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  1. You don't need anything ,you will get your 30 day exempt visa when you fly in ,and when you leave to go to Philippines have a great time, and when you come back again you will easily get another visa exempt stamp ,no questions asked.
  2. Yes I know this but some people who actually have SETV are still getting refused entry.
  3. Your right I don't have a clue about visas. As I am 1 of that guys who work 1 month on 1 month off ,but I have a visa from the country I work in ,so the IO knows I work there and not in Thailand. So I was just seeing if anybody else was having issues as I just get the exempt visa as where I work there is no Thai Embassy /Consulate I can go to to get the SETV before I fly ,and my company only fly me to Thailand as this is where I spend my month off up in Issan with the girlfriend.
  4. I have seen reports that the IO at Sukhumvit airport have started to refuse entry to people who have had too many of these stamps in their passport and too many SETV as well ,it was also said he didn't have the 20,000 bhat on him to show, he did have a Thai ATM card but the IO wasn't interested so he has to now go and try PP and get a SETV and then go to Pattaya and sort things out that he needs to do. Anyone else having any issues entering, if this continues things are looking bleak.