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  1. Where is the best place to meet retirees, preferably from the UK, and where there is a good nightlife scene, there are things I want to find out about the Philipines. I am planning a trip there in the near future for a few days, from what I understand, I should base myself in either Manila or Angeles City. Thank You.
  2. Anyone recommend a company for visa run to Cambodia for visa stamp? What about the one in Soi Buckaow? Please not the one in the Victoria Bar in Soi 6, I want one that actually cares for their customers and answers emails. Thanks.
  3. Be careful, some rooms have the fridge turned off when room is locked. Keys welded to keyring to stop you separating them.
  4. Maybe it's against forum rules, but it's a pity you did not name the hotel as they don't deserve any custom, like you said , idiots.
  5. Yes, looks good, only negative point is a mini fridge and not a proper sized fridge like most of the hotels and guesthouses, I have stopped using the Queen Vic because of this. As well as limited space, they take too long to chill any drinks, or even chill them at all. if you don't mind leaving your drinks for till the next day, you may get a cold drink if you are lucky.
  6. I must fully recommend this guesthouse, This is my third time here, great rooms, great prices, Alan is a first class host, and very helpful.
  7. Maybe he likes his cold drinks.
  8. Thanks everyone, I stayed there for four nights, was very satisfied with the service and the room was excellent only one thing killed it for me. When I left the room to go out, the refrigerator went off along with the lights and air con, when I returned and wanted a cold drink (not alcoholic), the drinks were not cold. I went to complain, and told them if the refrigerator would not stay on the whole time, I wanted my money back as I was going to leave and find a hotel where the fridge did not go out along with the lights and AC. They sent someone to adjust something that prevented the fridge from going off. This was a great pity as I wanted to start using this hotel every time I came to Pattaya, but I do a lot of walking around, and I do need my cold drinks.
  9. Heard good reports about this hotel, rooms about 650 bt per night, arriving 8th Oct. swimming pool, restaurant. Should I book beforehand, as it is off season. any advice please?
  10. Remember to check the electric charge, some places will charge around 7 Bt per unit, when the real price is about 4 Bt per unit. Big difference in the bill at the end of the month.
  11. So you are saying the government rate is more than 4 Bt per unit? not where I stay.
  12. Since I joined this forum, I have been amazed at the number of lazy typists on it. Are all the posters supposed to know what all the initials stand for? It could mean Very Fucking Mad, or something else.