With an METV you get 60 days on arrival and can extend by another 30, so thats 90, that can be repeated straight after, so the ruling you suggest doesn't apply.Edit: You do have to leave after 90 max, but can come straight back in.
  12. Typical Skalli reply, some things never change
  13. 150 was taking the piss, 200 was really taking the piss and 220, well that's super piss take. It was the 150 that made me get a local account.
  14. The Cleveland Tour Action 900 is 60 degrees