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  1. Fair play indeed to the OP for achieving what he's done but not for me looking over my shoulder 24/7 as to what Goalposts will be moved tomorrow as regards running Girlie Bars for want of a better expression..... Wind changes direction (for whatever reason) and the whole shooting match comes tumbling down Will it change...?? Probably not to any great extent. That Windmill getting busted provides perfect example of what can happen. +1 to Typoon42 in #2
  2. Just read this elsewhere. Shortly will be unable to buy the Baht on the Forex markets which means it heads in one direction only
  3. Flipper is great but you'll have a job securing room in February
  4. Out of interest am not sure there is actually a lot more applications in London. Having got the Passport back the Visa itself was inserted the day it was received.(I had tracked the inbound) Just that they took quite some time to put it back into the Postal system
  5. Price is good for smallest box which I suspect is same length as mine at Siam Secure which will take a laptop 16". Good 1500 Baht Cheaper at Magna per annun but maybe not quite so accessible
  6. Something has been left off on the box size on website......I think its the length of box ?? width 12" and depth of box the other dimension but missing is length of box ??
  7. .....and I can oblige.....Was just going out and thought I'd recheck and status has changed to "on the way" Just a bit longer than normal and as Scumbag says Xmas and free applications making it slightly longer on turnarounds I would imagine
  8. Also credit Socrates must to go to BM Whalley for promoting all the exchangers in that area so avoiding the rip off Cartel upstairs. Up to a year I didnt even know they were there
  9. Just checked again and track and trace showing nothing still. Normally I'd have expected it back yesterday at the absolute latest. Will contact if no show on TT Wednesday morning. Postal Strike coming up as well. Should have applied November my fault no question
  10. Could be some back log at Embassy if you have upcoming trip. Application was received last Tuesday morning (confirmed) but yet to be sent back according to track and trace. Plenty of time but just heads up. Could be that the fee has been waived has prompted a lot of applications
  11. Seriously I wouldn't trust valuables to a TT exchange. Use a proper purpose built facility and theres only one in Pattaya at SS In addition I'd bet the TT facility is actually more expensive as well
  12. Siam Secure is the best and most well known. I have box there. Not sure why its too far away from Soi Buakhow........turn right and up Pattaya Klang agree bit far for walking although I normally do if early morning