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  1. LOl..... how ya doing wee man? I knew you'd bite And what you saying about Irish.......5555
  2. Don't the Scottish have a £100 note..............I doubt there will be many of them around with that tight-arsed race though Note: Sorry if the above appears racist. As an Englishman it would be classed as 'banter'. If you can not see that then that is unfortunate, but I don't care.
  3. Win A HI Media H8 Plus Free Draw

    Stick me in as well please. I'll be around to pick it up too

    Hi, with all the nonsense going on back in the EU with trying to stop certain streams, will this work in the UK???
  5. Hi mate, i have an account at the same branch and I also got it from a tourist visa although I did have my TGF to do most of the talking. I have internet banking too although I don't ever use it. I do transfer money there monthly through the Bangkok Bank branch in London online however. If you use this link then you should be able to set up internet banking for your account. Hope it helps.
  6. sabai lodge

    I used to always stay there and love the place but it is starting to look a bit dated now. Also the service can be very hit and miss as they use it as a training base for all new Sabai Group staff. That being said it is very good value for money and the rooms on the bottom floor by the large swimming pool are great, if you want to roll out of bed in the morning and go straight for a dip.The location is good, although I personally think it was better when all the bars were still on Soi 2 before they built [email protected] The restaurant (Sala Thai I think) used to be quite good but was garbage the last few times I went, and absolutely dead. I haven't stayed their since last January and have stayed in the Soi Buakhao area the last two trips. I will probably go back in the next couple of years as I have a lot of great memories from the place. On a side note, are the music bars between Soi 2 and Soi 3 on 2nd Road still open?
  7. Diana Oasis Soi Buakaou

    My mate has stayed there a couple of times and absolutely loved it. He didn't say anything about a cockerel though. I'm staying there in May with afew freinds. We are in the new premium studios in C block. I'm looking forward to it as I've heard nothing but good reports.
  8. Save it in your PS Plus Online Storage: To save it: Select your local user account, press up on the control pad to access the Function menu and go to [settings] > [Application Data Management] > [saved Data in System] > [upload to Online Storage] and press (X button). Then to download it on to a different PS4: Select your local user account, press up on the control pad to access the Function menu and go to [settings] > [Application Data Management] > [saved Data in Online Storage] > [Download to System Storage] and press (X button).
  9. I understand now. This is for a Visa that they can apply for before travelling to Thailand. I was thinking about the Tourist Exemption 30 day visa. Thanks for the clarification
  10. Now I really am confused. I mustn't be understanding this properly. I thought the reason for the VOA was because nationals from certain countries, China included, could not get a normal 30 day Tourist Visa. Is this not correct?
  11. Maybe I am confused (it wouldn't surprise me) but I don't understand your rationale Scumbag. This article is about people from countries who are not part of the Tourist Visa Exemption Scheme (i.e those who use the normal immigration lines at Swampy). these people have to get a VOA to enter the country. The hike in prices won't change that in any way. they still can't use the Tourist visa exemption Scheme, they just have to suck it up and pay double. As I said maybe I'm confused.........
  12. Sutus Court

    Cheers lads. I will book into 1 then.
  13. Sutus Court

    Does anyone have any recommendations on which block is the best to stay in?? I normally stay at the Sabai Lodge on Soi 2, but as I'm coming with 3 other lads they want somewhere closer to LK Metro. I'm not looking for anything special, just somewhere clean with a pool. Thanks for any advice.
  14. Sabai Lodge, Soi 2?

    Cheers, thanks for the info mate.
  15. Hi all, I stayed here in 05 and 06 with a few mates and had an awesome time, and I've been offered a great price (1250 Bht/night) to stay there again this October. I've not been to Patts for an age, and I know now that all the beer bars that made daytime in Soi 2 fun have all been knocked down, so I'm wondering if anyone knows if this place is still as good as it was. Are there any bars that end now or is it pretty dead north of Soi 6? Are there hotels as good for the same price elsewhere? Ones that have a good pool like the Sabai Lodge, as I love just chilling in the afternoon by the pool. Thanks for any help