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  1. Look at the website of the Royal Thai Embassy in London. It is stated on here as being free and lists the requirements. You can apply by post.
  2. Does anybody have any advice on where to access the BBC Olympic coverage? Main addons such as Filmon and Phoenix have blocked the channel and display a broadcasting restriction test page. Any workarounds greatly appreciated.
  3. If you have found yourself a bargain and are happy with your purchase good luck to your Sir. Its certainly possible if you do your research, do some leg work and are a bit flexible with your requirements. I to would be interested in how you got on although dont expect you to divulge all your personal details here. If you dont mind some brief insight into how you found the buying process and the good and bad experiences you had would add some value to the debate. The finances are your business but the legal and practical aspects may help other in the future.
  4. Enter on visa exempt (30 days, free). This can be extended for 30 days (1900 baht). Leave the country and get a 60 day visa in Laos or Phnom Penh (1000 baht),. Extend this for 30 days (1900 baht) Total 150 days plus time in Laos or wherever. Totals cost 4800 baht. You are going to have to leave at some point. Alternatively do 2 visa exempt entries with 2 extensions (3800 baht) and go to cambodia for 8 days in the middle. Overstay is not worth the risk.
  5. Probably worth considering who is writing this glowing reference.
  6. In this case I requested detailed itemised receipts. I would be happy to show them to you if you have any doubts about the credibility. I have no connection whatsoever to any hospitality establishment in Pattaya.
  7. Had an experience there with the Scandinavian owner where his actions were at best unprofessional and rude and at worst bordering on criminal. On returning one evening we were presented by a bill for additional laundry (towels etc) the scale and scope of which were greatly exaggerated and in some cases fabricated. We were held to ransom and refused entry to the room (and our belongings) until we had paid up a sum greater than the nightly room rate. The staff were clearly embarrassed by what the owner had instructed and were very apologetic and polite. The owner would only speak by telephone and was wholly rude and insulting also making derogatory comments towards my gf (who for the record is a regular girl and we have been together some time). I paid the outrageous demands as late in the evening it was the easiest way to manage the situation which was in no way the fault of the staff in front of me following the instructions of an owner who refused to show his face. They did nothing wrong and I did not wish to compromise them or cause them a problem. I had stayed at the establishment for a reasonably period of time previously without incident but was compelled to pack up and go elsewhere after this. A scan of some online reviews shows I am far from the first person to find his attitude and behaviour far from acceptable. Choose your accommodation carefully gentlemen. What may seem like a reasonable price at first may turn out different. You sometimes expect scams like this in clubs and bars but hotels are maybe trying to get in on the act too.
  8. Some call it embarrassing other call it a lucky final check