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  1. Ok fair enough. What's your impartial take on the title of this article then, "Demonstrators storm California GOP convention to protest Trump" They call rioters demonstrators. Is that a flavoring of what actually happened? Would you call that biased or fair play? And if you're serious about impartiality then do a search on YouTube for videos of the events from the article and judge for yourself.
  2. Thanks for your acknowledgement that I share the capacity for understanding the language. Quick question for you, are you on the spectrum?
  3. It's his post and he's free to title it as he chooses. If it irritates you, ignore him and you won't be disturbed by his future personally approved (by him) entitled posts.
  4. Can you please just come clean and admit you're a Clinton supporter and you don't like the way the story is told? Plenty of this type of slanted reporting on all sides, I don't see you jumping in to set the record straight on Trump's behalf.
  5. Explosion in Bangkok.

    Video of the blast
  6. For a chimney, use a tin can with holes drilled into it. Fit a couple of cross rods thru bottom leaving room for crumpled papers. Use a pot holder for moving and turning, or get fancy with a drawer pull anchored to the outside. Use large coffee cans or restaurant size food cans to start.
  7. Must be that you can have a website that generates income by selling things, but you can't provide live services online while staying in Thailand. Or maybe it's that they're working for a company and not generating income for themselves. Need to get their definition of online income that's ok without permit on tourist visa.
  8. this is really funny. Never heard of Watson's Razors. How can they be genuine? They look like rip offs of the major manufacturer's research and development money. They copied the major designs. Gillette is a name brand. For people that want to purchase a name brand, Watson's is like dog shit! I'm not in Pattaya and I won't buy them or try them. Even when I'm traveling, I usually have enough razors to last me my trip. But really fili, you are very funny and boring at the same time. Congrats on being funoring - (that's funny and boring). Why don't you start a phony muckraker topic where thread fking is the norm?
  9. Bought one of the largest size soft samsonite ??? (Could be a counterfeit, who would know?) cases at MBK for about 75. Been good for me at about half price.
  10. A one star hotel theft

    Who's on first! Who's on first? 555
  11. Like everything else this varies. I was quoted 1500 baht /nite extra from the hotel to extend my stay over what the initial agoda nitely cost was. And another time the hotel charged me another $10 over what I was spending thru another online booking site. Being thorough you'll need to check at least both sites. The last time, after booking with agoda, with the better rate, I emailed hotel and asked if they could quote me a price close to what agoda charged me for their room. They quoted much more and referred me to their own website.
  12. Is South Thailand (Pattani) still a no go?

    Definitely a dangerous place for anyone to be right now. Daily killings.
  13. Yes, a good idea, at least for the ones you'll rely on most.
  14. With or without a new passport, they probably have a record of all your entries and exits when they take your picture and scan your new passport upon entry. And in USA when you report lost or stolen passport, you're entered onto a list where if it happens again you just don't get another!