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  1. I walked into VT6 over Christmas and both Honey and one of the other agents downstairs (Condo 6??) were very happy to show me condos. You could always stay in the Penthouse Suite at the Hilton ;-)
  2. As you saw, I mentioned it in the Travelex thread. Regardless of what legal limit may be, officials at LHR quite clear that as far as they're concerned you must have proof of origin of any funds above £1000. I'd guess thousands carry at least that every day!
  3. I think what he means is: First paragraph: the rules say that to transfer funds online it can only be for a Thai national with legitimate purpose e.g. Fees for Thai student abroad or a farang with a work permit in Thailand sending money home. Second paragraph: because you didn't identify funds coming into Thailand in the first place as being 'to purchase a condo' and because you haven't sold a condo that was actually registered in your name, then you can no longer claim to be sending the proceeds of a 'condo sale' out of Thailand under the rules that allow that. You are simply doing a 'normal' money transfer which is more restricted. In summary, you are fucked. Seriously though, there's always a way around the rules in Thailand through agents etc but you will need to be in Thailand to sort it & you may have to accept it will cost more to get the cash out than you would like.
  4. It's right on the baht bus route. Frequent baht buses from the end of the drive to/from Pattaya for 10 baht.
  5. Probably not - unless you're lucky. If they stick to the rules, you have to show the money to buy the condo originally came from overseas. Was it registered in your name (as Foreign Owned)? If so, you should have had the relevant form from the bank at the time you registered it.
  6. It's called something like 'Heathrow - the world's busiest airport' ?? Behind the scenes look at the airport. Third series just finished - only 3 episodes. Guess it's on ITV Player?? As I said, it just happened that the last episode showed the currency sniffer dog at work.
  7. I know there's rarely a problem it was just the coincidence of reading your post this morning after watching the ITV program on my Sky+ last night. :-) I did find Supercard very useful when buying stuff online from the EU (eg beer from Belgium) & online gifts in Australia for family there. I'll probably use Revolut for that now but don't like having to top up first.
  8. Just hope you avoid the sniffer dogs going through Heathrow :-) Watched the last episode of the new series about LHR on ITV this week & it showed them at work. They can tell which bags have cash inside & the staff said if there's more than £1000 then the passenger had to prove where it came from. If not, it's confiscated for further investigation. Program showed them confiscating a few lots of cash. I know it doesn't happen often but it would be a pretty lousy start to a trip. As for me, I just prefer to transfer money to my Thai bank account before each trip - despite it costing more than taking cash. The Supercard was just a useful backup rather than having to use bank debit card or credit card.
  9. Are you registered for online banking with your bank? If so, you could try sending through that BUT I think it's limited in how much you can send and there are other restrictions. TBH, I think you'll probably need to go into a branch in Thailand with proof of where the money came from and proof you sent the money into Thailand when you originally bought the condo. I hope I'm wrong.
  10. For a week - VT7. For a longer stay, a 1-bed is always a good idea if within budget.
  11. Yes, I got one too. Perhaps someone can check out the fine print and see how it compares with Revolut :-) TBH, it doesn't immediately appeal as you have to 'load' it before using. The best thing about Supercard was it linked to other cards/accounts so could be used easily. I also noticed the new card has to be collected from a Travelex store. I wouldn't normally go where there is one!
  12. First, apologies for starting a new topic on this. I tried to find the thread where a few of us discussed this and other cards but couldn't find it. I just saw on Twitter that Travelex are stopping the Supercard service from 24 July. I haven't been contacted by them about this even though I have one. I know it wasn't ideal for use in Thailand but I found it a useful back-up when travelling there and used it when buying things from overseas to be delivered to me in the U.K. and when sending gifts to relatives in Australia. I guess I'll have to reacquaint myself with how Revolut works now just in case I need that as a back-up!
  13. This is the main reason I won't use AirBnB. I usually stay for a month or so in Pattaya and the 'long-term rental' rules were so patently unfair I actually contacted AirBnB to check I was understanding them properly. I don't even consider using them now.
  14. Should be fine. Income needs to be shown in £ and not converted to baht. Thai Immigration do that at the current rate. You fill in a form for the Embassy that shows your income & must show them proof that is correct. Letter from Pension Provider and/or bank statement would be fine. Think the current fee is around 2500 baht or so?
  15. Obviously Jomtien side. Low floor - 4???