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  1. I just spent a month (September 2015) in Thailand. Two weeks on vacation, with occasional check-ins at work. Then I had to work 8 hours a day for the last two weeks. So good wifi was critical. I've got two laptops, both running two different VPNs. Here's what I experienced... The Dawin - Bangkok I spent ten days in Bangkok at the Dawin on Soi 4. Just a few minutes walk to Nana Plaza. Excellent wifi! I had to login to their wifi each day but that was no problem. The signal was strong and consistent. Never had a problem. The hotel is very clean. The small bar in front is open 24 hours a day. So when I finished work at 4:00 AM I could have a few drinks before going to bed. I could even carry my laptop from my room to the bar and the wifi never cut out. Friendly staff. 100% girl and ladyboy friendly. Comfortable beds. Breakfast not that great. But there's a place about half way towards Nana that has 24 hour breakfast. Don't remember the name, sorry. Highly recommend this hotel. S31 - Bangkok NICE hotel! Super comfortable beds. Centrally located. Fantastic breakfast. Don't know about girl-friendly. I brought my own. Very good internet. Expensive, but worth it. I would stay again. Amari Vogue - Krabi 5-star hotel and totally worth it! Best breakfast I've ever had in any country! I might write up a review about this in a separate thread. But for this thread, the wifi was just acceptable in the room. Not good elsewhere. And cell phone signal is sketchy. On to Pattaya... I booked Nam several times on this trip to drive me from Bangkok to Pattaya. And back. And forth. Highly recommended! Great lady. Great driver. Take care of her if you can. I mention her because when she dropped me off at this first hotel, she said she only takes Indians here... Centara Pattaya Yes, the guests were predominantly from India. But so what? This hotel has the best wifi I have ever experienced in a hotel. I would have stayed longer but they were fully booked. In low season. Why? Probably because the rooms are really nice and the price is really low. I paid about 1600 Baht per night. Great beds. Great food. And I had a really great view of the ocean. The in-room menu is tiny. But if you go to the restaurant in the lobby and order off the full menu they will bring it to your room. I did have a connection issue during a heavy storm, but it cleared up quickly. And one of the best things about the hotel is that it is a very short walk to Soi 6. I can't recommend this hotel enough. Amari Nova - Pattaya Piece 'o shit! Wifi was almost non-existant. And the room smelled like ammonia. AVOID! VT6 Condotel - Pattaya A "hotel" inside of VT6. I booked for four nights because I had read here that the wifi was fantastic. It was not. It was consistent, but slow. I stayed in room 20-762. 20th floor. I can't imagine a better view. You can see the Pattaya sign. And you can see the beachfront in Pattaya and all the way to the ocean over by Jomtien. If wifi isn't a priority, I highly recommend. It's a little rundown. Just a little. And the bed is second-rate. But the lighting is cool. Lots of dimmer switches. The AC is small but worked great! And it had a fan which really helped. Very girl friendly. I didn't have to sign anyone in. But it seemed like you could sign a girl in if you wanted to. I would stay here again if I didn't need to work. Oh... it's a long walk just to get outside. The building is huge! And the hallways aren't air-conditioned. So by the time you walk all the way to the elevator, then ride it down, then walk all the way to the front door... then down the stairs... then down the driveway to 2nd Road... you're pretty warm. And for some reason there's no Beach Road exit. Not that I found anyway. Lastly, this is the first place I've found where you don't need to leave the key in a slot to keep the power on. I turned the AC off when I left (and it stayed cool due to good insulation) but you could leave it on if you want. 10/10 Bangkok - The Dawin Pattaya - Centara Pattaya 0/10 Pattaya - Amari Nova Suites (nothing "sweet" about it)
  2. I stayed at Four Seasons Place in early February of 2015. Booked the cheapest room and for some reason they upgraded me to a HUGE suite! It was fantastic! I had a view of the pool on one side. And two balconies looking out to the other side. Living room with DVD player. Kitchen/dining room. One and a half bathrooms. Office. (Good storage room for the empy suitcases.) Great water pressure. AC could be set to FREEZE! Bed was incredibly comfortable. Very acceptable internet speed. I VPN'd to work every day and it was great. And the place was super quiet! I never heard a sound from another room. They have a van/car service to take you wherever you need to go for free. (Not sure how far, but Walking Street and Central Festival were no problem.) You have to find your own way back. But you can call them and they will pick you up for 200 Baht until 4:00 AM. Or you can take a taxi (don't pay more than 200 Baht from Walking Street. Some taxis will say 300. Walk away. They will either say, "ok, 200", or you can easily find another cab for 200.) Or you can hop on a scooter taxi for 100 Baht. Sometimes I had to wait 15-30 minutes for the van to be available. But they've got a great restaurant/bar by the pool where I grabbed a drink and waited. All the staff speaks great English and they were so friendly! No joiner fees and they were nice to every girl (and ladyboy) that I brought home. Only bad thing I can say was that the bathroom lights were VERY dim, and the furniture was kind of old. But it was comfortable. I'll definitely stay there again. Don't stay at Centara Pattaya near Soi 6. They were very rude/cold to the girl I brought home. She wouldn't tell me what they said. "It was nothing," she said. But it didn't sound like nothing. Really pissed me off.