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  1. DK Motorbike Rentals The Best Deals on Wheels

    Any choppers in here ? 400-800cc ??
  2. Free pod coffee machine to whoever wants it..

    I pay 600 baht for it. I'm coming very soon to patts. I can buy the capsules and bring them. I'm a collector of coffe mashines. I always bring a Nespresso pixie with me. But if you agree, i won't take mine with me.
  3. I was in BB, the same office. I was about to open the same account there. I was told that there was an annual fee, it was less than 700. just don't remember exactly. All in all, it's nice to have an account in Los but I suggest the bank i mentioned above. An other benefit, you can do internett banking.....
  4. I forgot to mention that with BBs card you pay fee when you use other banks' Atms even in Bkk region.... The OP can maybe confirm that
  5. Having account in this bank costs little more than KrugSri bank Withdraws are free of charge if you use BB's Atms in BKK region. Not in Chiang Mai, for example. But if you got account in KrugSri bank , the card costs only 350 Baht and free of charge using all Atms nationwide
  6. First I was told that when I opened. second I read that here (check out the pic) Ops !! As I mentioned in the report. BB does charge for withdraws out side the province, not in my bank's case..
  7. Here is a review about the sister hotel Ktk Regent suite
  8. If I were you, I would call Thai immigration and Japan's embassy in BKK. You'd get the correct info. But then again the question about this friendship may come up.....
  9. Ktk Regent Suite

    I forgot to mention that the hotel provides motorbike rent for nice rates...and of course they have large motorbike and car parking and also indoor parking...
  10. Ktk Regent Suite is the newest wing of Ktk Royal Residence. With only large sized rooms. The smallest is 52 sqm studios. I stayed in this hotel 3 times. I actually stayed in the same studio, I always request this same room. It's on the 7th floor and in the corner. The hotel is located in city center in a relatively quiet street, 220 meters from the well known soi 6, so having a ST from the soi is very doable... The hotel has 2 buses and 2 tuktuk that they use to drive guests 24/7 free of charge. The hotel is great great value for the money, a luxury for decent price. The hotel staff is very professional and friendly. Very clean hotel, very fresh. with a decent sized pool, sauna, gym and green golf carpet in the same floor. In addition there is an indoor pool the first floor of Royal residence which can be used. The hotel provides laundry service, the laundry is in the hotel... A cozy restaurant with good menu for small prices, they serve some good Beer burgers with salad and french fries for 150 Baht, among others. Breakfast is really delicious, a continental and westerns buffet. The studio is very clean with a good air-con, kitchenette with large fridge. The bathroom comes with separate shower and a large corner tub and a sunny large balcony... One thing is so important with the hotel staff is worth to mention is they are reliable, here I quote a statement from a fellow member in an other forum who stated his experience with this hotel.
  11. I experienced the same
  12. I stayed 4 times in Ktk Regent suite. I know that the sun shines at the pool !!!
  13. On my last trip, I arrived around 10 am to the hotel. I was dead tired, so I decided to spend the day by the pool. I managed to fall asleep. When I woke up I was read like tomato. I was sun burned !!!
  14. Confused about Booking

    Correct!! and that happens with all booking sites.....So just book your room. No worries at all