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  1. Yes, you will find much better deals on the ground (even during high season). However, many (like me) who are only looking for a short term rental of 1-2 months don't want to go through the hassle of looking when they get there. If I was looking for a 6+ month rental, then of course I would look for a better deal on the ground. I would just like to hit the ground running knowing that I have a place to stay.
  2. The prices on the site are accurate.. You plug in your dates and it lists the available apartments. Some apartments do have high/low season pricing which is reflected in the listed price. For the most part, there are still many apartments in the 18k range for December.
  3. I rented through them in September. There is 1k processing fee. Utilities are additional. Water 40/unit, electricity 7/unit. I don't know what the govt rates are. I ended up paying about 300 baht for water, 2k for electricity (I mostly turn on the AC at night to sleep), and 650 baht for internet. So all in, I paid around 22k for the 18k apartment.
  4. There are many monthly rentals at the Base, but that is the minimum (no daily).
  5. I am looking for December like the OP, but thanks I will keep the options in mind when I go during low season. I am also only looking for 1 month rental... not long term. It seems like RFTH is the only option for online listings (besides AirBNB which seems to be overpriced). I still see many options in the 18k range at the Base on RFTH (29 sq meters is fine for me). The 35s seem to mostly start from 25k and up. After you add in utilities, it gets a bit pricey.
  6. Yes, I know what in room wifi is. I just stayed at the Base for a month. It is weird though.. I am looking for a condo for December too.. As the condos get more expensive, there is less of a mention of internet under amenities. The cheap condos seem to all have wifi though. As for cable TV, I rarely watch TV while in Thailand. I don't think many places are going to have English language channels. I always bring a TV box and stream what I want to watch. BTW, as a FYI. If you stay at building B, it can get really noisy some days. They are building a new condo next door and the jackhammer goes on starting around 10 many days! I don't know if it will be any different in building A. If anyone knows any other condos in the 20k range (in Central Pattaya area) with online listings like the Base, please let me know. I am open to suggestions.
  7. Not true. Many of the condos I looked at on the site had wifi and cable... even the cheap 18k condos. It is always extra though... (it says so in the terms also).
  8. That makes no sense. Why would it say the limit is 30k when it can't dispense it... yet it has no problem dispensing 2 back to back 20k transactions.
  9. So it sounds like the 30k limit is not universal. Maybe only certain cards? countries? Maybe it is a bait and switch to get you to use their ATM? Who knows.
  10. That is what this thread is about! K ATMs say the maximum is 30k. If it won't dispense it, why say it?
  11. My account has the daily withdrawal limit set at $1000 USD with no per transaction limits. I can pull multiple 20k baht transactions up to my limit but I just find it curious that I can't pull 30k!
  12. Yes, he was referring to the limit per transaction. 20/30k is important for those that are paying 220 baht ATM fee per transaction. Obviously, you would want to minimize these fees by pulling out as much as possible in one shot.
  13. I am staying at the Base for the first time now. There is no reception, but there is a sort of reception desk to check you in and I only see them there sporadically in the daytime. Nobody bothers you or checks IDs once you are checked in. Prices are much better than VT6.
  14. VT6 vs The Base

    Staying at the Base now. 35 sq meters suits me just fine. The view is excellent. The kitchen utils were brand new or maybe I was the only one actually using the kitchen [emoji23]. LK is not too far. Nothing bad to say about it yet. I will report back at the end of the stay.
  15. The Base

    Many reviews on it already. Prices start at 16-18k depending on the floor and view. That is excluding water/electric and wifi is additional too if they have. You need to confirm on the particular condo.