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  1. wanted

    hi guys im looking for a car to buy i would like a toyota avanza preferably white, leather seats auto or manual must have docs and book etc 2014 -15 so fairly new and not to heavy on the miles cash waiting for an honest car i live up north in kalasin so en route to pattaya would be ok or in pattaya or surrounding area is fine im due into patts on nov 1st but if the right car is available i can change plans to suite any details or help appreciated guys regards andy
  2. La Cerise Closed?

    thanks mate will look into it
  3. La Cerise Closed?

    in all the times ive stayed there the owners never spoke once-always looked the other way-french couple-cheryl was the manager a filipino great lady-i too ate in the b lue heeler - max is a great guy------ really they went too upmarket with the restaurant--their biggest downfall was that there were no ladies on hand that would have helped enormously--especially out front in the patio bar area,i think they missed a trick there-with that they could have used a room or 2 for ST and could have turned their fortune around
  4. La Cerise Closed?

    only one time-however the next day i was told that the people dining there were possible future owners of the place with the current owners -hence the large array of food on display.obviously the sale never went through hence its demise.i ate there one evening only because i was quite ill.i had a bowl of home made tomato soup-campbells from a can--180 baht !!! i think all bread and cakes came from the continental ?
  5. La Cerise Closed?

    the owners i believe are french-and have also interests in property development,and concrete repairs and re coating.the everyday manager was fantastic -a filipino -more mature lady.i think more time was wrongly devoted to other interests rather than the guest house.great shame
  6. La Cerise Closed?

    have stayed there around 12 times and had always been highly satisfied-cheryl-fantastic lady-over a year ago-maybe 2 now the restaurant closed and sectioned off from the guest house-which was the death nell-over time and staff cutbacks you could see the writing on the walls-staff couldnt clean the rooms because there was no one to mind reception one time i couldnt open the safe -it was still locked from the previous guest-they couldnt go up to the room and unlock with keys ,again because no one to look after reception-it took 4 days to get the problem resolved---it would be sometimes 2or 3 days between cleaning because the cleaning lady was on reception and couldnt leave the desk.the last straw was cheryl asking me what time i was going to be back in the evening so she could lock up the hotel for the night and go home----i felt like a naughty little school boy that had to be home before 10pm-after that i moved sois and hotels i just new no one could go on like that-dont know if they are still trading-but what a shame great place i guess just not loved enough by guests to keep it viable
  7. they want a copy of the acc number and name page and also the balance page. the letter from the bank and the coppies have to be made on the same day as application now .mine was done the day previous to application and had to re do so please beware
  8. i was told you can not extend until after it has expired,after that you have up to one year to do so
  9. would it be possible for anyone or preferably the owner to post some up to date photos of the staff? in town in jan would like some pics to get me interested many thanks.andy
  10. Rooms

    there are many many rooms on soi lengkee but the one i use all the time is la cerise.its on a corner opposite famaily mart half way in the soi.the standard rooms are a little small but ok.very very clean,and all the fixtures and fittings are top quality.surround sound in all rooms.around 1000bt low season 1100 high.well worth avisit