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  1. I got my Jack Russel terrier from a rescue centre when he was about 3 years old. He is pretty quiet. Definitely does not yap. He does growl a lot when playing with a toy and is imagining it's a rat so he shakes the living daylights out of it. Best breed I've ever had. Except when he picks fights with bigger dogs.
  2. Don't take a pug, they have number of breathing and respiratory problems which get worse with age. Have you considered Jack Russel terrier ? Great dogs but they do need exercise and stimulation. If you give them both they are better than any digital entertainment package !!
  3. I've done 'walk in booking ' a couple of times. Usually booked first 3 or 4 days in a hotel before I leave home then scoped out a few possible places while I was in Pats. I've found a real mixed experience. I've had prices way above Agoda quoted to me and walked to next hotel and got a good 7 nights for 6 deal. There's no golden rule but strolling in without luggage and being prepared to turn around and walk away doesn't harm your chances. 24/7 Boutique Hotel in Soi Honey gave me the 7 nights for price of 6 deal. Also Areca Lodge quoted me the same price as Agoda and then the girl on reception said if I joined their Areca Club scheme (a loyalty scheme) then I got a discount on my booking. So its the curate's egg syndrome. Good in some places, bad in others. Just be prepared to jog on to the next place if you dont like the offer.
  4. Areca is very good and one of my favourites. Also stayed in 24/7 Boutique Hotel in Soi Honey which is newish and well furnished. Bit cheaper than Areca. But if pool and pool side food and drink service are important for you the I'd firmly opt for the Areca Lodge
  5. I was there 5 nights and had a girl every night. There was no 500 baht guest or joiners fee. In fact no one even asked to look the girls ID, which I found unusual. If you can get Areca Lodge ,in same street, Soi Diana, for similar price I would chose that.
  6. I checked out today and they said I'd used beer from the fridge. I hadn't. I Just said No, no beer and they back tracked and said OK. So given that a similar thing happened to another person today I think it is a minor scam. It wouldn't stop me staying there again. More worryingly I asked for a wake up call as a back up to my phone's alarm. Never happened. I walk past reception , to grab some outside breakfast, about 10 minutes after the alarm call should have been made and asked what happened to my call. Blank stare like I just asked a question in Martian.
  7. Electronic in room safes. And I've never had any problems with things being taken from.thrm in any of the hotels I've stayed in. It is odd that they provide tea, coffee, cups etc but no kettle !
  8. I've just checked in today. First time here, yes it's a bit old but in first impression there is none of the shabbiness that some have said. Room is huge and you could swim a lap in the bath. One slight niggle, it's a shower over the bath buy without a curtain or divider. I'd rather have a shower cubicle. But happy so far. Nice woman at the check in too
  9. Brilliant ! Like something out of UK TV 'Only Fools and Horses' She must love you !!
  10. I've stayed in both and given the prices OP is quoting I chose to stay in Areca. The Evergreen wing is new and rooms are upto date, except the dumb shower over the bath which is a pain. However Areca has 2 big pools as well as pool side service - not just drinks but meals can be delivered to your sun lounger. Also Areca breakfast is far superior. 24/7 breakfast is across the road in Honey Lodge and is not as good as what you get at Areca. And I know its a small, stupid point but at night I love walking out of the Areca reception standing on the steps overlooking Soi Diana and just weighing up in which direction I should begin the night's action.
  11. Great review LW. I really like the Areca and have stayed a few times. As a few others have said, the best way to Evergreen is 50 metres to Soi 15 and then through The Avenue shopping mall. But I like the overall size of the place, you can sit next to one of the two pools and almost feel you are in a resort hotel and pool side food and drink service is very good. Last trip they even had those little remote control devices so that you could call one of the waiters over to your lounger and give him your order.
  12. If air con gym is a must for you the try Pattaya Blue Sky on Soi 5, big air con gym on top floor next to pool. Cool water and towels provided. Price on Agoda is 1000 baht a night including taxes. Great place
  13. Soi Honey Hotels

    24/7 Boutique Hotel, I stayed there last August/September. Modern, well furnished rooms, small pool on roof. Breakfast included in price and served in Honey Inn opposite. When I stayed price was a bit more expensive than Honey Inn, but it is variable. I liked the place, very helpful and friendly staff.
  14. Great post LW, thanks. I usually stay in Areca, it's pools, prime location and great breakfast make it my number one choice. But I did stay in 24/7 hotel following one of your recommendations and did not regret it. Made an excellent alternative when Areca was full. Great room, friendly staff. I'd also add Pattaya Blue Sky on Soi 5 to the list. Large rooms, better bathroom than Areca, big roof top pool and excellent big gym. I booked via Agoda for 1000 baht a night including tax and service. Didn't include breakfast. Very guest friendly, good looking cleaner on 4th floor.... And no I didn't try it with her, I had LLT with me.
  15. Areca Lodge

    .... Oh yes, I should add that the WiFi is now excellent. Seemless from room to lobby to pool areas.