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  1. Yeah no problem, get a new 30days each time you come. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Can you provide it along with say Nintendo emulators and ROMs installed too? Something you have considered?
  3. The base

    Did you not even click on GlobalTravellers link? LOL you will see the prices 555
  4. The base

    lol so you are paying like 54000 a month (1800x30) even on your mates rates deals, whereas the small ones here are 15000-20000 a month plus bills, even the comparatively sized ones 50sqm+ are cheaper at 40000 a month. So err yes apples and oranges, figure it out 555
  5. The base

    Lol they may be 55sqm but they are a lot more expensive at 2300-2500 a night on agoda, how much are you paying then for one month? Looks like apples and oranges to me
  6. The base

    Not got any pictures apart from this one of the view
  7. The base

    Little bit at best, not louder than an aircon id say
  8. Agree with this, many good points. I went from one of those glass sliding doors in last condo and yeah the base is a better layout. just due to the one way of second road it is akward for people going south when at centric if you don't do motorbike. The base is great you will like it there for a holiday. Ignore the killjoy about music they will probably recommend jomtien or naklua for a quiet holiday rental where it will take you an hour to get home after getting boozed in central pattaya 555, i don't even hear anything most nights, when there is I can still sleep, a lot are closing at 2 too. if it will bothers you that much you can get one facing inwards or towards soi honey and they will be quieter.
  9. The base

    I'm in one of the 36sq 1/1 ones looking outwards with a great view of over avenue, the hill and pattaya sign and part of the ocean, wouldn't fancy one of the ones looking at the other building. Probably small for many but I spend 2 weeks there and 2 weeks in a small cabin bobbing in the sea so just fine for me. I find good for finding rental listings. I'm really enjoying staying there, no better location in my eyes, but everyone has different criteria.
  10. The base

    I stay on the 25th floor and I get a little noise from issan super dance bar on soi diana but it isn't too bad
  11. Minix Boxes Fixes And Updates

    Can it be done on an AIS playbox and amazon firestick?
  12. I spent a few trips back when I was staying in hotels at nova gold, think this is a great area to stay in. I'll be moving in December, need to find a condo that takes pets or a home, else I'd be intrigued by this. Good luck
  13. Pet friendly condo?

    Find anything in the end?
  14. I don't put too much effort and research into it but I was personally getting more baht when sending a few thousand pounds with transferwise than I was with Halifax bank of Scotland. Maybe in the future I'll test again and send a few thousand on the same day by both methods to get the cash for the good cause