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  1. Use one of the Booking sites like Agoda Expedia etc I wouldn't try walking in and hoping for a room It is quite popular and we'll patronised every time I have been there So much so that a trip or two back I couldn't get a room there for my entire trip and that was 2-3months out Sent from my Kogan Agora 6Plus using Tapatalk
  2. It was 2 Doubles put together Fuck knows where they got a sheet from as it was one piece. The bedspread was two seperate pieces though and a bastard to straighten up when you got it messy Mind you I don't recall the bed being that big when I there before Maybe I just get lucky this time Sent from my Kogan Agora 6Plus using Tapatalk
  3. . Sent from my Kogan Agora 6Plus using Tapatalk
  4. Best 1,000THB hotel in town

    For 1000 baht must say I pretty impressed My only experience in similar priced hotel was Golden Sea Hotel off Soi Buckhao I thinking this hotel is shading it though
  5. The food is fantastic right outside AS If you like Thai food you are set. Come back at night give your lady a couple hundred baht and you gonna have a feast Also down on the corner towards Soi Buckhao same side as AS is a hidden Thai eatery sit down joint. You wont see it from Pattaya Klang you have to be on the footpath right outside it to notice it Cheap quality food in there
  6. 1 I have never had the problem at August Suites of not being able to get seating by the pool Possible but not in my time there 2 Yes it costs me 10 baht to get to LK Metro area. It also costs me 10 baht to get back You on the other hand staying at Areca Lodge are paying roughly 500 baht extra per night Room at August Suites 1250 Room at Areca Lodge 1750 So you have fun with you saving 20 baht to get too and from hotel to get to the LK area I just enjoy the savings i make with the 500 baht less per night for my room Sure i may have to cough up 20 baht for a baht bus trip back and forth but i aint making 25 return trips a day. Plus the 5 mins each way is good visible stimulation
  7. I have stayed at 2 of the 4 Areca is one of the most over hyped hotels in Pattaya Tiny balcony. Rooms getting heavily dated. Yeah it has two big pools but so what,?? It centrally located but a baht bus puts you anywhere you want in Pattaya in 5 mins anyway so that means shit I stayed at August Suites last week. I booked again already for next trip As foryour room choices drop it down a peg. The standard room is more than adequate and your only gonna get squeezed more by your TGs in the more expensive surrounds
  8. Golden Sea Hotel

    I stayed there in November 2016. I wanted to stay August Suites but couldn't get my entire booking in so went here instead The rooms were huge. Bathroom nice as well Giant balcony Rooms were of a great standard for 1000baht a night As a result you do get a lot of Russians Indians and the non mongering tourists It is though Guest Friendly and I had no issues here with this. They were pretty on the ball with getting the TGs ID It a little off the beaten track. You have to walk down some wasteland about 100m to get to Soi Buckhao and you come out near Links Golf Bar Your other option is you can walk through the hotel which has 3 seperate buildings and you come out on Soi Buckhao a couple hundred metres from the Hospital As a result of its location it pretty quiet noise wise but close enough to the action Pool is located outside and up a flight of stairs. Not the worst pool but I like a bit more shade I never ate on site so can't comment on the food I would suggest you get a room facing Soi Buckhao. I got one facing 3rd Rd and you get the sun first thing in the morning. Not so good for me as I sensitive to sunlight early in the morning Bed was a little hard for my liking but no great issue I would stay again if I had to