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  1. The Neverland Post

    An Interview With Robert Cameron – Owner of Laong’s Bistro and Boutique in Pattaya Pattaya, Thailand is a city unlike any other in the world. Ever year millions of tourists migrate here to escape the harsh winters of home to enjoy the plentiful offerings that the city has to offer. Tourists to Pattaya can find pretty much whatever it is that their hearts desire; from good food, relaxing beaches, cultural and historical monuments, spiritual retreats, massages, the hottest nightlife in Southeast Asia and much more. None of the above listed activities come close to topping the importance of food. Thailand is a hub of culinary activity, with so much hustle and bustle however, it can be both overwhelming and difficult to find a restaurant worth dining in. Our advice to you, the tourist, follow the lead of the expats that live here. Many expats have been in Thailand for quite some time, they have generally done the filtering out of the crappy restaurants for you and know where the good places to eat are located. One said establishment, where the expats occasionally gather is Laong's Bistro and Boutique. Owner and restaurateur Robert Cameron spared some time out of his chaotic schedule to answer some questions for The Neverland Post: NLP: Out of all the places in the world that you could have settled, why Pattaya? RC: "Pattaya, or rather Thailand as a whole has a draw to it quite unlike any other country I have “settled in”. Having lived and worked all over the world, I knew, from my first visit to Thailand that this was a country that I could happily live in, at least for a while anyhow” NLP: How old were you when you first came to Thailand? RC: "My first trip, as a tourist was at the ripe old age of 42, but boy do I wish I had come at a younger age." SEE THE FULL INTERVIEW HERE
  2. The Neverland Post

    American breakfast lovers rejoice! The International House Of Pancakes has stated that they are bringing their international deliciousness to Thailand! IHOP will open 10 locations in Thailand by 2021 in a franchise agreement with King of Pancakes Co. Ltd., an affiliate of King Food Group Company Limited. Continued....
  3. The Neverland Post

    2017 looks brighter for Thailand’s auto industry with several new technological innovations and new product launches already inbound. Eligibility of transfer of ownership is coming up for vehicles that were purchased under a government tax-break scheme for first time car buyers. The belief is that people throughout Thailand have been waiting for this opportunity to purchase a new vehicle. 2016 was a difficult year for Thailand with the death of His Royal Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej. The country saw periods of mourning and changes to functions and events throughout the land. This included some of 2016’s new release vehicles being postponed until 2017. Thailand should also see an increase in the makes and models of electric vehicles that are hitting the roads. Nissan and Mitsubishi have already announced their intentions to get an electric vehicle into production and onto the highway. READ THE FULL STORY
  4. The Neverland Post

    Thailand is a very popular tourist destination sure, but there are those individuals that have moved beyond calling it a vacation and have decided instead to call it home. The Neverland Post caught up with Andrew Jennings. Andrew is a semi-retired diving instructor, underwater photographer and Webmaster. Find out what he had to say about living abroad: NLP: Out of all the places in the world that you could have settled, why Pattaya? AJ: It just kind of happened, I actually came here on holiday and never went home, true story. I made some friends and in some ways a family a here. This played a huge part in my decision to stay. Also, due to the fact that Pattaya is centrally located and close by to Bangkok. As a professional scuba diving instructor and web designer I needed a location that that was both close to a major city and airport as well as the ocean. You might think that Phuket might seemed like a more obvious choice but I don’t like Phuket so much, it’s got an high-so (rich and snobby) attitude and cost of living there is a lot more for that reason. NLP: Do you have a business or are you employed? If so, what is the name of your establishment(s)? AJ: Initially I worked more full time a scuba diving instructor for a major PADI dive center on Pattaya Beach Road for many years. I’ve since semi-retired from teaching diving to concentrate on my Independent web design business Interweb Dynamics. READ THE FULL INTERVIEW
  5. The Neverland Post

