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  1. Thanks scuba, ya I went down to visa should And the lady there called the company that does the visa run as she said they only sell the ticket.. the vip van is the same van with bench seats but insteD of 9 they take 6 so less people maybe, thks is thailand and if they really need the seat in the middle im guessing they would sell the ticket and try to convi6you that its not full. for the same money at the queen vic place place you get 6 captains chairs and that will make sure your in comfort as opposed to a bench seat that doesn't lay back etc. Plus supposedly I was able to reserve the seat in the van I wanted so will see.. seems like a much better operations over there and you get breakfast at the queen vic before departure and lunch when return, my guess is that there more organized at the border as well but will see I guess.they did hAve all the Paperwork for me to fill oUT for cambodia and thailand re-entry etc. When I booked the seat and paid so that also is a step ahead of the visa shop that I guess was gonna do it the morning we depart, she never said and I had my Thai girlfriend there to help translate.. I'm gonna snap a few pics of the process and post them here if I can... surprisingly doesn't seem to be the info on here as of current and my guess is as the buses where full on several days there's plenty of people making visa runs.. especially since the new and old issues with visas and the visa office in jomtien.. I also called key visa and the guy is easy to speak with but that seemed to be a money deal as its 2600.. no vip only 9 people in van and no meals nothing just a ride to get visa and a ride back crammed into a van for vip money essentially as 2 meals will cost you the 200 baht difference there..
  2. Where they both about the same and what time do you leave outta Pattaya in the morning? Thanks scuba
  3. Scuba how where the vans from Visa shop? I'm a bigger guy so would prefer to pay the bit extra they advertising if nice chairs.. there new pricing on the door of there business says 2800 6people and 2300 9people
  4. If they have a nice van with captains chairs for 2 across and good leg room then 2800 seems good for me.. the bench seats and 3 across tight jammed it for 2300baht I can do without.. The place on soi 6 you mention does have a picture of the van and it looks great but pictures and realty are not always the same here in thailand...
  5. I took a look at Pattaya visa shop soi. Berkao and lengkee intersection and there sign said 2800baht 6 passage or 2300 9 passage .. so you have used these guys as well or will next time scuba?
  6. I making my first border run as the immigration won't give 30 day extension on a non-o visa only 7 day or 1 year... and 60day if you can jump through the child and or wife hoops witch is why I'm here.. 3 trips to jomtien and 3 different people with 3 different visa paperwork issues.. as I have a baby but anyway... Now I'm out of time and just need to do a border run.. WHICH company is the preferred choice. I'm wanting to pay the extra and get a 6 passenger van with captain chairs etc. So this journey is half way comfort and at the border I'm guessing some agencies are better then other for getting you processed quickly and back to town.. Thank you for any good tips.... How much? Which vip company with nice vans and good chairs?
  7. Many bike rental companies on here claim to have the best prices but with little effort you will see that KC BIKE RENTAL is priced well under the other places.. once you give them a try you'll be a repeat customer... See you in November..
  8. Since they no longer offer the 2 stamp visa for $80 dollars. and now only have the $200 6 month visa which is a bad deal imo the 60 day single entry or 90 day visa for $80. Even with an extention it still only covers 120 days and I'll be 8days overstay. I don't want the six month visa for 200 as you still have to leave after 60 days and return which makes no since but that's Thailand for you.. not sure how to cover those 8days and I already have my plane tickets purchased...
  9. I've rented from kcbikepattaya.Com and already have My new Honda click reserved for November for 4months. This is a great company and very easy to do business with, they delivered the bike and picked it up at the time we agreed and it couldn't have been easier.. No other bike rental place in Pattaya offers these rates or even close and now with the added insurance coverage I'm even more happy finding them and renting there bikes...
  10. Is it in the front by the road or ? Let's see a couple more pictures of the view and both bathrooms. I no the building and I'm interested but there is a Russian night market right across the street and up 25 there an oven in the kitchen? Seems like your picture taking skills could use a little more work.. take the pictures like your trying to show and sell somethimg.
  11. You should look no further if you want a great bike from a really great person... you will not find a better price it Pattaya on a Honda click, not to mention the quality of his bikes are like new... I've had my bike now for 2months and I'm more then happy with the whole thing.. he meets you when and where you agree and it's just a smooth simple process.. I've already reserved for my next trip with him and suggesthe you get yourstarted booked to.. Like I said your not gonna get a better deal in this town. I no your searching so write this guy's info down so when your done you can find your way back to what I told you was the best deal in Pattaya already.. Don't waste your time looking,you've already stumbled onto the best deal, go ahead and book it!!!!
  12. If this was listed in the relationship thread it would serve to groups of people, the original op as he could sell to the newly smitten farang and maybe teach some of the not so new why not to buy a lot of expensive things.. oh sorry sorry, I know it's different... always is!!!
  13. Art on the Hill condo debacle in Pattaya

    Sounds good jerry I'd like to here about it.. hope your not selling out again and movie to Cambodia or something silly like that.. went there last month for a week, visa run and as far as pp or siem reap goes you can have it.. I hated it there and it really makes me question the people on here posting g about how great it is there.. maybe snook is better I don't no but pp, no thanks...what a... sh..hole
  14. Your right about the builders. There reputation is pretty bad. I see signs now in the elevator that one month minimum rental and if someone rents there unit for less say one week or whatever they'll take action against the parties involved.. I still see on airbnb this place listed so can you imagine coming over for your one week vacation thinking everything is gonna be great and find you self in some sort of trespassing situation...
  15. METV - Don't bother!

    Unfortunately us from the states even though we send money to Vietnam in aid are still stuck paying for a visa and some other fee.. it's expensive so myalasia or Singapore are the only free be visa countries for us.. Cambodia and Lao both 35 bucks.. as far as Vietnam goes I'm getting real tired of our idiot government sending out 10s of millions of dollars to places like that and they can't even waive the tourist visa... we send a shit pot of money to Thailand also and there nice enough to give 30 days..