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  1. I think he meant that the person's monthly income was below the required level so he would also need some money in the bank to combine with that to get to the required 800000 baht. If your monthly income meets the requirements then it doesn't matter what you have in the bank.
  2. Luxurious? Not really. You mentioned Northshore, which is probably the 'best' in Central Pattaya, otherwise I guess a couple of the developments at Wong Amat.
  3. Sorry, I'm out of the thread now. You've obviously already decided on your 'plan' regardless. Good luck. I think you're going to need it.
  4. The people who tend to be more successful in renting out condos they own are those that live in Pattaya and do the day-to-day running of things themselves. Even then, a lot have empty condos a good part of the time. Obviously, LOCATION is a crucial part. It's much easier to rent out in Central Pattaya BUT prices are much higher to buy in the first place. Also, don't expect to be able to liquidate assets whenever you want. It can take a long time to sell - again depending on location. Yes, people have bought condos, got a return on investment by renting and sold at a profit 10-15 years later so it is possible. Equally, people are stuck with condos that they can't rent or sell. If you really want to buy property as investment I can think of dozens of countries which would be a better bet than Thailand.
  5. I, and a few others, answered a similar question here: It's easier for me to paste thread than type again ;-) If you don't mind me saying, you seem to be set on buying a condo and using an agent to rent it out for you. You seem an ideal 'target' for the many shyster agents in Pattaya. Be careful. Also, there are a huge number of empty condos on the rental market so don't rely on getting any income to cover costs. You may be lucky or the condo could just sit empty for years.
  6. There will be a lot of regulars who booked next Christmas when they were there last Christmas. Yes, I see the VT7 ones all booked up. Dancewatchers will be very busy as well - though have lots of condos. Jai Dee Mak may be a good bet.
  7. I stay in Jomtien each trip now. It can be a pain getting to Pattaya, especially in high Season, but overall I prefer it. Trying a different condo each trip to work out where I may prefer to be when I eventually start staying longer-term.
  8. BM Jai Dee Mak has a few very nice condos in VT2B - I think he's renting a large 1-bed for your budget. He also has a couple in Pratumnak. Send him a message. The website is http://www.condopattaya-rent.com/ Dancewatchers have a lot of condos in VT2A. Some may be in your price range. An American BM rents a few - mainly in VT7. Probably outside your price range but his rents include electricity & water so no extras to add, the website is http://www.viewtalaycondos.com/ Hope that helps.
  9. I won't go into detail on here but AVOID NEW NORDIC
  10. I've not stayed in any of those but if you're only going for a week you really don't want to be messing around changing hotels. Pick one.
  11. Yes. I hope for my friend's sake that the sinking fund is properly in place. However, there is a serious shortage in the General Fund. No money to buy much equipment etc and staff not always being paid - from what I understand.
  12. I'm just going on a few chats over Christmas. Think it's a reasonable, quiet building - though he doesn't actually live there as he's rented the unit out. It is in the hands of the Juristic Person & Management Committee now though so don't think he's expecting the developers to provide anything else - he was running around looking for sun loungers for the pool as hardly any had been put there!
  13. I know someone who's an owner there. He seems to be content with his purchase but there are some issues. eg developer promising certain things (sauna I think?) that haven't been provided; apparently, no funds in condo accounts to properly buy equipment or pay staff a decent wage etc etc. Still early days so guess it depends on how the relatively new owners management committee turn out. Think the Juristic Person is finding difficult to get things done properly as developer is no longer interested in doing anything.
  14. This has got to be a wind-up!
  15. http://www.thaigarden.com/ http://www.pattayagardenresort.com/ http://www.sunshinegardenhotel.com/ http://www.pattayapark.com/ac-bungalow.html Don't know if any of those are any good, or what prices are. I know little about any of them.