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  1. My comment was to the OP.
  2. Mate it's not Rcon residence that I was talking about. [email protected] on the opposite street is the hotel i mentioned.
  3. Struggling for hotel

    Try [email protected] mate. Brilliant hotel for the price. I was getting 780 in low season and I expect it shouldn't be no more than 1100 for peak season. Just off soi Buakhow. Location is excellent for the baht bus route to walking street, walking distance to LK metro, soi honey, soi Diana etc. 3 min mototaxi to soi 6. Highly recommend it for a fellow scouse red
  4. Best Budget digs

    Book first 2 nights in [email protected] through agoda etc then when you want to extent pay at reception daily, it's cheaper. If I remember correctly I was being quoted roughly 1000b on agoda then when paying at reception to extend my stay i was paying 780 a night. Location is perfect.
  5. Best Budget digs

    [email protected] 780baht a night. Can't be beaten for the price and room quality.
  6. So basically a return ticket and funds to live eat?
  7. What are the requirements for a Thai national to gain a visa for the U.K.? It would only be short term for around 30 days.
  8. Thanks. Ok right we've already got an actual site, domain name an hosting site, just need it all changing an setting up so we can run traffic through it and earn money. Where to go from here?
  9. Sorry I should of mentioned we have a 'template' website already set up but we are clueless of how to run our traffic through the site and all the technical coding that comes along with building a website. If anyone has got any tips, information or knows a person who can help? Thanks.
  10. Hi lads Has anybody got experience or know someone in the U.K. Who is any good at setting up websites? Looking at setting up a web page and running a lot of Facebook traffic through the site. We have pages on Facebook with over 2 million 'likes' so there is quite a fair bit of traffic to run through a website. We have never set a website up before and we are clueless where to start. The website would be similar to 'The Lad Bible' Obviously not to everyone's taste but we feel that with our current traffic it could potentially be a hit and earn us quite a bit of money in our spare time. Would possibly be linking our YouTube channel to the site too and that would contain future videos of Pattaya and Thailand. Can anyone help or give us tips?
  11. Good news though the pound strengthened today against the baht, just a little. £1 = 44.83 today. Hoping for a steady and steep rise for when I arrive in April
  12. So why did you say 1000 baht isn't worth much at the current rate? It's probably the most expensive it's ever been.
  13. 1000 baht not being worth much because the rate has dropped to 42B to the pound. Doesn't that mean that 1000 baht is now worth more?
  14. This is deffo a bar girl asking for things to do her flat up