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  1. Unlikely to get VT2B for 7k. Maybe get lucky if someone really wanting to rent. 10-12k about the norm for a studio there but rents overall falling. VT1 is cheaper, but they are usually 32 sq m (VT2 usually 37). I haven't looked at the buildings off second road as the location doesn't interest me. Lots advertised cheap at Laguna Beach both to rent & sell. Under 30 sq m though. Amazon, Park Lane and others also cheap.
  2. If JaiDeeMak has one of his available I'm sure he'd do you a deal - and good to deal with as well. VT2b, Jada Beach, Pratumnak as well. More generally, lots of condos now with rents dropping. Small condos off Jomtien second road easily had for 7-8 k a month. I've even seen one in VT5C for 10k a month.
  3. Where is it? I have a friend who may be interested. His condo is in Pratumnak.
  4. No sign of any work at the other HIE site opposite Camelot Hotel - though they have repaired the hole in the screening!
  5. Market is dead. Prices falling. Very little selling. Still one or two buildings in Jomtien asking silly prices 60-70000 sq m + but not selling many. Many buildings under 40k sq m now.
  6. Pool looks nice in pics then you go and see the tiles in it lifting. Musty smell in buildings. Lack of maintenance clear.
  7. View Talay buildings may look like mausoleums, but they've successfully built 7 developments (not counting VT8 as it's a family member branching out) and buyers have all got their chanotes, not been cheated and buildings are still popular and decently maintained even after many years.
  8. Went with friend when he viewed some units there. IMHO (and his) it's a dump in a poor location.
  9. What do you call 'big companies'? Read some of Brutox's posts in the waterfront development thread. The Base was built by Sansiri, which is one of a VERY small number of developers who seem to get proper funding for developments, hence they are more expensive. Also, it is very central. As for current prices there, I can't remember exactly the developer price but there are a large number of condos for sale there now and you could get a 30 sq m for comfortably under 3 million - whatever the asking prices may be. I'll just give one example I came across recently, a condo development on Pratumnak Soi 6. In theory, it was completed a few years ago. Most units are still shells. Very few living there. The developer onsite will gladly sell you a unit. However, the place is entirely in the hands of Kasikorn Bank. If you go to the bank's default department you could buy a unit for considerably less than from the developer. You'd get the chanote etc OK but what happens if no other units are sold or the developer gives up? No common fees paid so no money for maintenance or security etc.
  10. Don't buy anything that isn't built yet. Developer website claims EIA approved. Construction started 2014 & due to finish 2016! Agents websites that are selling it state now in pre-approval. EIA expected 2018. Completion due 2021. Market VERY slow now. Many projects stalled.
  11. A friend is still looking for a 12 month rental starting at the end of this month. He'll pay 6 months upfront then the second 6 months in January. I'll let him know about this condo. PM me your best price
  12. You were lucky to get a multiple entry, OP. I was in the Thai Consulate in Cardiff last month and they said they'd been stopped from issuing any Multiple Entry visas.
  13. These are NOT fully genuine visas. Officials are paid under the table to give the stamp even though the correct required paperwork isn't there. IF the authorities decided to do an audit trail & check they would see the paperwork was missing/incorrect and the visas would not be valid. I know these visas have been happening this way for years, and will no doubt continue to do so, but there is a risk involved - however small that risk may be.
  14. Basically, they don't want mongers staying there.