    Spirits, ghosts, deities and other mysterious phenomena hold a very important place in Thai life, culture and history. One does not even need to ask a Thai person whether or not they believe in ghosts because you can almost be certain the answer will be yes. One of the most well-known and revered ghosts is the spirit of Mae Nak. The original story of Mae Nak took place in the mid 1800’s. Nak was a beautiful young woman who was married to a man named Maak, who she loved with all of her heart and soul. The two lived in a house near the Phra Khanong River just south of Bangkok in a stilted house in the forest. Maak and Nak lived together for a while and Nak became pregnant. Soon after finding out about the pregnancy however, her beloved Maak was sent off to war. While he was gone Nak fell victim to child bearing complications and neither she nor the baby survived. Instead of crossing over, her spirit clung to this realm with the love that she had for her husband. Nak returned to their house along the shores of the river and waited for her husband to come home from the war.... READ FULL ARTICLE HERE
  6. The Neverland Post

    When I post photos from a couple of years ago on my social media feeds, I always have someone that contacts me to ask me how I dropped my weight. Surely I must have busted my ass in the gym every day or found a magic pill right? As someone who has taken every diet pill under the sun in a search for said magic pill, I’ll be the first one to tell you that it doesn’t exist. Laxatives, ephedrine, Red Line drinks and concentrate, Stacker 1, 2 and 3’s and many other pills have gone down my gullet through the years. None of them did anything, unless you count shaking like a crack head. When it comes to fitness and the gym, my official stance is that it is not a necessity. Change your opinion of the gym. Do not look at it like something you HAVE to do. Start looking at gym time as “extra credit.” So if it isn’t the hours spent in the gym or a magic pill, then how did you do it? READ THE FULL ARTICLE
  7. The Neverland Post

    While property investment can be a risky endeavor, long-term buy to let properties represent a potentially safe and strong investment opportunity, if chosen with consideration. We have collected some of the factors to consider before choosing a buy to let investment.... READ FULL ARTICLE HERE For More Thailand Stories, Blogs, News and More CLICK HERE!
  8. The Neverland Post

    Short on breath? Ticker not ticking quite as good as it used to? Are you the type that has a gym membership that you never use? Well cancel that membership and stack away your funds. A new study shows that staring at the chesticles of a woman for a few minutes a day is actually healthier for you. 10 minutes of ogling is the equivalent of a 30-minute crossfit workout. Sexual arousal of any type gets the blood flowing, releases dopamine and endorphins in the brain and has been known to jumpstart the otherwise flaccid nether-regions of men around the globe. SEE FULL ARTICLE HERE For More Thailand Stories, Blogs, News and More CLICK HERE!
  9. The Neverland Post

    Trident Energy out of London is looking for the next big energy asset in Southeast Asia. The number one focus will be a search for mid-life producing assets that then can be redeveloped to boost the value. Trident Energy is comprised of mostly former senior executives from Perenco, an Anglo-French oil firm and came to life in September. Currently they are looking at both onshore and offshore possibilities for Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia. SEE FULL STORY HERE For More Thailand Stories, Blogs, News and More CLICK HERE!
  10. The Neverland Post

    Muay Thai is as ingrained in the Thai culture as it gets. It has, in the last 30 years or so, become a very popular sport worldwide thanks to legends like Changpuek Kiatsongrit (The Crazy Elephant) and others traveling around and competing in tournaments around the world. Generally the people you see doing Muay Thai are hardened muscular tanks that have some sort of pent up anger for their opponents whenever they are in the ring. A Muay Thai grandma named Sharon Garner is defying that logic.... READ FULL STORY HERE! For More Thailand Stories, Blogs, News and More CLICK HERE!
  11. The Neverland Post

    After receiving an anonymous tip for an online ad selling baby orangutans, Thai police jumped into action. The two baby orangutans were rescued after officers posed as a buyer for the endangered animals. The seller was contacted via WhatsApp and according to one Thai man, “They agreed to buy the two orangutans for 700,000 baht and transferred a 100,000 baht down payment to a bank account that belongs to a Thai man.” .... SEE FULL STORY HERE! For More Thailand Stories, Blogs, News and More CLICK HERE!
  12. The Neverland Post

