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  1. sandy spring hotel

    10% off with the card if i remember right so you save if you stay for more then a few days. Location wise its awesome, quiet soi(though hooters wasnt there last time i stayed there) Walk up to 2nd rd and across is a good pharmacy plus small shop so you can get food/water cheap. Sportsman pub next door is great as is the place across the rd, kings something.
  2. Price wise where do they sit? Another thing i found is drivers get sea me spring mixed up with sandy spring, get to wrong hotel sometimes
  3. Ive stayed there, not the cheapest around but its ok due to the mentioned pros. One thing the floors tiles and if you give a tg a pounding the bed ends up all over the room 555 If i could find a place nearby that was cheaper but similar id jump at it. I like that its very quiet soi, quick to br and 2nd rd and shop/pharmacy
  4. Sandy springs soi 13, or any of the hotels on soi 13. Very close to lk. Its a quiet soi too.
  5. Take a day or two off, until its better then you will be good to go again If its sore and inflamed you may need medical assistance
  6. Ubiquiti unifi access points are pretty good guys if you want something decent in your condos
  7. Baywalk Residence or Soi 13?

    Sandy springs is ok, maybe ask staff for a look at rooms. One of the ppl i am with said their bed was too hard so the staff came and replaced it with a softer one. If you go there for more then a couple days sign up as vip, u get a good discount
  8. East Phuket advice

    Yeah after one trip to patong i wanted to go back but the taxis put me off big time! Get car sick. Had good fun where i was, but nothing like pattaya, funny tho that i found more attractive from a very limited selection(20 maybe) then from 1000 in patts tho it was probably just the fact i had limited options so they were looking better haha.
  9. East Phuket advice

    Well was in rawai, no dramas finding p4p but limited options, not that it mattered at all. The girls there never ask you to buy them a drink either which was nice.
  10. East Phuket advice

    ouch, ok might see about getting a night or 2 accomodation in patong then by myself, get some P4P action there. not really up for the resort thing, though it looks nice etc... much rather spend some time with some thai girls
  11. East Phuket advice

    How far is the west coast from the east? Roughly how much baht to get a tuk tuk to there?
  12. HI all Just got back from Pattaya a few weeks back, had a ball! So got a call from a friend and was asked to go on a trip to phuket in 2 months time, they have paid the flight/accom/tours but one cant go so asked me rather then them not going if I wanted to go in their place, which I agreed to. Mangosteen resort is where they are staying, although I dont think its guest friendly so would be looking for my own accomodation near by... any suggestions? From what I can tell its on the east side of phuket, any tips on where to go for bar action?
  13. "Whore's Glory"

    I watched this on Netflix, interesting indeed. Spun out how cheap indian pussy is. Thai girls going to a bar to pay for a young Thai guys company certainly was a surprise too
  14. Welcome to the forums revoluti :) If you would like to help our forum, please book through our hotel system