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  1. Balcony is approx. 5m x 1.7m (~8 m2). Deffo big enough for cocktails for two. A bit cramped for a full-on balcony rave...
  2. 3rd floor, north facing. And here's the bath. Can confirm the TGs like it. Tub fits two (just about).
  3. That's exactly my idea. I live in the same building, I could help you out with any overflow. Appreciate the assist!
  4. Special discount available for BMs with 15000+ posts
  5. Spacious 81 sq. m 1-bed condo @ South Pattaya / Pratumnak. THB 18,000 Breezy hilltop location on baht bus route: 5 mins to Walking Street or Jomtien.Large north-facing bedroom (stays cool) & balcony with city view.Extra-thick wall construction & double-glazed windows.Well-equipped kitchen, microwave, espresso machine etc. Large bathroom with bath / shower. Nicely furnished throughout. Flat-screen TV + Bluetooth sound-bar. Fast wi-fi & cable TV included.Swimming pool, jacuzzi & gym. Secure underground parking.Rent @ THB 18,000 for six-month contract or longer. Short-term rent / sale also negotiable.
  6. No shortage of jokers / thieves around these parts, agree 100%. Also possible that some good people / good investors remain, but right now aren't much tempted by the risk / reward on offer. I'd put myself in that category. Not that I believe the sky is falling, but there's a certain lack of clarity on the operating environment for certain types of businesses in this town. A decade or so ago the opportunities / realistic returns seemed better. Still, being bold when others are fearful often pays off -- and I certainly respect anyone who starts a business from scratch in LoS and makes a good go of it.
  7. Freudian slip? 'Cos I see many investments going down in this here town...
  8. Retirement visum

    Yep, sounds about right. I was going to say " discuss the Catholic schism." But yours is better, not to mention far more likely.
  9. Retirement visum

    Does visum rhyme with jism? An old bloke called Chisholm Was applying for a new visum But on his way into Jomtien He stopped off at Devil's Den And... (I'll let someone else do the last line)
  10. Before you blow your budget check if the bike has a small sticker showing frame size [emoji12]
  11. From centre of bottom bracket (where cranks attach to frame) to top of seat tube (where seat post attaches to frame).
  12. More than a few here: Free shipping, usually 2-3 days. Q
  13. Nong Fah can really shake it!

    An absolutely world class ass + the power of social media = 311,000 followers on Facebook!
  14. I also had to go upstairs to visit Transnational Crime Suppression when I renewed my tourist visa last month. And I also had to provide my condo title deed this time. The building's business card was accepted as sufficient proof of residence three months earlier. Thai govt. Is obviously under pressure to be *seen* to be doing something after the recent discovery that terrorists can easily bribe their way into the country. As usual, the words horse and stable door spring to mind. My favourite LoS quote: "Thailand usually does the right thing in the end, but only after exhausting all other options."
  15. Last time I checked, a condo only qualifies as an investment for visa purposes if owned for a minimum of five years. So I don't think an investment visa can be 'bought' in this way. That was a few years ago, so the rules may have changed. Plus info from the UK Thai consulate may well differ from Thai consulates elsewhere.