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  1. You don't need a visa so long as you will not be exceeding 90 days in a 6 month period.
  2. Not sure but unlike Thailand, I believe the ATM fee owould be somewhat less than 2/3 of what a Canadian on minimum wages would make in a standard work day.
  3. When I pull 20K from a Thai ATM, I'm charged fees of 220 Baht by the Thai bank 630 Baht by my own Canadian bank ($5 + 2.5%). As to which bank is really taking the piss out of me, I have a different opinion. . .
  4. Thong Ta provides free airport shuttle in both directions. Agoda is always cheaper than walk in price at this hotel. . .
  5. You're good to go visa exempt based on your plan and recent history. It's not about how many trips you have been to Thailand but how many days you've been in the Kingdom. The rule is, so long as you don't exceed 90 days in any 6 month period you're OK with a Visa Exemption stamp. Ireland is on the list of countries that this rule applies. The list has now expanded to include 52 countries. . .
  6. Not so in Thailand. My friend says transgender mosquitos are more aggressive and out perform their female counterparts when it comes to sucking you dry.
  7. I could certainly understand such a reaction if the room was infested with a far more sinister and potentially deadly insect. One that will attack you while you sleep and the fatal bite often painless. Watch out for these in Thailand as they are quite common and listed as the most deadly animal in the world, by a very large margin: .
  8. I checked it out last month and the deal breaker was the noisy construction next door. I'm glad I didn't pre-book this hotel. Even when the construction is done, rooms on that side will be undesirable because the balconys are right up against the next building. .
  9. Amazing and harmless little creatures (unless you are allergic). Too bad they get such a bad rap in western cultures.
  10. Be aware that the information on the Canadian Thai embassy web site has not been updated since 2011 and does not reflect this change that occurred on 20 Dec 2013 and still says (in error)15 days. http://www.thaiembassy.ca/en/visiting-thailand/visas/tourist-visa-exemption Other G7 nations have updated this info on their web sites: http://www.thaiembassyuk.org.uk/?q=node/188 http://www.thaiconsulate.jp/en/need_visa/ Keep an eye on the official Thai Consular web link for the most up to date info: http://www.consular.go.th/main/th/customize/62281-Summary-of-Countries-and-Territories-entitled-for.html .
  11. Not the case for Canadians. For the past approximately 3 years, Nationals from G7 countries (UK, U.S.A, Canada, Italy, Germany, Japan, France) as well as Malaysian Nationals get 30 days when entering Thailand via land crossings. And a correction to my previous post. The max stay using visa exempt stamps, is 90 days accumulative in a 6 month period. Approximately 6 months in a year is still possible with visa exempt stamps, but only if done in accordance with the aforementioned rule.
  12. A short trip out by land or air would work so long as you have not been in LOS for a total of 6 months accumulative, in the past 12. You don't need to bother with the time or expense getting a visa in whatever foreign country you choose, as you qualify for a 30 day visa exempt stamp when you return to LOS.
  13. Apex to LK Metro, you go left when you exit & left again on Soi Diana (Soi 13). .