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  1. The restaurant changed name many moons ago (steak & Co), but the hotel did not. China Garden Boutique Hotel is the name
  2. There are stairs ... not problem in this regard What would be the alternative? A hoist? A pole?
  3. Not only is there no elevator, there stairs a somewhat steep. Still a favorite place of mine, but hardly for the mobility impaired
  4. Sell houses

    I think a villa refers to hut and collectively a hotel In that case one Kitchen would not be atypical. The fraction of toilets (1.28) may be two in the main building (he/she). I agree WAY too far from the beach and 60 Mil is absurd looking at the other threads by the same OP. Why three threads?
  5. Airport

    To OP, Dr Johnny answered your question well and I can echo what he said. In addition I recommend read, read, ask and the read some more. You will never be fully prepared and should keep planning somewhat limited. Maybe a threesome maybe something you plan for one of your days, maybe a Bangkok excursion, maybe some temple visits, maybe a soapie, maybe this and maybe that. Just remember once you hit the ground you will quickly be distracted, forget part of your "plans" and will have to plan another trip to set things straight. As far as preparation, click on the Newbie Guide link in my signature below. Enjoy your first trip and welcome to the board
  6. HDMI on hotel TVs

    I cannot remember if the DVD was HDMI or RCA. I am fairly sure that an "L" connector will do the job ... going from memory.
  7. HDMI on hotel TVs

    I made a comment about this a year and a half ago concerning China Garden Hotel
  8. That rule was in place before Hilton was built. Since Thailand uses metric doubtful that 150 yards is the rule and also doubtful that a Thai realtor would know what a yard is. VT6 is set back 150 meters before becoming a high rise; the pool and garage are set back about 100 meters The Hilton hotel is set back 100 meters and can only be explained by some very large cups of tea being served.
  9. Hotel Recommendations?

    If you change one criterion a little you will have countless opportunities . That is room service "any time". If 7am to midnight (maybe 1am) is acceptable your choices will increase exponentially.
  10. P-A: Visa Waiver & Tourist Visa - Thailand See "Up to 90 days" and "Up to 180 days" sections
  11. My X talked me into buying a Jacuzzi with LED lights AKA chromotherapy. I agreed under the condition that I could sit on the stool next to it providing aromatherapy.
  12. Immigration has given notice effective 20 March 2016. Aliens who depart before the enforcement date are exempt Final Notice from Thai immigration Overstay Ban
  13. Other countries could learn here! ... oh, final is not a draft but rather a rule (law) I do think the one year ban for even a day if apprehended is a bit harsh especially when a day (by Thai calculations) can be confusing. A week or two for such severe action would e a more reasonable threshold.
  14. Over a year ago a draft of new rules that outlined statutory bans for overstay of visa or visa waiver was circulated. On 9 December 2015 Bangkok Post published an article concerning the new rule that largely mirrored the draft, but differed in that even less than 90 days of overstay at departure could cause a 1 year ban (yes meaning a day or two) On January 5 2016 a Final Rule was posted with no ban for overstays of 90 days or fewer (there are still monetary fines for an overstay of 2 days or longer). OP and linked HTML pages have been updated