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  1. Once returning home to Thailand and then applying for a student Visa would be the only way, it might also raise suspicion doing so so soon too. A student Visa also requires the person applying to have a lot of savings and access to income from memory, the figure $80,000 seems to ring a bell without looking at the page again.
  2. As was mentioned above a VISA has been granted without providing a letter from an employer. It seems to be more about having a reason to return to Thailand, could be family, school etc. There must be others who have been in the same situation and had a VISA granted.
  3. I was under the impression that a return ticket was required or proof of leaving the country i.e. onward travel. About 2 years ago I took the kids on a trip to Fiji and had booked a one way ticket and booked the return ticket on the Fiji website - worked out cheaper. At check in in Sydney I was asked to provided proof of a return or departure from Fiji. Different countries have different processing times on acquiring a VISA, China I believe is a few days whereas the USA can be 6+ months depending on circumstances i.e. criminal record. I would expect at least 1 week minimum for Thai citizens to travel to Australia and more than likely 1 month processing time. Thailand is also regarded as a high risk country.