    For the people of Mawlamyine in southeast Myanmar, cataracts are a common problem. The struggle could take a turn for the better however, thanks to a new cataract surgery machine. 219 patients were chosen to undergo free cataract surgery out of thousands of patients who showed up to Banphaeo Hospital in Samut Sakhon. Though only 219 were selected, one hospital in the area received a donated cataract surgery machine and will be able to continue to carry out the much needed work. The Phacoemulsification machine was donated by Siam Cement Plc (SCG) and should help to treat the current eye issues that plague the area, as well as to reduce the amount of people suffering in the future. Currently, due to the cost of the treatment for cataracts in the area, many people simply opt not to get it corrected.... SEE FULL STORY HERE! For More Thailand Stories, Blogs, News and More CLICK HERE!
  13. The Neverland Post

    Private investments in Thailand next year are expected to increase drastically according to The Finance Ministry. The ministry is extremely optimistic about the future of Thailand’s economy and estimates private investments of around 400 billion baht in 2017. A private investment of this magnitude means that the Thai economy will reach the projected 4-5% growth next year. Somchai Sujjapongse, the Secretary of Finance for the Ministry stated that the public investment spree will encourage the private sector. Full Story Here
  14. The Neverland Post

    Thailand is a place where you never have to grow up. That being said, we like it here. The Neverland Post is about highlighting the positive sides of Thailand and steering clear of the typical police reports and ambulance chaser reports. Our site is constantly changing and evolving to include new features and areas of focus to show Thailand for the amazing place that it is. We bring you the stories, blogs, news and more that is worth reading and skip over the rest. Sure, Thailand has its fair share of the haters, you won't find any of them here. All negativity can stay in the comments section, as we believe that is what it is there for, and that everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Join us on our adventures, fall in love with Thailand and start living the life of a lost boy (or girl). Growing up, responsibility and nine-to-five life is for individuals that are "OK" with being mediocre, we know there is SO much more to live for. Attached Images Chiang Mai saw the unveiling of a new observatory on the highest mountain in Thailand yesterday. The opening ceremony was presided over by Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri. SEE FULL STORY HERE!
  15. First Thai Funeral

    I have been to countless American funerals through the years... No issues whatsoever. I think something inside of me is either broken, or not tuned in correctly anymore.   I had the honor today to attend a very close Thai friend's mother's funeral. I knew of his mom and had met her a couple of times, but we were not close. I do however, love him like a brother. The fact of the matter is, I am a little fucked in the head from working in Afghanistan for 6 years. It has a tendency to do that to people. You get used to living in your little cage and you know what to look for in order to spot something that is out of place. Of course people shoot at you and you get the occasional suicide bomber on base or ground attack yadda yadda yadda. I have been back in the city now for a little over a year and still cannot unscrew some of the little things (Another blog another time)   So I'm standing outside of the building at Wat Chai and up walks my friend. I literally watched his eyes going from being ok to being filled with instant sorrow the second that he saw me. We were very close before and have not seen each other for about 4 months. He also did not know that I knew what was going on. So up he walks, no words were spoken just that long embrace of two people who understand and are on the same emotional level at that moment in time. We finish the hug and he keeps saying thank you.   After about 15 to 20 minutes of catching up, they do the ceremony for the wake where you go in and over the pool of water is the deceased's hand and you pour a water on the hand to say your goodbyes is what I took away from it. I didn't feel like I belonged. I wasn't completely sure what was going on with me but I knew if I went inside of that room I would fall apart and I had a feeling that his family would look at me weird (what the hell is the Farang crying about). So as everyone went inside, outside I stayed. When your best Thai friend (who doesn't speak a lick of English) looks at you and says "Paul, please" with his outstretched hand, what can you do. I went inside and let myself fall apart.   To my surprise however, when I walked out into the light from the building I was not met with awkward glances... I was met with looks of acceptance and understanding. Nobody knew me, the only white person at the funeral from before except my friend, yet everyone looked at me with the eyes of family. I have never felt more respected in my entire life, honestly. It was the most spiritual and amazing experience. I could not bring myself to go back to the second ceremony today. One day of that kind of sadness over someone that I barely knew is enough.   I did however promise that I would attend the burning tomorrow... I'm sure that will kick me right in the feels too..   ~End Rant~ Fritos