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  1. It's Agoda quota booked rooms, don't worry it's standard practice.
  2. it's not against the rules to share some tips to others BM
  3. Very stylish hotel but without a separate bathroom is a red flag for me, especially the bathroom sink INSIDE the room. "hey darling come to suck me when you finish to brushing your teeth !" The restaurant area with the fish tank are 5 stars and impressive tough.
  4. Official Thread:

    It's not enough when you shag every day as myself. I have to pay extra for extra towels, calling the lady to clean and wasn't available or busy.... it was a headache, some long ladies hair on the floor or in the bed and sink so i have to clean myself all the time otherwise the next lady will yak yak me and drive me nuts (you know thai ladies...). PS : it was not in Center Condo btw but that's why i don't book another condo, in my hotel i can have my room cleaned twice a day and it's perfect, they give me 6 white towels in the morning without extra, love it.
  5. Official Thread:

    Be careful with your electric bill... you can have some big surprise when you check out. Also with the clean accommodation, when you shag many girls in your room it can be a mess with dirty sheets and used towels, ladies hair in the bahtroom etc... that's why i never take a condo again, i don't want to clean my room when i'm in vacation and when i requested the lady who clean rooms she was never available. Never again.
  6. Edited the title in small caps, you don't need to scream to tell us your misadventure. as for the subject, it's remind me the China Garden issue in Soi Lengkee too, the previous owner spent thousands of baht with private company to eradicate cockroaches without any success.... this Soi must be avoid.
  7. It will be though to find a hotel broadcasting the NFL... better to come with your laptop and a streaming or NFL pass. But IMO instead of you i will watching the Playoffs in a Pub with a cold one, some sport pubs will broadcast. Go Pats Go, road to the 5th rings for Tom Brady.
  8. Stayed there again for 3 weeks, it was again a total pleasure with friendly staff and a good value for money ratio. Never had any problem except the "talkie walkie" noise from the cleaner lady in the afternoon but well.... it's Thailand not the West and i sleep until 3 PM... Still the best deal in town for a pool hotel as i'm a pool guy it's the best value for money deal you can find. Once again, book a Pool view room if you want avoid any noise, rooms are cheaper if you stay longer and for the safe issue, i always put my wallet in my suitcase who's got a 3 digit codes so never had any problem and the reception call you when the lady take back her ID card so you can verify everything.
  9. The noise come from the Buakaow street side (mostly klaxon food/towels/fruits carts and high speed motorbike), there is no noise from the "Pool side view" rooms which are a bit more expensive but they are fully booked early and worth the extra money... A deep sleeper won't be affected from the Buakaow side noise, a light sleeper will but the Pool side rooms are better IMO. I put my laptop in my suitcase with a padlock and 3 digit codes, never had any problem.
  10. especially in Phuket and the southern islands... better to stay safe.
  11. well... all can i say i was a bit disappointed. booked a standard 700 baht room, shower was great and huge but the room itself got a small window in front of a wall when you open it (1st floor), i like to have a full window and a decent view if possible instead of a wall. Aircon was damn too noisy even if in silence or low fan mode... a pain in the arse for sleeping..., small cockroaches in the bathroom :-/ as i said i don't care but the girls were picky about it and hated them. and noise from the building workers in the morning/afternoon can be annoying for light sleepers or without earplugs, they woke me up a few times... i prefer to spend a few baht more on other hotels next time, actually CN is not a bad one and can suit to many people on a budget without high expectations, the restaurant is nice and tasty, i had a good meal. cheers.