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  1. Great review, thanks. Any pics?
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    No More Godzilla
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    Tokyo Storm Warning
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    Just you shut your mouth...(I know.)
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    Turning Japanese...I really think so.
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    Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto
  7. I got back from my last trip about a week ago. One of the first things I did when I got to Pattaya was to go on a Club Crawl sponsored by AJ at Sexy in the City. About twenty guys went around and visited different venues. On our way to 007, one of the guys pointed out Full Love Inn as we were passing it. He said that it was a 24 hour short time hotel with nice rooms that were appointed with colored lights and jacuzzi tubes and decorated with different themes. The idea intrigued me and I did a little research and learned about TK Resort which was the same idea as Full Love Inn, but TKR seemed to have fancier and better decorated rooms. I thought that this would be a fun thing to do so one night I took a gogo girl LT (I had been with her on previous trips and knew she was up for whatever) and suggested we go there. We looked at the website and got directions and she seemed to be excited to try it. We hopped in a taxi and after several wrong turns we got there. It turned out that a lot of the resort was under renovation, so our choices were unfortunately limited. We only had two choices...the Balinese room and the Japanese room. The Space room and Ocean room, which looked cool on the website, were either taken or being renovated. We took a look at the Balinese room and the only thing Balinese about it was the bedspread. The Japanese room was kind of cool and it did evoke a Japanese feeling and was decorated nicely. We both got in the Japanese outside shower and got cleaned up. We went into the suite and messed around on the smallish bed with me playing Samarai to her Ninja. The Japanese theme wasn't all that erotic, but we needed little excuse to for me to go Godzilla on her Tokyo. (I'll stop now). After I experienced her Cherry Blossom Festival (OK, I'm really going to stop), we got hungry and I suggested we get something to eat. With no idea where we were, I suggested getting another cab to a restaurant. She said she was easy and we could just walk to 7-11 (I love Thai women). On our way to the 7-11, we saw a noodle cart across the road and went over there and got a couple of bowls of noodles. We got some more stuff at the 7-11 and went back to the room. Mmm, best noodle soup I have ever had! After our food, I sang some more Karaoke into her Hello Kitty (...meh). We slept and when we got up in the morning, we noticed in the light of day that they had gutted most of the rooms and were doing a wholesale renovation of the grounds as well. We both agreed that we would come back again when they were finished as it looks like it is going to be really cool. Details: We ended up staying the night, not short time, and it was 790 Baht because it was "Deluxe Room." We didn't have to check out until noon. It was disappointing that nowhere on any website did it say that most of Resort in under construction. Good information on TK Resort and other short time hotels at PattayaSweethearts TK Resort FB page
  8. Jasmine hotel review

    I just got back from an 7 day stay at the Jasmine Hotel. I really enjoyed the location. I was in room 306 which was a Superior room in the front closest to Soi BJ. The noise from WS was tolerable as I was out of my room alot during the wee hours and when I wasn't, the noise just became part of the background and I was able to sleep easily although I did wear earplugs. Just like the OP, I will stay there again. They have clean rooms and a friendly staff at a low price.
  9. Welcome to the forums Ackruu123 :) If you would like to help our forum, please book through our hotel system